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crashing into me

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crashing into me

  • Comes Crashing - Dogwood
    "It's picking time Time for me to leave and walk away from us My feet are tired Too tired to carry both of us through this again On into nothing Out in the open I say goodbye in faith I'll wait Surrender"
  • Crashing Down - Trail Of Tears
    "Crashing down from divine disgrace Hanging on with a bitter restraint They never seemed to care that your hope was lost once more They never seemed to care that your mind was turned to stone Let your"
  • Crashing cars - Snow Patrol
    "We'll do it allEverythingOn our ownWe don't needAnythingOr anyoneIf I lay hereIf I just lay hereWould you lie with me and just forget the world?I don't quite knowHow to sayHow I feelThose three wordsAre"
  • Crashing - Gravity Kills
    "Mouth open tongue that I taste No lover can kill you this way Like poison I feel it drip down Take over - insanity makes no sound That's all I'm getting. It's all but fitting You turn my meaning inside"
  • Crashing - unloco
    "Every time that I bleed it's my affection Every time that I come clean it's my humiliation And everything that I say, I say to save myself Everything that I say makes My world come crashing down Every"
  • Crashing - Eowyn
    "Simply put I am hanging on here By a thread, so confused I need You. Chaos runs so rampid in my head. Will You stand by watching while I'm falling? I need Your help not someone else. My world is crashing,"
  • Crashing down - Eagle Eye Cherry
    "I've never see the sky like thatI can't believe that it could do thatI closed my eyes before the sun could setI slept and waited for my, waited for myI waited for my dreams to landI waited for my dreams"
  • Crashing Down - Eagle-Eye Cherry
    "I've never see the sky like that I can't believe that it could do that I closed my eyes before the sun could set I slept and waited for my, waited for my... I waited for my dreams to land I waited for"
  • Crashing Down - EMMI
    "I am diving up this mountain I am climbing to the bottom of this sea I'm wearing shades when it is midnight I'm walking backwards and my eyes, they are closed And now that all four walls come crashing"
  • Crashing High - The 69 Eyes
    "You've got everything you need Still ready to open up and bleed Reading all the magazines Reading all the books About the real diamond rings And dirty looks If you wanna fire baby That's what you will Don't"
  • Crashing Down - Sugarcult
    "I've got something up my sleeve that I don't wanna show you 'Cause everytime I bleed, I make a fool of me I've got shaky little fingers, that hold on to your grip You've got wrapped around my world So"
  • Crashing Down - Beth Hart
    "Crashing Down Hell is on to me This desert wants a She Black fire becomes the road Diving down the dark Gold inside my hear Black fire begins to blow I'm crashing down There's no one for"
  • Waves Crashing - Ryan Adams
    "Goodnight boat To your sweet powders Nothing can stop her now Goodbye angel Your sweet reflection Water that swallows me down The waves crashing all over my body Like a wave crashin' down Goodnight ocean Been"
  • Crashing Down - Mat Kearney
    "These back steps are steeper to the ground The brightest stars are falling down I'm walking the edge, walking the tightest rope We can be frank, reality rips on through, rolling like a hurricane I'm over"
  • Crashing Down - Paperboys
    "Oh, I can't believe it's finally here after all this time The people, they are finally waiting in line They can feel that freedom, it's running through their hands As they mark the "X" in favour that"
  • Crashing Parties - Self
    "Caught you shopping for a new party dress We can take you down now Just invite ourselves What's the occasion? Who are all of your guests? We won't tell a soul now Noone else will know So just how many"
  • Crashing Down - Psychopunch
    "Don't think I ever wanna see your face again I curse the day when I first heard your name First time you saw me I was crawling on the floor You picked me up & you took care of me for sure But I don't"
  • Crashing Waves - The Effort
    "i'm thinking of a world, where no one has to suffer, its not as far fetched as you think, but my ideas they only bring you laughter, trust me you have nothing to give back if you still haven't sparked"
  • Crashing the Ambulance - Kinky Machine
    "Heading for a break down Or may be a pile up ?? They always wanna cut me up I know just where I'm heading for I've been there many times before In the silence of the night Come the sirens of the flashing"
  • Crashing At Corona - Grant Lee Buffalo
    "Wind sure kicked up in the last hour or so Just as re-entry was close we came tumbling down Like a falling star over New Mexico They snowed the crashing at Corona Threatened the Teletype photographed"

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