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  • Come On Girl - Taio Cruz
    "C'mon Girl, C'mon Girl, C'mon Girl, Hey. C'mon Girl, C'mon Girl, C'mon Girl, Hey. Baby girl you know that I just wanna take you to the spot, Do things to you that'll definitely gonna get ya hot, I"
  • Girl Come Running - Frankie Valli
    "Girl, come running Girl, come running Girl, come running When you get tired of running around (running around all over town) All of your friends putting you down (putting you down all over town) Don't"
  • Come On - Barry White
    "you're a freak, sweet freak you like to play hypnotic, erotic, sexy little ganes you like to play just look at you all those subtle little movements you like to play baby believe me when i say i just love"
  • Come On - Joe Jackson
    "Everything is wrong since me and my baby parted All day I'm walking cause I couldn't get my car started I'm laid off from my job and I can't afford to check it I wish somebody come along and run into it"
  • Come On - Boyz II Men
    "Do you really wanna rock tonight Come on come on come on come on And if you feel that the vibe is right Come on come on come on come on Say you really wanna get your Body on tonight (Come On) We can dance"
  • Come On - Nelly
    "Uh like u know who said what Girl can u feels my feelings I can feel you strong Guest its ture what they say about love u can't hide it Girl why did your Come on bring it dirty get ready"
  • Come On - Nelly feat. Tim McGraw
    "Uh like u know who said what Girl can u feels my feelings I can feel you strong Guest its ture what they say about love u can't hide it Girl why did your Come on bring it dirty get ready"
  • Come On - B2K
    "B2K - Omarion, Lil Fizz, Raz B, J Boog Come on... come on... (leave em alone) Omarion, first verse... Peek-a-boo Little fine lady I see you Little Man knows what he wanna do After school You know that"
  • Come on - Rakim y Ken Y
    "(ken-y) The night is young, and i been thinking about you but i dont know, if u feel the same way too. Baby come to me, lets ma it happen. (coro) Come on, move your body and let me know If you want me,"
  • Rising Girl - Rising Girl
    "I'm coming to study Study all the nice fine girls I'm coming to study Study best place in world I want to have a nice trip Walking with the sun all day I'm sitting with a rasta man On a green brown coco"
  • Come On, Come In - Velvet Revolver
    "I am just a stranger Might lead to just a little danger Come child I'm gonna take ya To a place inside of me that's aching Always take ya to the limit One fool hanging off a precipice Come on it's the"
  • Come - Prince
    "If U're 18 and over, come here I got something 4 your mind (Come) U should do that baby No more will U cry (Come) The spirit is calling Here's a reason why (Come) If U had a chance 2 see the future"
  • Come Back Silly Girl - The Lettermen
    "I go round moping, and I go around blue I made you cry cause I had been untrue And now I cry for you CHORUS: Won't you come back silly girl come back to me Come back silly girl can't you see I'm in love Your"
  • Girl - Whitesnake
    "I have never known a woman Who loves me like you do, You treat me like a dog An' make me shake my tail for you. I know the game you're playing When you're turning all your tricks. It's written on"
  • Girl - Giuffria
    "Be my, be my baby Yesterday, I was watching the turning tide, of a memories of a changing shore line Otherwise, was nevermore. Life was different , you closed the door Still in all my heart is true,"
  • Girl - Destiny's Child
    "Take A Minute Girl Come Sit Down And Tell Us What's Been Happening In Your Face I Can See The Pain Don't You Try To Convince Us That You're Happy (Yeah) We've Seen This All Before But He's Taking Advantage"
  • Girl - Morten Harket
    "Girl, won't you knock on my door Girl, won't you knock on my door You know that I want you and you want me too so what are you waiting for Alright, I know it's late but it's never too late for faith the"
  • Girl - Snow
    "Been searchin all my life just to find youIn love with something about youMy soul feels empty without youWhere you've been hidingSo hold-a-me follow me come to me bet on me come beside-a-me and talking"
  • Girl - Nasty Boy Klick
    "Intro you're my lady always been so true this is why , I sing this song for you and you're my lady , always in my life, and I wanna thank you , for being down to ride, verse 1 Forever yours forever mine"
  • Girl - Pat Benatar
    "Do you like the way it feels when you get hurt? Maybe you should take a long hard look at your self worth There's an emptiness inside; it started many years ago You always try to fill it up; it's a familiar"

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