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corona rhytm is a dancer

  • Rhytm Is A Cancer - Waltari
    "First verse:(wordsworth) Someday U say, U hate music Someday U say, Y love it. Like on guy i saw. He didn't stand this noisy thing at all. He just wanted to listen to Whitney Houston all the time And I"
  • Corona - Miuosh
    "Nie sięgałem korony, bo nie miałem jej mieć, Nie chciałem jej chcieć, nie miałem jej Krzyczą, że jestem skończony, lecę w dół, idę wstecz, A ja zaczynam chcieć schować głowę w niej /2x Nie wiem ile lat"
  • Rhytm of life - Paula Cole
    "To the critics and the cynics who don't understand the lyrics To the atheists and the pessimists Wanting company in their darkness You may see me as a fool,yes,a charlatan,an egotist, But I'd rather be"
  • Dancer - Gin Ga
    "I was a dancer Before i was born And make my first breath Sentence was drown Sentence was drown I was a dancer Before I could walk I wander if I’m blindfold I hate __ I hate __ To the left to the right To"
  • Dancer - Animal Collective
    "A Dancer who got high in a field found of a moment took a breath from his way home he saw trees that rotted north he felt empty for the little kinds of heavens he hoped his girl would have flowers in"
  • Dancer - Michael Schenker Group
    "She works at it hard and she keeps herself to herself But she can take what she gets anyway She talks of the things and places she wants to go But she knows that she wants all the things she wants She's"
  • Dancer - Xandria
    "She walks on the moonlit snow She's winterhearted, so you say But you dont see She's a dancer on the glass That's broken like her past She would never flee Fascination is her name She is dancing in"
  • Dancer - Julia Marcell
    "In my past life I was a dancer I danced my life away I didn't seek answers was everything so perfect at that time oh no I didn't care In my past life I was a dancer I danced in cabaret oh you should have"
  • Dancer - Ane Brun
    "He came riding fast like a phoenix out of fire flames He came dressed in black with a cross bearing my name He came bathed in light and the splendor and glory Can't believe what the Lord has finally sent"
  • Corona And Lime - Shwayze
    "Baby will you be my corona and lime. And I will be your main squeeze. And if your brother don't like my style. We could take it to the street. We could take it to the street. Yo. Lil girls in the city."
  • Rhytm Of My Heart - Rod Stewart
    "Rhythm Of My Heart (Rod Stewart) Across the street the river runs. Down in the guter life is slipping away. Let me still exist in another place, Running down under cover Of a helicopter blade. The flames"
  • Strange Rhytm - Rick Wright & Dave Harris
    "Strange rhythm running through my vein I try to stop my feet but I've got Strange rhythm, got strange rhythm Strange feeling seem to take me Strange feeling, seems to make me miss Seems to make me"
  • Heart Of The Corona - Garden Of Shadows
    "Echoes of the future have filtered through time. There will be no light... Ablaze within the divine spectrum. Remnants of an enchanted past have fallen. The swollen tides of conviction engender desolation."
  • God Is A Dancer - Tiesto & Mabel
    "God Is A Dancer I heard it in the radio that she always go harder is she keeping you on your toes and she’s … and focused she’s ;ost in the moment uua , uaa"
  • Rhythm Is A Dancer - Alex Christensen & The Berlin Orchestra
    "Rhythm is a dancer It's a souls companion You can feel it everywhere Lift your hands and voices Free your mind and join us You can feel it in the air Rhythm is a dancer It's a souls companion You can"
  • Rhythm Is A Dancer - Dj Rankin
    "Rhythm is a dancer It's a souls companion You can feel it everywhere Lift your hands and voices Free your mind and join us You can feel it in the air The beat goes -- Dj Rankin in the mix mutha f***a The"
  • Rythem Is A Dancer - Real McCoy
    "Real McCoy rythem is a dancer Chorus: Rhythym is a dancer, it's a soul's companion, you can feel it everywhere Lift your hands and voices free your mind and join us you can feel it in the air Ooh,"
  • Rhythm Is A Dancer - Snap
    "Take it down 6 underground The ground beneath your feet Laid up low Nothing to go No warily to eat I've got a head full of drought Down here So far from losing out 'Round here Overground Watch the space I'm"
  • Spirit Dancer - Blackhawk
    "(Henry Paul/Dave Robbins) Dear Lord, help us understand Why you came and took him by the hand And led him to his new home in the sky. Our hearts weren't ready to let him go, So this is our way to let"
  • Dirty Dancer - EnriqueI Iglesias feat. Usher, Lil Wayne
    "Enrique, Usher This is for the dirty girls All around the world Here we go! Dirty, dirty dancer Another day, another night And she acting like she don't sleep She's a fight when she drinks But she's a"

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