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countdown ewelina lisowska

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countdown ewelina lisowska

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countdown ewelina lisowska
  • Ewelina Lisowska Countdown
    "So here's the thing yeah We did what we did too long Bad situation Cause all we did was get it wrong I gotta save myself I'm sorry Don't want to wear my heart so thin So in case you think you own me Chances"
  • Warzone Countdown
    "Countdown- the pain I feel inside Countdown- I'm gonna lose my mind COuntdown- there's nothign you can do Countdown- I think I blew a fuse Countdown- feels like I got burned Countdown- so much pain in"
  • The Unseen Countdown
    "Countdown! to my extinction, my life falls apart in front of my face Countdown! my life is such a disgrace Countdown! should I hang myself or slit my wrist Countdown! overdose on heroin, just like Sid My"
  • Lindsey Buckingham Countdown
    "Written by Lindsey Buckingham. I'm waiting on the countdown Sitting in the shade Things about to turn around How the madness fades Oh, I've been waiting on the countdown Things about to turn around And"
  • Amaranthe Countdown
    "You got immersion Conclusion that will set us free It takes us closer and closer To human, how we wanna be Invitation was a strife I couldn't that we tried it all Tried it all, I descend before the countdown From"
  • Dawid Kwiatkowski COUNTDOWN
    "I know Wakening up with you in my arms I know This in love .. for love And you You still think I could be the one But I don’t think I could be the one For you, for you Cuz when it’s good, it’s good But"
  • Jupiter One Countdown
    "And so it begins, Countdown, can you think of a reason why you so love it downtown? I met you in the middle of this scandalous town. It's a miracle you're walking around. Countdown in a dark town,"
  • War Rocket Ajax Countdown
    "Hey God it's me. You know that I done screwed up again. Well I try and try to get myself by but I always fall back in. And I'm, amazed yeah I'm in a daze when. You say hey it's alright. So I think I'll"
  • Gamma Ray Countdown
    "The businessmen got a job to doThe Eastenworld is waiting too.They're sittin' on a bloodstone calling you a beggar,Waitin' for another deal in open cars.The presence of the men gives a bad vibration,They're"
  • Rufio Countdown
    "Make up your mind. We're hurting inside. Every single breath I take is screaming out your name. We'll see in time. This choice is not mine. You can see my answer 'cause my heart is still beating. Take"
  • Hyde Countdown
    "Embraced in all desires Hoshi garu karada kotogo tokiru made Hayaku nukedasu nara nogase nai moment To save you from the dark I want it higher. To get into his light Stay on my side Mabushii sekai wo misetai Let"
  • The Black Keys Countdown
    "Well, it's one two-three-four-five-six, Seven-eight-nine, countdown, Count down the times I tried to, Make you mine, cryin' eyes, Count down the times I tried to, Tried to make you mine, Well my heart"
  • Def Squad Countdown
    "For she's perhaps quite clever On the mic, I'm Wizard, call me Chris Webber Scary, wise, I'm way past terror I make like Jay-Z, then Roc-a-Fella Rock 'em out the club Then buy 'em a bottle of champagne From"
  • Pulp Countdown
    "Oh i was seventeen,When i heard the countdown start, it started slowly,And i thought it was my heart but then i realised,That this time it was for real there was no place to hide,I had to go out and feel,But"
  • T.I. Countdown
    "Five (5), Four (4), Three (3), Two (2), One You done when I see you (David Banner, banner) Five (5), Four (4), Three (3), (yeah, yeah) Two (2), (ay) One You done when I see you (ay) Five (5), Four (4),"
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs Countdown
    "Trailer red like the sea Well I'm the son of a crowded bed Find your love's gonna count for me Your love that breaths, breeds Gonna paste up our damn heads Gonna drop, gonna drop, gonna count for me Your"
  • Keith Murray Countdown
    "Trailer red like the sea Well I'm the son of a crowded bed Find your love's gonna count for me Your love that breaths, breeds Gonna paste up our damn heads Gonna drop, gonna drop, gonna count for me Your"
  • Rush Countdown
    "Lit up with anticipation We arrive at the launching site The sky is still dark, nearing dawn On the Florida coastline Circling choppers slash the night With roving searchlight beams This magic day when"
  • Ewelina Lisowska Na Obcy Ląd
    "(Ewelina Lisowska zapowiedziała nowy singel - będzie zatytułowany "Na Obcy Ląd". Piosenka nie miała jeszcze swojej premiery.)"
  • Ewelina Lisowska Prosta sprawa
    "Po rocznej przerwie od ostatniego singla, Ewelina Lisowska powraca z nowym utworem. Piosenka zatytułowana "Prosta sprawa" będzie zapowiadać trzeci krążek piosenkarki. Premierowo utwór będzie można usłyszeć"

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