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coming over

  • Mellie's Coming Over - Letters To Cleo
    "And as I stood in the place where I once saw a friend standing, I didn't mean to run away from you. I almost lost the chance to save myself. Mellie's coming over; she's coming over; Mellie's coming over,"
  • I'm Coming Over - Ryan Adams
    "I'm coming over, darling Don't leave the doors unlocked I'm coming over, doll It's something you can't stop Nobody taught you how to cry Well you won't even have to try The house is on the hill And all"
  • What's coming over you - Beatsteaks
    "Dont let go I go down with you Dont let go You offer and feature Let anyone see you Now this is what Ill do To charm and please you So how can you stumble Let anyone run you Whatever will come true What"
  • She's Coming Over Top - Gun Barrel
    "(G. Feldhausen) It was one those nights I'd better turned off the light But I'd been out drinking with the boys Then I saw that woman like a superstar she's coming As I saw that face it was too late (Chorus:) She's"
  • She's Coming (Over Tonight) - Mr. T Experience
    "Miracles and lucky charms made the girl of my dreams the girl in my arms. Push will come to pull tonight and I'll have my hands full tonight and everything will be real all right because she's coming over"
  • Coming Over (ft. James Hersey) - Dillon Francis & Kygo
    "Is it alright if I come round Is it too late if I come now Would you stay up to figure this out Some way If I stay here would you come back If I stay cool would you be mine Would you want me if I want"
  • Coming home - Roy Orbison
    "Its a long and lonely highway. When youre traveling all alone. I was on my way to nowhere. But now im coming home. Im coming home. Ive been running through the fire. Ive been running for so long. If i"
  • What's Coming - Schiller
    "(feat. Jette Von Roth) Take a deep breath complete the action dont turn away dont think its over up to extremes and finish what you start wait for me dont think it over can i stop whats coming? i cannot"
  • Over - Aqualung
    "don't say its not over when you know it isn't true you know its a useless thing to do this must be love theres no overseen calamity no accindental tradgedy get off me get off me oh, your breaking my"
  • Coming home - Alex Band
    "I have traveled across Through the fear and the loss In a world that has slipped from the past With all the joy and the pain It's only pride that remains That's the one thing that truly lasts But like"
  • Coming home - Ian Thomas
    "Night after night, another town, another hotelAnother road takes me farther away from youRoadside cafe, I'm in need of a little conversationBut the waitress says she's had a hard daySo I'm on down the"
  • I'm Coming - Pyogenesis
    "Deep black morning No easy way out of life The dead still callin' Soon I will arise Just one step to the edge of the final match Doubts changin' my mind I'm a graveyard singer a slow death bringer A gambler,"
  • Summer's Coming - Sean Watkins
    "you build it up to tear it down and give it almost all you have and keep the most important piece so failure won't have all its sting summer's coming winter's running keep her near you, dont kill the"
  • Coming From - DMX
    "(feat. Mary J. Blige) Believe me, when I say Before light, there was dark Where you going, where you going? Where you going, where you going? Where you going? If I don't know where I'm coming"
  • Coming Home - Amebix
    "I just buried a friend He had come to the end But I can't help feeling that it needn't have been Caught in the flak There was no turning back So he gave up his life for some psychopath's dream So we're"
  • Coming back - Delirious
    "Come free me oh Lord Come save me oh God For I have known the hand of the Lord I have felt the eyes of the Lord on me Come meet me oh Lord Befriend me oh God For I have seen the extent of Your fame I have"
  • Corey's Coming - Chapin Harry
    "Chapin Harry Best Of Harry Chapin 3 Corey's Coming Old John Joseph was a man with two first names They left him in the railroad yard when they took away the trains Only one run a week comes on roaring"
  • Corey's Coming - Harry Chapin
    "Old John Joseph was a man with two first names They left him in the railroad yard when they took away the trains Only one run a week comes on roaring down that line So all he's got to worry 'bout is"
  • Heaven's Coming - Wakefield
    "I've never met someone Quite like you Sorry for what I've done And put you through We were together that night When it all went wrong Heaven's coming She moves over and slides Her hand in mine The wheel"
  • Coming Clouds - Kirlian Camera
    "Keep laughing as you have always done and as usual ignoring your extreme weakness will destroy you. Days are over a soft dream dying off a wrong dream dying off. I see you waking moving, talking I don't"

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