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  • Ingrato - Yolanda Perez
    "YOLANDA PEREZ - INGRATO ingrato despues de darte hasta el ultimo suspiro me matas porque te marchas y me mandas al olvidio ingrato despues de amarte como nunce ame en la vida te largas con la primera no"
  • El Ingrato - Gloria Trevi
    "Aaay Ingrato!! Pero que bueno ests!! Ingrato, dónde ests? dónde ests?,dónde ests? amor con amor se paga quin te enseó que a patadas? y ahora estoy aqu llorando haberte amado mi cruel ingrato. Ingrato,"
  • Ingrato Amor - Alejandro Fernandez
    "Que me obliga a quererte, vida ma Que me hace sufrir si no me miras, dime qu Cuando s que de m, no quieres nada Cuando s que mis ojos, se te olvidan Quin te lleva tan lejos, de mi vida Quin me tiene llorando"
  • Chetita (Ingrato Amor) - Jovenes Pordioseros
    "Deja las cosas asi, no hay mas nada que hablar Te quise mucho amor, deje casi todo por tenerte bien Te gusta verme llorar por los rincones del barrio gris Que facil que te vas sos la luna al ver la luz Solo"
  • Corr?que Et R - Pierpoljak
    "Le grand Totor qu'est en mnage avec TotocheQui la filocheEt la dfend,C'est pas un mec la mie d'pain, poisse la manqueQui fait sa planqueComme un feignant.Comme un chef d'administration,Il organise la"
  • Il Mio Amico Ingrato - Vinicio Capossela
    "Il mio amico ingrato ha trovato amore e s' sposato mi guardava e sorrideva aveva riso in bocca e in cielo e tutto intorno al suo bel velo lei abbracciava il mondo intero noi, vecchi amici dignitosi rassettati"
  • See You Later (feat. Ida Corr) - Bimbo Jones
    "Getting everything ready gonna give it tonight Making sure that what you want is what you're getting I'll be a fantasy girl, even turn out the lights Have you feeling so high you'll think you're dreaming Are"
  • Tonight I'm Your DJ - Part 1 (feat. Fatman Scoop) - Ida Corr
    "Fatman Scoop Ida Corr Get it on, Get it on, let's go Clap for the DJ, Clap for the DJ Clap for the DJ, Clap for the DJ Nothing right now is like it used to be It's like you took control over me And my"
  • Shame on you (Radio Edit) - Andrea Corr
    "You left me thinking what a bore I'm always stuck inside I've got a feeling there is more Than I've been left behind A lot of pain a lot of noise That these four walls hide Happy faces go to war. And dance"
  • Hello Boys - Andrea Corr
    "Hello boys I know you're watching me, I think that I like it. I'm so tired that I can barely see, Come find where my light is. Now I don't want conversation, It gets in the way. Just use your intuition, I'm"
  • Anybody There - Andrea Corr
    "I get up late Make my way Down the stairs Move into the kitchen I drink tea Read the mail Feel the cold Find myself a sweater Could there be Anybody there Anybody there to love me Now you're gone Get"
  • Shame On You (To Keep My Love From Me) - Andrea Corr
    "You left me thinking what a bore I'm always stuck inside I've got a feeling there is more Than I've been left behind A lot of pain a lot of noise That these four walls hide Happy faces go to war And dance"
  • I Do - Andrea Corr
    "I want an open chariot, black horses and shiny shoes. An off white vintage lacy gown, I've Juliets hand me downs. But Romeo ain't my lover and all that really matters is Hey, I love you, hey I love you,"
  • Ten Feet High - Andrea Corr
    "You ask me all kinds of questions Like I, I've got something to hide And I don't know why this all began. You used to love me for freedom Said you'd climb aboard and fly Now we're on the ground, and I'm"
  • Champagne From A Straw - Andrea Corr
    "Midday in the underground, There's a teenage girl selling music for her bed. I'll be the one that you look upon And thank your lucky stars That you walk in your own shoes. Clip clop past a sleeping bag And"
  • 24 Hours - Andrea Corr
    "I see your eyes remember You know this song And I try to see your picture But that's your song with somebody else You know I love inside your head Cos I can't be there You're a mystery Intrigueing me great And"
  • This Is What It's All About - Andrea Corr
    "Is it any wonder I'm higher than an angel Our bodies, they're touching An you've not yet woken Your breath is like a feather Caressing my neck Your hands, they're whispers Can't wait till they've spoken Nobody"
  • Take Me I'm Yours - Andrea Corr
    "I've come across the desert To greet you with a smile My camel looks so tired It's hardly worth my while To tell you of my travels Across the golden east I see your preparations Invite me first to feast Take"
  • Stupidest Girl In The World - Andrea Corr
    "My life, just when it's going well I smash it all in pieces. I'm like a magnet to the ground to everything that's creeping. What am I doing back here, I thought I'd finished with you, But I'm starting"
  • Ideal World - Andrea Corr
    "Jeannie marries when she's 21 She has a baby one year on and every year That's the way that life goes Lost herself in domesticity A cleaning, feeding entity She can't recall what she was before In an"

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