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connells 74-75

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connells 74-75
  • Connells '74-'75
    "Got no reason for coming to me in the rain running down. There's no reason. And the same voice coming to me like it's all slowin down. And believe me - I was the one who let you know I was your sorry-ever-after."
  • The Connells 74 - 75
    "Got no reason For coming to me And the rain Running down Theres no reason And the same Voice coming to me Like its All slowindown And believe me I was the one who let you know I was your Sorry-ever-after"
  • Holly Blue '74-'75
    "Got no reason for coming to me in the rain, running down There's no reason And the same voice coming to me like it's all slowing down And believe me I was the one that let you know I was your sorry ever"
  • Irish Celebration 74-75
    "Got no reason for coming to me and the rain running down.Theres no reason.And the same voice coming to me like its all slowin down.And believe me--I was the one who let you knowI was your sorry-ever-after."
  • Richard Ashcroft 75 Degrees
    "75 degrees nothing is buggin me keep whisper tree* my baby and me 75 degrees the killer in me rushin through my veins takin away my pain over me under me within me without me under me over me i bite"
  • Dezire 75 E
    "Jemu wystrarczą jej duże oczy i jej blond wlosy toooo juz dosyć I wystarczą mu trzy zwoje w jej mózgu, najważniejsze że ma 75 E Ref: Wszystkie damy o których owy song spiewany said hooooo(hooooo) I panowie"
  • 22 Pistepirkko Taxi 74
    "One more cup And I'm ready to go Ready to go,eleven hours and more In my old forty four Straight in the middle of the endless sleep Yee I know One more ride In a mystery night Life from the sisters Hot"
  • Peter, Paul & Mary 75 Septembers
    "In the year of the yellow cab In the shadow of the great world war The third kid grandmom had Came into this world On a rolling farm in Maryland When Wilson was the President And summer blew her good-bye"
  • Ednaswap 74 Willow
    "74 willows wept the day i plotted my escape the road looking diseased under a blanket of leaves back now full circle so it seems with unused memories of secrets not worth keeping and willows weeping i"
  • Carina Round Motel 74
    "I stole into the eyes of a boy singing the bluesHair jet black, he'd stars for shoesSmoked his cigarette cos his lips had touched itAnd I found out soon He sure knew how to use a hotel roomI could open"
  • Virginia Coalition 74 Colors
    "Memories are measured out in years Scattered blues and make believe And the majesty that's in between Thicknesses and distances are real But we always stay in motion And it makes us wait for signs"
  • Braid Nineteen 75
    "the years can cut veins in vain from these hands callouses come and cut cans here lies our best laid plans for one nine nine five when we were ten past nine the best years of our lives were calendirt"
  • Kyuss Hwy 74
    "In the middle of the highway As you ride down the road Just get that feeling It's all so black and bald And then there's my face When you're drivin' the desert sand Well open my hand Well open up the land"
  • The Roots 75 Bars
    "(Black's reconstruction)I'm from the land of them straight razor face beard niggasWith hammers on their waist, yeah, waste rare niggasAnd I race scared niggas, them snake head niggasThat take care of niggas"
    "Pato rusza w trasę nieważne – morze czy góry nigdy nie wiem co się stanie zawsze gdy wchodzę do fury taki silnik, 2 litry na czterech tracimy czas odpalamy TDi walimy gaz jest problem z kierowcą, no bo"
  • We The Living 75 And 17
    "This city life and all The lights are fading Thought I'd feel the light but all I feel's sedated. The city life's about to swallow me whole I thought I'd write ya Using, using a pen and paper Making barstrokes"
  • Chris Knight Summer Of 75
    "In the lamp light on Locust Street, with the party far behind No sound but the beat of her heart and mine The smell of her hair was my first breath, and her lips were my first kiss And my first step was"
  • Molodoi 30 Avril 75
    "30 avril 75 L'anne du tigre dingue Personne vraiment ne saura C'que a reprsente pour toi Tous les chapeaux cniques La fuite, la panique Cette date, n'oublie pas Le jour o Sagon tomba 30 avril 75 Aprs 30"
  • Relient K High Of 75
    "(Verse one) We were talking together I said "What's up with this weather?" Don't know whether or not How sad I just got Was on my own volition Or if I'm just missin' the sun And tomorrow, I know,"
  • Relient K High Of 75 
    "We were talking together I said, "what's up with this weather?" Don't know whether or not How sad I just got Was of my own volition. Or if I'm just missing the sun And tomorrow, I know, Will be rainy"

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