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  • Pagoda E-Cord
    "Check 1...Check 2...Check 3 Welcome to the E-cord Why that's a strong boy Use it what it's used for Use me what i'm used for I'm a whore Reap with the same thing What the hell I'm gonna sing Damn I got"
  • Gabrielle Aplin Panic Cord
    "You kept all the things i threw away A leaf i picked a birthday card I made Holding on to memories of you and me We didn't last a year We're just a box of souvenirs 'Cause Maybe I pulled the panic cord Maybe"
  • Chico Buarque Cord?o
    "Ningum Ningum vai me segurar Ningum h de me fechar As portas do corao Ningum Ningum vai me sujeitar A trancar no peito a minha paixo Eu no Eu no vou desesperar Eu no vou renunciar Ningum Ningum"
  • Pushmonkey Cut The Cord
    "One crazy less than life Ready made and easily broken Much smaller than my eyes Barely open, hardly chosen So much mine Not long and I will have you go The hazy less than light Stretched apart in broken"
  • Charlotte Martin Cut The Cord
    "Cut the Cord Big sigh on my my a mountain lion, hello Oxygen or baby this one's gonna blow And we go up, down, up And we go up and down again Then we go down, up, down, up We go down and up again-gain-gain Three"
  • Yes Cord Of Life
    "A man conceived a moment's answers to the dream, Staying the flowers daily, sensing all the themes. As a foundation left to create the spiral aim, A movement regained and regarded both the same, All complete"
  • Pray For The Soul Of Betty Cut the Cord
    "Forgive me my presumption Seems to be a problem here Cannot weigh it all ? But the signals crystal clear O, like animals We hear the calls The curtain falls See thru them all ? Why you never see me here Treat"
  • Timbalada Cord?o De Bloco
    "Ela dividiu seu corao comido Ela dividiu um parto de po E se dirigiu na direo do umbigo Com o umbigo preso no corao Ela at encheu seu corao de carnaval Com o seu sorriso sensao E quem foi que disse"
  • Sister Souljah Umbilical Cord To The Future
    "(Intro): (Man says): We're gonna slow it down at this time And sing a soulful number. This song is a song that, y' know, we all wanna sing sometime Y' know what I mean? This is the love crowd, right? We"
  • Hymns Some Day The Silver Cord Will Break
    "Some day the silver cord will break,And I no more as now shall sing;But, O the joy when I shall wakeWithin the presence of the King! And I shall see Him face to face,And tell the story, saved by grace:And"
  • Yes And You And I I: Cord Of Life
    "(Anderson/Bruford/Howe/Squire) A man conceived a moment's answers to the dream. Staying the flowers daily, sensing all the themes. As a foundation left to create the spiral aim, A movement regained and"
  • Yes And You And I: Cord Of Life/Eclipse/The Preacher The Teacher/Apocalypse
    "I. Cord Of Life Anderson/Bruford/Howe/Squire A man conceived a moment's answers to the dream. Staying the flowers daily, sensing all the themes. As a foundation left to create the spiral aim, A movement"
  • Cord Bleeding
    "And she's looking for her soul to keep And I needed more to help me sleep Like I knew feeling what I often do As I feel something that was never through It's only love, I's only love And I won't do it"
  • Cord Bound
    "Here we go as I am told I am suicide To make it through, lucky you if you're still alive But how would I ever know about tomorrow If I don't show pain and sorrow for the things that I don't feel worthy Cause"
  • Cord Genes
    "I felt the heart of a dieing man just the other day and I knew I had to get it together, I had to get it done I took a walk, I took a bath, I tried to wash my hands of this But it was something in my skin It's"
  • Cord Gone Too Fast
    "Burning down will give you great big dreams But you won't ever, ever be the one that you've become The one that stands all your wishes If every now and then is all ok, then why do I still feel this way Inside"
  • Cord Good Day
    "Listen here, have you ever felt that it's weird To make sense of what has appeared When you thought you gave it away Hold it tight, don't forget to tell her good night Lay around till you know that you"
  • Cord Hard To Say
    "I can't point it out Cause it has always been so hard explaining what I felt To anyone but me I found someone who cares I found someone who understands the things that I don't share When everyone's around Cause"
  • Cord Make It
    "You never made it lady You tried to make it on your own And now it's got you down It's not so complicated Four letters never meant a thing And now it's on your mind I wish that I could meet you there Runaway"
  • Cord Movie Star
    "Empty stares and glances Movie star romances when the end was never clear It's hard to see the warning when everyone is mourning For they way they love to feel Cause for now you have the prettiest face And"

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