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color of your i life po polsku

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color of your i life po polsku

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color of your i life po polsku
  • John Legend All of me (po polsku)
    "Zwrotka 1 Co zrobiłbym bez Twoich mądrych ust Przyciągają mnie do siebie odrzucasz mnie W mojej głowie mętlik - nie żartuje - nie umiem zatrzymać Cię. Co kryje się w cudownych myślach Twych Jestem na"
  • July For Kings Color
    "Moments of here forever in between turning a year turning a dream turning the shade of everything else to see for myself. What's hiding behind a drive in the rain tears for the strangers a life in your"
  • Michał Szpak Color Of Your Life
    "When loneliness is knocking on your door Everything you loved just disappears And when you feel that everything is lost You need to know There’s no life without tears Tell me black or white What colour"
  • Pastuch Seks po polsku
    "Nie kochajmy się już w łóżkach nigdy więcej Wszędzie tam powoli na prędcy Zimniej, goręcej NIE CHOWAJ SIĘ POD KOCEM PRZED MOIMI OCZAMI Nie krzycz w poduszkę Lecz pod gwiazdami Kochajmy się po kawie Przed"
  • Nieznany Titanic po polsku
    "Każdej nocy w moich snach widzę Cię, czuję Cię i wiem, że nadchodzisz jak co noc... Przez dłużą odległość i przestrzeń między nami przychodzisz i ukazujesz mi się... Blisko, daleko gdziekolwiek jesteś wierzę,"
  • Missing Persons Color In Your Life
    "Sweet scent of a gentle rain, will you ever come again? Smooth skin, soft and white, we lose ourselves within the night Dance inside the dreamer's circle, I'm waiting for you, escape the life of black"
  • Sandra Rugała Only You (po polsku)
    "Siedząc w oknie patrząc się w dal widzę miłości ślak czy mnie widzisz choć wróciłam wczoraj to dziś uciekać dalej chce w świat wszystko czego Pragę dobrze znasz wszystko czego Pragę w sobie masz wszystkim"
  • Fabolous Po Po
    "(feat. Nate Dogg, Paul Cain) Alright there ah buddy license and registration Uh officer is there a problem man whats going on? Yeah, I had a report of a UFO whats that? An unidentified Ferrari"
  • Face Down The Color Of Your Wings
    "Taste of the life, devour your soul Your boys are now numbers raising the toll You think you're a victim, societies leech Sinned all your existence, white powder you preach Violence to gain, history's"
  • Bury Your Dead The Color Of Money
    "I see you're weak. Did you see that we were strong? We all make mistakes in life. You make your choice, at the same time you made mine. You found a man that you'd give for, and what you gave would mean"
  • P.O.D. Full Color
    "I cry why O' why did my mommy have to die? Too many questions, no answers confuses my mind Like what did I do, what did she do, who's to blame No one understands what I'm going through So how can I trust"
  • Limp Clear Color
    "Which one do you want to be like and do you want to be liked by one of them What's wrong with the way you are now and is it hard to be the way you are I know I've been through this before and so"
  • Bette Midler Color Of Roses
    "I held you close to me once in a distant dream, far from the shores of my fear. I sailed on the ocean where all I imagined could happen, and now you are here. It's so hard to touch what is out of our"
  • Adrian i Magda Bereda NIE ZASYPIAJ JESZCZE (death bed po polsku)
    "NIE ZASYPIAJ JESZCZE na długo nie kładź się do łóżka zrobię ulubioną kawę na twoje głowie postawi cię na nogi doczekamy jutra (NIE ZASYPIAJ JESZCZE na długo nie kładź się do łóżka zrobię ulubioną kawę na"
  • Train Your Every Color
    "I can see the red, white and free in you You light the night up like the moon And underneath your clouds, I see the blue You're hopeless 'cause you tell the truth The stars are jealous of your shine If"
  • Prince Color
    "Performed by the steeles Composed by prince Color me black if u color me just like u Color me angry if u color me less than I do (whoa, what's your color? ) Yeah, what's your color? (whoa, what's your"
  • Bury Your Dead Cammo Is My Favorite Color
    "So this is it, my time to live. I can't sit around and let my life pass by. Take a chance, this may be your last shot and don't think about your wasted past. Let's make something of this time while we"
  • Night Ranger Color Of Your Smile
    "I can't believe That I survived til Friday I grab my coat And make a run for where I Hide and dream and lie all afternoon I call you up Although you work on Sunday I'm not accustomed to a lonely afternoon Inside"
  • Red Sovine Color Of The Blues
    "Up above me are the skies like the twinkle in your eyes These things are the color of the blues In the mail your letter came the ink and paper looked the same Blue must be the color of the blues Bluebird's"
  • Nicole C. Mullen Color
    "Just because my skin is brown It don't define who I am I could be a porcupine Or I could be a little lamb Please don't try and judge me Only by the colors you have seen To love me is to know me Whether"

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