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colorado- pachnacy jasmin

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colorado- pachnacy jasmin

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colorado- pachnacy jasmin
  • Youth Asylum Jasmin
    "Jasmin i'll cherish you every night in my dreams love you jasmin is my favorite girl my favorite girl in the whole wide world never will forget the day that she stole my heart away now jasmin is my favorite"
  • Yui Makino Jasmin
    "Jibun ga kuyashikute kuchibiru kamu toki wa Mune de tsubuyaite miru yo kimi no sono namae Hito ni mirarenu you hoho wo nuguu toki wa Sotto omoi ukaberu yo kimi no sono egao Kokoro kara itoshii hito yo Doko"
  • Stephen Stills Colorado
    "I am a man I live alone Don't much bother me. It won't be long Come a woman who wants to be near Me and my mountains, we'll be right here Colorado Way back east in the dirt and smog Courted a woman she"
  • Buzz Poets Colorado
    "Skiin' down the slopes with my nine on my side Teeth gleamin' from the Colorado fluoride Snow bunnies, they see that I have money And diamonds, and popcorn and mushrooms in my tummy Get the seven digits"
  • Chris LeDoux Colorado
    "I look out to the east of the Colorado sky The canyons are throwin' dust in the storms eye And the storms gettin' angry I know that its so It's fixin' to blow a little more of Colorado It seems to be"
  • Merle Haggard Colorado
    "COLORADO Writer Dave Kirny There's a place where Mother Na-ture's got it all together, She knows just when to let wild flowers bloom, Some-how she always seems to know exactly what she's doin' And"
  • Slapstick Colorado
    "Cary and me, best friends since we were fifteen Discovered weed and girls and drivin cars together Always wondered what the future would bring And we promised we'd always be brothers forever Now he's"
  • Fifteen Colorado
    "Heard the news from Colorado, About a couple of kids, Who went to school and tried to kill everyone. They said they did it just for kicks. I saw the president on the T.V. He said we really gotta do something"
  • Sons Of The Desert Colorado
    "Colorado's just to cold You see I'm a gulf coast boy by heart It's in my blood Where I left my soul The pain all started way back when I lost faith in us again Pulled up my roots And replanted them in"
  • Engine Down Colorado
    "Pass the door, put off to stay on Got any more, I'll hide in time Step past the in, mission poured on Turn in to dead in, get it for more On the line Down to drive Distance relocation Got miles to decrease Start"
  • Linda Ronstadt Colorado
    "Hey ColoradoIt was not so long agoI left your mountains to try life on the roadBut I'm tired of that raceIt was much too fast a paceAnd I think I've found my placeColorado, I want to come homeI had a man"
  • Flo Rida Hey Jasmin
    "yeah flo rida… i run the world with this one yeah i run the world with this one shake what your mama gave… body technology girl i love the way… you flash it, hey jasmin shake what your mama gave… body"
  • Mr. Big Colorado bulldog
    "Ace High in Golden, I was tall & on the rocks Add a little touch of attitude Whose that Madam X Comin' in at 3 o'clock? Why don't you send her over one, too Next thing I remember I was crawling 'round"
  • Townes Van Zandt Colorado Girl
    "by Townes Van Zandt I'm goin' out to Denver see if I can't find I'm goin' out to Denver see if I can't find that lovin' Colorado girl of mine The promise in her smile shames the mountains tall The promise"
  • Kingston Trio Colorado trail
    "Chorus: Weep, all ye little rains. Wail, winds, wail. All along, along, along the Colorado Trail. Eyes like the morning star, cheeks like the rose, Laura was a pretty girl everybody knows. (Chorus) Laura"
  • The Kingston Trio Colorado Trail
    "Carl Sandburg/Lee Hayes Chorus: Weep, all ye little rains. Wail, winds, wail. All along, along, along the Colorado Trail. Eyes like the morning star, cheeks like the rose, Laura was a pretty girl everybody"
  • Blue October Colorado 5591
    "a simple love song a simple love gone wrong a simple way to cope with six years of lovestrong then gone i speak of colorado 5591 where there's a paxil-plated morning sun a hug every now and then from"
  • 3OH!3 Colorado Sunrise
    "And if I had something to say to you I'd whisper it softly, Kiss you on your rosey lips and never let you off me. Shiver on your roof and see your face lit by starlight, Hold you through the night and"
  • Ozark Mountain Daredevils Colorado Song
    "(GUITAR INTO) I'm going back to Colorado rollin' down the highway just my life to carry it's written in the wind again I will drink from the river that runs down from the mountain just my life"
  • Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Colorado Christmas
    "Looking out the window of this hollywood hotel, You'd never know that it was christmas eve. The billboards and the neon took the place of silver bells, And the temperature is 84 degrees. I can hear the"

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