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could you still

  • Could It Still Be Tonight - Joan As Police Woman
    "Could it still be tonight ( Joan as Police Woman EP Bonus Track ) Could it still be tonight Vanishing in a dream From your house of burning fire You move through me Until I no longer, no longer feel Remember"
  • We Could Still Belong Together - Lisa Loeb
    "If I hold my breath If I shut my eyes If I disappear Just for the afternoon If I can't help shouting If I lock you out If it's not important Completely unimportant To anyone else but me We could still"
  • Still - Alpha
    "Could you ever And ever Could you Perceive me Completely As I should be You don't even know me You don't even care Why thought that I Gave me name Still I lie Concealing My mood You don't even know"
  • Still - Katy B
    "We chose this simple life My love was way too much for you to bear It left our world to end right there But I still hear you whispering my name Surely there's a part avenged How could you be so far away? When"
  • Still - Ana Johnsson
    "Seven years ago we first fell in love Seven years since my heart came undone Oh the memory still makes me warm Cos I love you still And I will learn to go on I'll smile when I'm expected to I know I will Yeah"
  • Still - Jennifer Lopez
    "When I sleep I have dreams about the way we used to kiss About the way you used to hold me And say nothin would ever harm me When we first met Oh how you charmed me Made me smile when I was down Big pimpin'"
  • Still - 98 Degrees
    "Love, I see forever in your eyes I can see heaven in your smile And when I hold you close I don't want to let go Because deep in my soul I know girl You are the only light I see Your love means everything"
  • Still - Niall Horan
    "My mind is complicated Find it hard to rearrange it But I'll have to find a way somehow Overreacting lately Find it hard to say I'm sorry But I'll make it up to you somehow I just don't know why Stars"
  • Still - Escape The Day
    "The sound of a leaving train echoes in the distance I only came so you could watch me walk away I could have been the one who's watching The one who'd stand there and reflect The moments that I had Before"
  • Still - Remy Ma
    "Seems crazy cuz people be thinking that I be changing, but it's really them that be changing, yo I remember the day, I first signed my record deal with Lyle everything was so good everyone was so proud I"
  • Still - Paul Wall
    "When I call you on the phone You're never at home You been gone for so long and I feel so alone Your love of money gone ruin our relationship but you say it isn't and thats a lie Girl I ain't trippin'"
  • You Could Write A Book - Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
    "Aaah, Aaah, Aaah, Aaah How'd you get so smart? Wax and candles and burning cobwebs. I guess you broke my heart But then sometimes I think that's all it's there for. Oooh, Oooh It's goodnight to the"
  • How Could We Still Be Dancin' - Brian Wilson
    "Dancin', dancin' Dance the night away Dance the night away 1:30 ... 2:30 Dancin' my love How could we still be dancin' After all these years How could we still be laughin' After all those tears? How could"
  • If You Could - Smaxone
    "If you could I'm sure you would Spend your life And give me eternity Seeing through the Wall next to you Flying high then Break down and cry You can't go on Searching my inner sun I'll die without"
  • How Could You? - Saliva
    "I'm addicted to Everything you do I'm dying inside Your sucking me down It makes me feel, I'm gonna drown It's killing me now All you do is bring me down All this time and all your lies It has to be no"
  • I could still - Stina Nordenstam
    "I could still be an actor I could still be your friend I could be a shattered pilot I could pull out to the end I could still be a writer, Still get a deadly disease And miraculously recover I could still"
  • Would You, Could You - Loraine McFarland
    "Verse 1 I only wish I could I find that someone Who will be there for me in the night Someone who will love all my imperfect flaws And still love how smart I can be So tell me Are you for me Chorus Would"
  • Could Cry - Michael Kiske
    "And they walk by - feelings mutual If I would try - I'd try to watch those trys to move a little closer to the try I get my handshake - it hurts the bone I Leave the debate - long before the debate kills"
  • Still Love You - Shift K3Y
    "Still love you, still love you Still love you, still love you Still love you, still love you) When you left I deleted every picture of you But I think of you sometimes, I just don't know why you're still"
  • Still Lovin You - Honeymoon Suite
    "Light in the window light of the day Light of the fire so far away Reachin' out in the darkness No one is there I live with doubt I live with pain I live with silence nothin' to gain Just these distant"

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