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confidence of euals

  • Confidence - DI-RECT
    "It wasn't me who said to you I want it It wasn't you who taught me how to need Confidence... Confidence... It wasn't right that you and he had fought me It was not fair, it was a dead end street I"
  • Confidence - Peter Hammill
    "Behind the smile of confidence somewhere you'll find the wanted man blank-faced and wary of conversation with himself. Around the ring of confidence they're dancing to a different tune; the others seem"
  • Confidence - Downface
    "Confidence Confidence I don't know what I feel I don't know what I feel repeat Thinking of the times I had Wondering If I will ever again Running circles in my head Wondering If I'll ever love again Yet"
  • Confidence - Status Quo
    "(Bown) All she needs is a little confidence All she knows is to run and hide Through a lifetime of knocking back Oh, don't do this, you can't do that But she never learned to interact All she needs, little"
  • Confidence - Teddy Geiger
    "Wandering the streets in a world underneath it all Nothing seems to be Nothing tastes as sweet as what I can't have Like you and the way that you're Twisting your hair 'round your finger Tonight I'm"
  • Confidence - Dilated Peoples
    ""It's like that ya'll" x8 Get set cadets, all bets are placed on the ace I go to space without my weed lace Check my face, my eyes they like staring at you I know you hard, you frozen like a statue I"
  • Confidence Man - Jeff Healey
    "Well, I lost you at the border, When you crossed it Had your number, baby, But I lost it I know your love, Was just a flimflam Well, you can't pull the wool over me, Cause I'm a confidence man I can"
  • Super Confidence - The Bear Quartet
    "it's a regional thing you probably won't understand it's nothing I am proud of but it's part of who I am try to see the humor the amount of self-contempt not finishing sentences my super confidence hr"
  • Confidence trick - Culture Club
    "Never meant to hurt you, I don't know why You come with your lawyers and your alibi How can you look me straight in the eye When you know The clock on the wall is singing our song The love in my heart"
  • Casino Confidence - Venus Diode
    "Let your cold body move into the beat of this neon groove. Let the floors shiver and shake, let these walls reincarnate. There's nothing that you wouldn't do. Let your cold body move. Let your feet dance"
  • King Of Confidence - Elvis Costello
    "She had her mind made up just like her face She painted in the lines and shadows She shaded color in that would express The lonely mood that follows Love, short and painful and tidy lies in self-defense She"
  • I Have Confidence - Julie Andrews
    "What will this day be like? I wonder. What will my future be? I wonder. It could be so exciting to be out in the world, to be free My heart should be wildly rejoicing Oh, what's the matter with me? I've"
  • I Have Confidence - Rodgers And Hammerstein
    "What will this day be like? I wonder What will my future be? I wonder It could be so exciting To be out in the world To be free My heart should be wildly rejoicing Oh whats the matter with me? I've always"
  • Kissing With Confidence - Will Powers
    "You may be a sharp dresser, you may be a fantastic dancer, you may be a lively conversationalist, but what happens at the end of the evening when the time comes to show how you feel? unless you Iss with"
  • No Confidence Man - Elliott Smith
    "No Confidence Man Charlie got a band in his hand a rubber loop says I'm the man you really want so just act natural don't try to tell me your bullshit scheme 'cos I have no idea what you mean no idea I'm"
  • Confidence Vs. Consequence - Dry Kill Logic
    "For only a moment. Think of the price you pay. The weight of the promise. With so much to gain. And once you've decided. There will be no turning back. You get what you're given. And I hope you can live"
  • One Minus Confidence - Kaddisfly
    "For the life of me and inevitably Seems I'm perpetually chasing after the wind And so let it be seems I've been Suspended indefinitely by my skin I am not able to forecast an eighty percent Chance of"
  • IV - Vote Of No Confidence - Virgin Snatch
    "I Pay For Lies Pray for mercy!! I don't want anything for You! Desperate Self create That's what we all being to learn Tall stories, enemies delights your soul Disrespect we don't deserve Suckin'up, mannerism:"
  • Confidence - Elvis Presley
    "When everyone thought the world was flat Columbus said "It's round" He went down in history And America was found 'Cause He had confidence A little thing called confidence There's no job too immense when"
  • Confidence - Aztek Trip
    "Your mind speaks empty... Your face, I disgrace In time you will learn What you have destroyed You're different than I I'm different than you Nothing's changed Nothing's changed Nothing's changed You"

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