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come on come on turn the radio on

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come on come on turn the radio on

  • Turn Your Radio On - Wanda Jackson
    "Come and listen in to a radio station, where the mighty host of Heaven sing, Turn your radio on (turn your radio on), turn your radio on (turn your radio on), If you want to want to hear the songs of Zion, Coming"
  • Come On!come On! - Mai Kuraki
    "*Come on!Come on! Everybody party now Come on!Come on! koko ni atsumatte Come on!Come on! ki mama ni odorou Come on!Come on! And listen to the DJ Nani wo ki ni shi nayanderu no? Subete wasure mishiranu"
  • Turn Your Radio On - Roy Acuff
    "Come and listen into a radio station where the mighty hosts of heaven sing Turn your radio on turn your radio on If you want to hear the songs of Zion coming from the land of endless spring Get in touch"
  • Come On - Kurt Nilsen
    "Bring it on, don't care if it is true or fakeIt's my turn, searching for another breakSet me free, I only see the setting sunLet me feel, like my luck has just begunWherever I go, it's all the sameWe're"
  • Come On - Moloko
    "Is this me Breaking free Or just breaking down ha ha A comic vision Don't you feel proud It's such a How do You do Well this is not the done thing Dance for me Baby let's begin the beguin Ha ha ha ha ha Do"
  • Come On - Sticky Fingaz
    "Feel that shit nigga Do you feel the way I feel? Do you fuckin feel it? Yo, yo, yo Yo, yo, yo You wanna wild out, come on! Act up, come on! Throw gunz, come on! Smoke 'dro, come on! Fuck hoes, come"
  • Come On - Midtown
    "Step outside and listen. As you cut through the tension, the world is crumbling down around you-it's found you. When you woke up yesterday, there was nothing left for me to say to you because you wanted"
  • Radio On - Emirsian
    "Put me on your breakfast plate Just like grandmas marmalade Put me on your deep blue skies I will try to feel all right A glimpse of whats to be Turns into a troubled sea We could have wasted time Weve"
  • Come On Over (Radio Mix) - Christina Aguilera
    "Come On Over.. Come On Over Baby Come On Over.. Come On Over Baby Come On Over.. Come On Over Baby Come On Over.. Come On Over Baby Hey Boi, Don't You Know I've Got Something Goin' On.. (Yeah.. Come On) I've"
  • Come On Over (Radio Edit) - Christina Aguilera
    "Come on over, come on over baby (4x) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Hey boy don't you know I got something going on I've got an invitation Don't you keep me waiting all night long I know, you know, so baby don't Pretend"
  • Come On - The Swift
    "Come on, come on, come on, 'cause everyone's waiting. You know the wrongs from the rights, so what will you do. I know you're scared, and you don't feel prepared, but I'll be there coaching you on. So"
  • Come On - The Verve
    "I must be feeling low I talked to god in a phone box on my way home I told you my answer I left you my dreams on your answer machine, Lord Come on Let the spirit inside you Don't wait to be found Come"
  • Come on - The Busters
    "Come on everybody stand up let us move your feet and dance to that beat Once upon a time it happened in Jamaica 40 years ago when Carolina was a little girl Sound systems, dance halls, nutty sounds and"
  • Come on - The Rolling Stones
    "Everything is wrong since me and my baby parted All day long I'm walkin' 'Cause I couldn't get my car started Laid off from my job and I can't afford to check it I wish somebody'd come along And run into"
  • Come On - Big Head Todd And The Monsters
    "Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. Pick up your knee and your steep side. The river is deep and running all night from your tender, moonlit lake."
  • Come On - The Black Crowes
    "Written by: R. Robinson & C. Robinson Are you feeling me groove ya Do it get right to ya Do it creep right on up in your bones We be frightfully righteous and If you don't like us man Take your ear holes"
  • On the radio - Nelly Furtado
    "You liked me till you heard my shit on the radioWell I hate to say but pop ain't going soloYou liked me till you heard my shit on the radioBut now I'm just too mainstream for you, oh noYou liked me till"
  • On The Radio - Nelly
    "Oh oh Oh oh You liked me 'til You heard my sh*t On the radio Well I hate to say But pop ain't going solo You liked me 'til You heard my sh*t On the radio But now Im just too Mainstream for you Oh no You"
  • Come On - The Notorious B.I.G.
    "(Notorious B.I.G.) Nigga was motherfuckin HYPED UP Nigga just grabbed the nigga, snuffed the nigga and it was on from there The motherfucker there wasn't nuttin stoppin him (What what did the rest of"
  • Come On - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
    "I guess we know each other now for seven years why has it always to end up with tears a little problem and soon discussions start we bang our heads and we always forget our hearts somehow, somewhere I"

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