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  • Cosmo - Liroy
    "1.50kg czystego talentu to dla ciebie...miazga. Laska pędzi ci pod skórę jak drzazgaTo nie jest kolejna, pusta, plastikowa gwiazdaTo autentyk, prawdziwa perła w zalewie polskiej tandetyZnalazłem lek na"
  • Cosmo - Brodka
    "(feat. Liroy)1.50 kg czystego talentu to dla ciebie... miazga. Laska pędzi ci pod skórę jak drzazga To nie jest kolejna, pusta, plastikowa gwiazda To autentyk, prawdziwa perła w zalewie polskiej tandety"
  • Cosmo Bozo - Orange Goblin
    "If mine is yours, baby, and yours is mine Then why is yours always so hard to find A king of men and a queen of whores You've built your empire on all fours You give me sorrow in return for love Bring"
  • Klein & Faul - Swoons
    "Alleine in der Nacht Und Du trinkst Dein letztes Bier Alles liegt im Schlaf und trumt Doch Du sitzt noch immer hier Dir zum schlafen geh'n zu schade Kmpst Du mit dem Morgenlicht Doch den Kampf hast Du"
  • Klein Ventje - Willem Vermandere
    "In Elverdinge daar is 't dat ie stond Georges 'n klein ventj' een sigaar in zijn mond Een zwarte mutse en lappen op zijn knien En al die passeerd' het hem daar gezien Klein ventje klein ventje, de wereld"
  • Willy Klein - Gunter Gabriel
    "A Herz mu ma hab'n am richtigen Fleck dann lacht dir das Glck jederzeit. A Herz mu ma hab'n a Herz mit Gefhl dann macht uns des Leb'n a Freud. Schau wieviel Blumen im Sonnenschein blhen freu' dich da alles"
  • Een Heel Klein Beetje Oorlog - Noordkaap
    "Zou een heel klein beetje oorlog soms niet beter kunnen zijn Dan die luid gesproken woorden en die nachten van de pijn Zou een heel klein beetje oorlog soms niet beter kunnen zijn Dan onuitgevoerde moorden en"
  • Wie Klein Diese Welt ... (Overt - Untoten
    "Wie klein diese Welt nur ist Ohne dich Ich treffe nur mich selbst in all Meinen Trumen Von Elfen und Hexen in diesem Wald In einer Nacht Bin ich den Fluss entlang gegangen Weit weg vom Grabsteinland Etwas"
  • DEAL WITH IT. | CALVIN KLEIN - Justin Bieber, Maluma, Lil Nas X, Kendall Jenner, Sza and more
    "You, know you love me I do what i want I'd rather be dreaming DEAL WITH IT DEAL WITH IT! DEAL WITH IT DEAL WITH IT It's Maluma, baby DEAL WITH IT! (...) I am , who i am i like, what i like I love, who"
  • Face To Face (Cosmo Vitelli Remix) - Daft Punk
    "What's going on? Could this be my understanding It's not your fault. I was being too demanding I must admit it's my pride that made me distant All because I hoped that you'd be someone different There's"
  • I Buried My Heart In Cosmo Park - Adair
    "Just go. Go and don't ever look back. Out of sight,out of mind,out of heart. And you won't have to witness the damage that follows. I'm a wide eyed animal. Lost and scared on the freeway. Having traveled"
  • In Japan Ist Alles So Klein - Hildegard Knef
    "Da ist ein Land - ein ganz kleines Land - Japan heit es mit Namen. Zierlich die Huser und zierlich der Strand, zierlich die Liliputdamen. Bume so gro wie Radieschen im Mai. Turm der Pagode so hoch wie"
  • All i ever need - Cosmo Klein
    "Tell me, do you want me just the way I want you, We should take the chance to live in perfect romance. Think twice before you go your own way Girl I'm gonna tell you now Before is it to late somehow Oh"
  • Baby don't cry - Cosmo Klein
    "When you feel like life is taking over sometimes Why would you just change all of what we had given And why would we change Baby don't cry for love don't let it break your heart don't accept no regrets"
  • Chinese wall - Cosmo Klein
    "Love is the in everyone of us we just got to take the chance to walk again Feel - kill you know we never reach that goal As eternity is waiting for us all Feeling good even as we stand here on our own"
  • Future is calling - Cosmo Klein
    "Compared to others We all have our chance To hold our life in our hands to go on a way, the way we want it to accomplish what we dream, what we dream about And still we sit in our rooms Writing about ourselves"
  • How sweet - Cosmo Klein
    "Baby, I tell ya how sweet it is, oh You know I'm not that kind of guy Who's gonna hang out for a while Nothing will ever last too long Another place, another time Another world, another mind You know,"
  • I need to know - Cosmo Klein
    "Lovers and dreamers, feel want an matters. My life is your life, it's passion, emotions feeling my escape future my way the diamonds of time I passing, I passing me by Chorus: I need to know, we'll ever"
  • I'm addicted - Cosmo Klein
    "I can't stop thinking about the girl i met last night The way she grooved me, she just got me hypnotized Every word she says,man, goes right into my vains, I really couldn't help it, but then she started"
  • Lucky man - Cosmo Klein
    "This world is kind of messy And our life is just a game To me it seems as if we're all insame The trouble might be buggin But I take 'em as they come Oh Baby don't you know that I won't ever run away So"

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