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comic con the best cosplay from sdcc 2019

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comic con the best cosplay from sdcc 2019

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comic con the best cosplay from sdcc 2019
  • Monsoon Comic strip bubbles
    "Im waiting waiting sketching to forget my misery where can she be? Im walking walking Emerging underneath your ink stained fingers Dressed in my best Im trying to forget Im trying to remember Why cant"
  • Ray Davies Stand Up Comic
    "(Ray Davies) Now I don't mind if fifty thousand yobos pick[? beat?] me up outside a Football ground on a Saturday afternoon. I'll still come out fighting. D'you know why? You've seen me on television."
  • Blondie Comic books
    "Long before I was 12 I would read by myself Archie, Josie, super-heroes I would read them by myself I had the stars on my wall 14 was a gas for me Batman on TV I would cheer the super-heroes They were"
  • Extreme Tragic Comic
    "Flowers I sent Were found dead on their arrival The words I said Inserted foot in my mouthful So when we dance My lead, it ain't so graceful ''(Isn't so, not ain't so)'' I'm a hapless romantic St-t-tuttering"
  • Elvis Costello God's Comic
    "I wish you'd known me when I was alive, I was a funny feller The crowd would hoot and holler for more I wore a drunk's red nose for applause Oh yes I was a comical priest "With a joke for the flock and"
  • Pumpkinhead The Best
    "(Pumpkinhead) This is a Crazy Legs backspin This is comin home drunk from a club, to a back massage and aspirin This is Michael Jackson, when he had black skin Singin "ABC" with his brothers, in Quincy"
  • Słoń & Dope D.O.D. Xmas 2019
    "świąteczny potwór we mnie budzi sie raz na dekadę wiem, wiem ziomuś to rzadko słyszę jak narzekacie więc, w stadzie raźniej nie jestem tu dziś sam to Słoń, Dope D.O.D. ty suko jaraj sie jak Kurdystan chu*"
  • Rick Springfield Comic book heroes
    "There's times when real people let me down,When the temperature falls to zeroI cuddle by the fire with a good book, and For a while I am a superheroYou really need to be a superhero 'Cause many times people"
  • Chumbawamba Comic-tragic-magic
    "Mummy, mummy, mummyI got a pain I got a pain in my tummy and it's hurting meI'm well and truly shatted by it all stained and scarredAnd brutalized just by day to day livingBut the comic tragic magic is"
  • Whitney Houston I Learned From The Best
    "Did you really think that I would really take you back Let you back in my heart one more time Ohh. No. No. Did you think that I'd still care That there'd be more feeling there Did you think you could"
  • Śpiewnik Pielgrzymkowy Cleo - za krokiem krok - PIELGRZYMKA 2019
    "idę dziś znów do matki Bożej Odciski mam już nie będzie gorzej I dobrze wiem: Józef mi pomoże potwornie nogi wciąż bolą mnie od kiedy na pielgrzymkę znów wybrałem się Ksiądz Jacek świetnym tu wodzem jest I"
  • ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead The Best
    "The mime's conceit has conquered over real beauty Grinning from a mask of hollowed bone Where a human is somewhere to be found But where I don't know And things couldn't be better From behind the halls"
  • Bilal Hassani Roi (Eurovision 2019)
    "I am me, and I know I will always be Je suis free, oui, j'invente ma vie Ne me demandez pas qui je suis Moi je suis le même depuis tout petit Et malgré les regards, les avis Je pleure, je sors et je ris You"
  • Canibus Def Con Zero
    "(Canibus) Def Con Zero Gentlemen, we have just upgraded, from red alert, to dead alert This is not a drill; I repeat, this is not a drill Pack the belongings, in the immediate vicinity and make your way"
  • Cadillac Blindside Killing a con
    "From a mile i saw it coming.something had to give; it could never stay that way.egos always get the best of us. the back-stabbing begins, whose blood will be shed today. plastic faces molded into things"
  • Guy The Best
    "(feat. 1 Life 2 Live) Yeah, uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh Yeah.. Yes, G-U-Y and I Gotta get a piece of this pie Gonna take you on a high Do or die Are you with it Cause you can be the one who can get it And"
  • Kool Moe Dee The Best
    "(The best) Like other music rap is an art And if you wanna get the feeling, got to feel it in your heart You need brain power, dictation Vocabulary, articulation Creativity and originality Execution of"
  • Zero Down The Best
    "Pass the time distract me from myself cause I'm so miserable. Misery loves company your company keeps me miserable. You're co-dependent you enable me to treat you with disrespect. You wonder why you're"
  • Paperback Hero Comic Book Hero Girl
    "Morning look in the mirror, what do you find Troubled girl with the hurt more than one time With a gift maybe green that'll change lives On a pole grinding laps that you despise Taste the evil controlled"
  • Ms. Jade Best Meets Best
    "(feat. Lady Luck) B-Brokers, Best meets best (The best) It's about time, don't you think? (Hey) Some real chicks Doin' real shit (Concern yaself) It just don't get much better (Whoo-ooo) You can't"

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