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counting star one republic

  • Counting Star - OneRepublic
    "Lately I been, I been losing sleep Dreaming about the things that we could be But baby I been, I been prayin' hard Said no more counting dollars We'll be counting stars Yeah, we'll be counting stars I"
  • Waiting Counting - Lake Of Tears
    "Maybe a star will fall tonight And maybe just one of my eyes will capture the light I feel that ease and though the stars would better be Oh, count the ten, Make it start Make it begin It makes it through Makes"
  • Counting - Anne Heaton
    "If we make it I know you'll walk away Happy that you got the prize With that look in your eyes You'll be counting, counting, counting, Yeah you'll be counting You know I had a boyfriend For seven long"
  • Counting - Korn
    "I can't bare to face what's growing in my head. Please get away from me. Take advantage of what I still guess you do. One day you'll pay for me. So I'm saying nothing. Each day taking that much more. As"
  • The Boys Republic - Deftones
    "blue star shine your light down on everyone cause i don't care their soothing me yes tear lung blue star shine your light down pierce for my face to heal my veins down on everyone cause i do care their"
  • Counting Flies - Night In Gales
    "Give me another doomfix Suck the nonblack from my eyes Syringe me with electric ink And watch me counting flies Bleed me another deadlight to the rythm of the scythe Drug me with tombstonedaisies And watch"
  • Who's Counting - Ronnie Milsap
    "(Kye Fleming - Dennis Morgan) I guess you wonder what's become of me? Well, I'm doing fine I've just got so much to do I lose track of time I come home and go to sleep I get up and go to work And before"
  • Counting Sheep - Collin Raye
    "(Robert Ellis Orrall) I'm counting the cracks on the wall by my bed Cause I can't get to sleep And my mother said To try counting sheep as they're jumpin' the fence But the fence has a hole And the sheep"
  • Counting Airplanes - Train
    "I put ketchup on my scrambled eggs And everybody thinks it's funny I don't get mad I don't laugh cause you don't shave your legs But everybody thinks it's funny No need to get mad I don't spend my time"
  • Day One And Counting - Park
    "a voice says dont bother screaming day one has come and gone away served on this diet of needles and knives convincing myself to stay alive are these the eyelides you tried to save? (i drink to forget"
  • Republic - Rx Bandits
    "You can never be what never was And to get by you know you must become a part in a machine When minds outgrow a stationary scene They get discarded with the others never meant to be With the worst yet"
  • Republic - RxBandits
    "You can never be what never was And to get by you Know you must become a part in a machine When minds outgrow a stationary scene They get discarded With the others never meant to be With the worst yet"
  • Republic - London After Midnight
    "You're being used. You're being lied, to in a desert without water. You are desperate to believe, you're like a lamb led to the slaughter. Self deceive you won't believe, you're like a child seeking mother. You"
  • Star Child - Star One
    "Touch me now and feel my force I will give you life History will change its course Man will survive Something's strange, I'm so confused, I don't know why (secrets have not been told) I've been designed"
  • One Star - Phideaux
    "One star is appearing in the blackest night One star is now forming, innocent and bright One star bring me comfort, when I'm sad of life One star is exciting, it is borderline One star cold and icy, primitive"
  • I Start Counting - Dusty Springfield
    "(Basil Kirchin / Jack Nathan / James Coleman / Patrick Ryan) This year, next year Sometime never Paper dreams tied up With bits of string Darkness comes Flowers grow No-one knows I start counting I"
  • One Star - Kirsty McGee
    "you left your tracks on the yellow sand where the sunlight slips into the sea you led the way with your two blind eyes and the only one to follow was me you took a boat down by mitchell's ride i rode"
  • Counting On You - The Monkees
    "Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two One of these days I'll be back with you Counting the ways that I love you Through and through One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine Tentatively"
  • Not Counting You - Garth Brooks
    "When loving turns to heart ache I'm always the first to leave Cause when it comes to heart aches I'd rather give than to receive I've never cried myself to sleep Just praying I'll get through I've never"
  • Counting The Days - Goldfinger
    "So here I go and there you went...again Just another stupid thing that I done wrong. Locked up in my head (my head), knocked down, beaten, left for dead With all those brilliant things I should have said. I"

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