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  • Image Of Me - Conway Twitty
    "The Image Of Me Conway Twitty And without her things here would die Yes I know she's the life of the party She has her sad times, she knows how to cry (chorus) She drinks, and she talks, just a little"
  • That's When She Started To Stop Loving You - Conway Twitty
    "That's When She Started To Stop Loving You Conway Twitty Does she seem a little cold when you love her Just search your soul and you will discover Does she turn away when you hold her tight And when was"
  • I'm So Used to Loving You (1973) - Conway Twitty
    "Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn I'm so used to loving you, sweetheart You're on my mind each minute we're apart And I love you more each day that we go through Yes, you're my life and I'll live it, loving"
  • Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On - Conway Twitty
    "Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On Conway Twitty Down on the corner, by the traffic light, Everybody's lookin', as she goes by. They turn their heads and they watch her till she's gone. Lord have mercy,"
  • Spiders And Snakes - Conway Twitty
    "I remember when Loretta Lynn said you wanna walk me home again And I said mhm yes I do And she said well I don't have to go right home And I'm the kind that don't want to be alone if you would I would"
  • Sweet Potato Pie (From Bakin With Twitty And Beans - Even Stevens
    "Your all covered with hot marshmallows. Your sticky and sweet you're my number one thanksgiving treat. Oh yea. Whoo. My oh my, I love sweet potato pie! You can keep your valentine chocolates and your"
  • Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man - Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty
    "Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty Hey, Louisiana woman, Mississippi man We get together every time we can. The Mississippi River can keep us apart There's too much love in the Mississippi heart. Too much"
  • When I Turn Off My Lights - Conway Twitty
    "Let's forget unpleasent memories let them lie there in the past Make believe here in my arms is where you belong Yes I need you to love me each night when I'm alone When I turn off my light your mem'ry"
  • Who'll Turn Out The Lights In Your World Tonight - Conway Twitty
    "I wonder who'll turn out the lights in your world tonight Whose shoulder will your head be restin' on Does your hungry arms reach for someone you feel you need Will the need still be there when he's gone As"
  • With Pen In Hand - Conway Twitty
    "With pen in hand you signed your name Today at five I'll be on that train And you'll be free and I will be alone so alone If you think we can't find the love we once knew If you think I can make everything"
  • Wound Time Can't Erase - Conway Twitty
    "Have you found since you turned me down The one that you were searching for Are you glad since you made me sad For you know I vowed to love you ever more What did you have in mind when you broke this"
  • You Blow My Mind (The Color Of Love) - Conway Twitty
    "Well I used think the color of love would be a rosy red or a pretty pink And I thought it would be a thirsty man crawlin' home to get a big old drink And I thought love was spelled like a bell B-E-double"
  • You Make It Hard To Take The Easy Way Out - Conway Twitty
    "Doing wrong is not a heavy on mind But tonight I know I did for the very first time Soon I'll pace you for I love you without a doubt You make it hard to take the easy way out I'll confess and hope that"
  • You're The Reason - Conway Twitty
    "I just lay here at night I toss and I turn loving you so how my heart yearns Honey you're the reason I don't sleep at night Walking the floor feeling so blue smoke cigarettes drink coffee too Honey you're"
  • Look into My Teardrops (1966) - Conway Twitty
    "Look into my teardrops And Darlin' you will see The reflection of an angel That made a fool of me. Look into my teardrops And you will see the eyes That promised me so many things But all of them were"
  • Linda on My Mind (1975) - Conway Twitty
    "Now I'm lying here with Linda on my mind And next to me, my soon to be, the one I left behind And Lord it's killing me to see her crying She knows I'm lying here beside her with Linda on my mind. Yes"
  • I've Already Loved You in My Mind (1977) - Conway Twitty
    "I thought I've never seen a girl like her in here before And I could see her watching me as I walk across the floor I asked her if she'd like to dance When the band starts up again She said I never danced"
  • Fallin' for You for Years (1986) - Conway Twitty
    "Lookin' at us they'd think that we just met And only been in love a night or two. They see a beautiful woman In the shadows with a man And all they see is a weekend rendezvous. Guess we look like cheaters? Lover's"
  • House on Old Lonesome Road (1989) - Conway Twitty
    "Every night it's the same old time, I leave work at five-o-five Been doing my best to forget about her But she's driving me out of my mind. When I get home, I know what I'll find, How I wish that it wasn't"
  • 15 Years Ago - Conway Twitty
    "I saw a man today who said he talked to you Not so long ago, I think a month or two As my mind raced back in time I pray, oh Lord don't let it show He thinks I forgot you fifteen years ago. Fifteen years"

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