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common with me don't be afraid

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common with me don't be afraid

  • Don't Be Afraid - Kelly Willis
    "Take my love and take a chance life will never be the same I can show you true romance be with me don't be afraid Don't be afraid of love give your heart what it needs Follow what you feel you won't get"
  • Don't Be Afraid - Elisa Fiorillo
    "How can you say goodbye, my love? When we haven't even said hello I see your face I feel your sadness I feel your pain inside of me Why are you so afraid? How can you go on living in the past? I see your"
  • Don't Be Afraid - Avalon
    "I know it's hard to believe When your eyes just can't see So lean on Me I have not disappeared And I can see you from here Tears are blinding you from the truth Oh, I'm right here in front of you"
  • Don't Be Afraid - Faith Evans
    "Baby don't be afraid of Afraid of my love Since we've been together baby It hasn't been too long But I slowly feel myself Falling love again And I want to give you more of what I have inside But"
  • Don't Be Afraid - Steel Pulse
    "Selwyn D. Brown I gave my pledge to you And I never forget The good times and the bad times And even some regrets Time has passed and we both knew That there comes a time to change And tough we're not"
  • Don't be afraid - RZA
    "This mic is scared of me, sonIt's like I'm gonna rape itAson in my heart... I date rape mics, my mic's a dikeYo, yo, yo, yo, yo Don't be afraid to call my nameDon't be afraid to call my nameDon't be afraid"
  • Don't Be Afraid - Lorien
    "Once I looked deep inside Your pretty shinning eyes Once I heard your sweet voice And the words you told me. A fire started to burn In my spirit in my heart In my eyes shone a light 'cause since then"
  • Don't Be Afraid - Lesion
    "Once I looked deep inside Your pretty shinning eyes Once I heard your sweet voice And the words you told me. A fire started to burn In my spirit in my heart In my eyes shone a light 'cause since then I"
  • Don't Be Afraid - Sweatshop Union
    "Mmmm okay du dududu do do doooo Ahh here I come, the merchant of dirt and here to convert the worthless birds that chirp come get your just deserts and discuss your worth or just cuss your words"
  • Don't Be Afraid - Smoking Popes
    "The bluest summer skies cloudless in your eyes A little out of focus here And the rain belongs to all the tender songs That I might not ever sing to you Don't be afraid of anything that faces you today You"
  • Don't Be Afraid - Lexicon
    "(Big Oak) Now set it off, like... Yo yo, yo Nick, where you at, my man? (Nick Fury) I'm right here. Right here. Cheapshot, where you at? (scratched) Say what? (Big Oak) See it took movin' with a"
  • Afraid - Yellowcard
    "Lie in this empty bed With this aching head You left me here this morning Now I can't remember why I let you in again To get under my skin And every time you disappear I remember I look for you But I"
  • Afraid - Loraine McFarland
    "Verse 1 I don't know Why I can't let someone in Tell me Is it you or is it me Am I scared or to afraid to put my trust in anyone nowadays. Don't lie Tell me im a bitch, I know it Go on spill it"
  • Afraid - Nelly Furtado
    "(feat. Attitude) What they say what they say what they say You speak out all you feel is defiance All you need is some self-reliance Cuz this world is gonna always try us And all you wanted was to run"
  • Don’t Be Afraid - Nico & Vinz
    "Don’t be afraid oh mama Don’t be afraid for me I’ll be okey tomorrow I try to I try to hde my feelings Don’t want to bring you down But today I been feeling so low low But you see my demons You can read"
  • Common Reaction - Uh Huh Her
    "Hey love, your face is full of lies Be careful what you ask Be cautious how you act You're tired, tired of the dark Oh you're covered in dust, yeah You're covered in dust (You don't believe) How can you"
  • Common Pleasure - Jason Mraz
    "Said will I, I remember when we used to walk together, Used to talk together, Go to the park together, In all of kinds of weather we would share, This common pleasure, with most of human kinds, It was"
  • Common Sense - John Prine
    "You can't live together You can't live alone Considering the weather Oh my, how you've grown From the men in the factories To the wild kangaroo Like those birds of a feather They're gathering together And"
  • Common Streets - Hilltop Hoods
    "It's all the same, Regardless of your record and your name Rappers walking in the rain, tryna state there claim I can take the weight they just.... Take the back pain There's much to gained with the money"
  • Common Dust - The Roots
    "Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust [8X] It's Common Dust y'all, and you don't stop For you to trust y'all, with real hip-hop Thought be the ? of the styles of speech A dusty head brother mighta saw"

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