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come on every way');

  • Every Way I Can - Eric Carmen
    "(david smalley) I said, "come on, yeah! Come on, ooh! I've been lookin' for someone Just like you" I said, "come on, yeah! Come on, ooh! Together we could find out What to do" It's not easy when you"
  • Every Time They Come Around - Bobby Valentino
    "Verse: 1 See you round the way hanging with your girls I wish I could be one of them I wish I could be in your world Beautiful as any summer day Sexy as you wanna be but I get this feeling When you come"
  • Come On - Debra Killings
    "Everybody's got somebody that Makes them wanna cry sometime When you know the Lord's Making a way out of nothing So get on up and do somethin' 'bout it It's the crying child Now dry your eyes Just know"
  • Come On - Sticky Fingaz
    "Feel that shit nigga Do you feel the way I feel? Do you fuckin feel it? Yo, yo, yo Yo, yo, yo You wanna wild out, come on! Act up, come on! Throw gunz, come on! Smoke 'dro, come on! Fuck hoes, come"
  • Come On - DJ Clue
    "(feat. Boot Camp Clik) Come on (BCC) Come on (MFC) Come on (BCC) Come on (YEAH!) Aiyyo Rock, Rock, Rock Everybody say Rock, not Lou from suburbs to PJ's So watch ya hootchie, groupies get dudes beat"
  • Every Which Way - Jaheim
    "(feat. Duganz) Every which way but the right way Yeah Yeah Yeah (You keep on doing me) Every which way but the right way Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah...(You keep keep doing it to me) Every which way but the"
  • Twisted Every Way - Phantom Of The Opera
    "CHRISTINE: Twisted every way, what answer can I give? Am I to risk my life, to win the chance to live? Can I betray the man who once inspired my voice? Do I become his prey? Do I have any choice? He kills"
  • Every Day - Rascal Flatts
    "You could've bowed out gracefully But you didn't You knew enough to know To leave well enough alone But you wouldn't I drive myself crazy Tryin' to stay out of my own way The messes that I make But my"
  • Every Road - The Maine
    "Oh, it's safe to say I knew it, Yeah I knew it all along. Asking the same questions, Singing the same songs. I've been gone for a while, Been traveling alone, Searching for a new life When I already had"
  • Every Word - Smash Mouth
    "Watching for a sound to lead me to where ever you go I can't help it I will always love you Chorus: It used to be no words could come between us Any time was right for secret meetings It's different now"
  • Every Time - Hawk Nelson
    "Verse 1: You never ever leave my mind My sweet, sweet Madeline Every time I look into your eyes I feel like I?m alive And I can barely make a sound Whenever you?re around You can find me hiding"
  • Every Angel - All About Eve
    "On our own trip On our emerald ship we sail away The ocean holds a thousand tales untold With this love It's easy come and easy go Just like the way we were Before the fall I don't see the reason why Every"
  • Every Day - Voxtrot
    "Every day I picture things falling down Landscape all tossed around In cities I start to drown But when I stop to push the fear out of me Come steady my shaking knees And drag the roots out to sea"
  • Every angel - IGI
    "On Our Own Trip, On Our Emerald Ship We Sail AwayThe Ocean Holds a Thousand Tales UntoldWith This Love It's Easy Come and Easy GoJust Like the Way We Were Before the FallI Don't See the Reason WhyEvery"
  • Every Emcee - Apathy
    "I feel energetic enough to jettison right off the planet Come back down to Earth and splash in the Atlantic Deeper than Atlantis and navigating the Nautilus Im areonautic as NASA with data of astrologists You"
  • Every House On Every Street - Puressence
    "Can anybody possibly, Try to show me how we're connected, The best of you's the worst of me, Then you pull me down like a dead weight, When every house on every street, Seems to call my name as I walk"
  • Come On Over - Reckless Kelly
    "Lately I've been goin' crazy I can't seem to find a way to make it go I feel so jaded What's come over me I'll never know But the sun comes up And I drive a truck to work I stumble through the day My boss"
  • Come On Nature - The Proclaimers
    "Come on nature, I don't want to read a book or talk about the world Come on nature, I just want to spend some time being boy to the girl Come on nature, let me show the way that I've been feeling all along Come"
  • Come On Love - The Partridge Family
    "Sitting here all alone You know it's just not right Lately it seems to happen every night Hiding away from love How could I be so sure Lately I wonder about it more and more So I think that it's just"
  • Come On Down - TLC
    "Ooohh yeah yeah yeah If you need a little tenderness Can't find it no where else If you want a little something sweet You just come to me If you're hungry for some love at night I'll fix you up just right There's"

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