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come little childreen

  • Come On Little Heartbreaker - Little Birdy
    "Everybody knows the reason why I choke and choke I dont know Why But its so hard on you To go and throw Somebodys heart in the washer But you are my lover for tonight Baby I know things could be easier"
  • Come A Little Dog - Will Oldham
    "Come a little dog Come a little dog and had a little dog Come a little dog Come a little dog and had a little dog Come a little dog Come a little dog Come a little dog and had a little dog, Come a little"
  • Come A Little Dog - Palace Brothers
    "Come a little dog Come a little dog and had a little dog Come a little dog Come a little dog and had a little dog Come a little dog Come a little dog Come a little dog and had a little dog, Come a little"
  • Come A Little Closer - Don Williams
    "Now Stop that small talk, turn that light off, it aint my fault, you look so fine; My hearts achin, and I aint fakin, I dont ask for much of nuthin', I just need a little lovin; Come on babe, come a little"
  • Come - Fleetwood Mac
    "Think of me, sweet darlin' When everything is going bad Think of me, sweet darlin' Every time you're feeling sad Think of me, sweet darlin' Every time you don't come Can you feel the fever? Think of me,"
  • Come A Little Closer - Cage The Elephant
    "Time shakes, found you at the water At first you were my father, now I love you like a brother Earthquakes shake the dust behind you This world at times will blind you Still I know I'll see you there Come"
  • Come - Transmatic
    "Candles aflame Drank all the red wine Dancing to know you keep me in time. And your skin's so soft. Lips are so wet. Afraid to move a muscle Yeah I'm holding my breath. And you asked me what"
  • Come On Little Angel - Dion And The Belmonts
    "Come on little angel won't you dance with me, Well at last I know you know it was plain to see, We did the Mashed Potato and it sure was fun, Now ev'rybody wants to see the way it was done, now, Come on"
  • O Come, Little Children - Christmas Carols
    "Christmas Carols Miscellaneous O Come, Little Children O come, little children, O come one and all, To Bethlehem haste, to the manger so small, God's son for a gift has been sent you this night To be"
  • Come A Little Closer - Wouter
    "Falling at your feet Am i in to deep? Tell me I don't wanna leave Coz i know that you're hiding what you feel We'll never know what tomorrow holds But if we don't try Perhaps in time we'll wonder why And"
  • Come Back Little Sheba - Patti Smith
    "Come back little Sheba I hear them calling Open your ears Awake from thy sleep High above The stars are falling Open your arms And you shall receive The lights of the city So bold and flashing All of"
  • Come A Little Closer - Sofia Loell
    "Oh oh oh yeieieieih Take away my pain , I beg you take away my tears make me smile again and laugh with me when I chase away my fears 'cause you're my happy thought baby what makes me come around touch"
  • Come A Little Closer - Brandy
    "I know that it's late And maybe I shouldn't be so into you It's just that tonight I am so taken, I've fallen for you When I look in your eyes I can see A million possibilities And I know you'll be leaving"
  • Come a little bit closer - Fleetwood Mac
    "I'm dancing, to the music Of a simple melody And I wonder are you thinking Of a single memory And I know when I see them swaying I can hear myself say Come a little bit closer (come a little bit closer)"
  • Come A Little Bit Closer - Billy Walker
    "In a little cafe just the other side of the border She was a sitting there giving me looks that made my mouth water So I started walking her way she belongs to bad man Jose And I knew yes I knew I should"
  • Every Little Earthquake - Little Boots
    "I can remember this Things weren't always this way I used to make you smile If only for a while But now you can't get through There's no way I can lose I know some days are hard But don't you make mine"
  • Come Baby Come - K7
  • my little banana - My Little Airport
    "My little beautiful pretty pretty banana, you are all that I'd like and I want to share you with all my friends, family and loved one. I just open all your skin then I take a small bite. Once I have a"
  • Spirits come come - Otep
    "Sing to me my musesLost in hot Cyclops anarchyPossession, invention ... blood, bloodSpirits, spirits.... come, cum...Where will these visions lead?How far dare i go?Where will this song take me?Into the"
  • Little By Little - Rolling Stones
    "(Phelge/Spector) Tried to trail you last night, baby, trail you in my car But I was afraid of what I was looking for And little by little I'm losin' my love for you Yeah, little by little I've found out"

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