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crazy sexy

  • Crazy sexy marvellous - Paffendorf
    "This is something special about music trust your DJ let the bass kick. make it rough the harder we come the rougher you go join us . we are crazy sexy marvellous...marvellous because we are crazy sexy"
  • Sexy Sucker - My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
    "Cool sweat, pop sexy sucker Super daddy! Psycho, foxy, tricky baby Naughty, wasted, fuckin' crazy Midnight deadly go-go cruiser Johnny Dagger, jet ride brother Heavy biker, hippie hustler Cool sweat,"
  • Sexy Papi - Claydee
    "The way you look in the morning In the morning The way you kiss without warning Without warning Sometimes you play me, like a girl You know the way to rock, my world I wish that we could find some time Alone Take"
  • Sexy Dancer - Ideal
    "(Jazzie Pha) Can you show it to me? Uh, get this, don't stop I'm not finished yet I want another dance, I betchu get wet Like this, you in the danger zone Not bashin' wood, I'm from afar, it's on again And"
  • Sexy Lady - Shaggy
    "Sexy, hot! I love your style girl, put it on me Brian and Tony Gold let the ladies know, they got it goin on Uh! Shaggy!! Hey sexy lady, I like your flow Your body's bangin', out of controoooool!!!"
  • Sexy Lady - Yung Berg
    "uh yea i swear this album is crazy do our dance wit us get cha lean on shawty bring it back go get cha lean on shawty bring it back ah get cha lean on shawty bring it back get cha lean on shawty"
  • Sexy Lady - Lil Boosie
    "(boosie bad azz) Lets take a trip to tha Carribean (lets go crazy) La da da daaa [ ] Sexy lady, lets go crazy we can take a trip to the Carribean hey lil mama, thats no problem girl lets fly away [ ] Japan,"
  • Sexy Lady - New Edition
    "Oh, Oh I Shoo do do do hey yeah sha da da ooh yeah Girl I can't wait to get you by yourself Girl Cause what I about to do ain't for nobody else C'mon girl Just the scent of you makes me wanna rush Girl"
  • Sexy S - Belly
    "Belly Baby Silvertooth Sexy S This thing is so hard to load, And i can't aim (i can't aim). I can't swim, But i can turn this into gold On the wings of the angel who left you here. Sadie, sadie, you got"
  • Sexy Boy - Jasmine Trias
    "Do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya, yah Do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya, oh Do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya, oh I saw you on the beach in the sand looking sexy And I tried to holla but somethin' 'bout"
  • Crazy - TLC
    "(as performed on the 1999-2000 fanmail tour) Ladies and gentlemen Introducing crazy-sexy-cool Crazy What is crazy Something we find profound One having flaws or cracks untied Found mentally unbalanced"
  • Crazy - Lumidee
    "(feat. Pitbull) I Came Through To Catch Up With U,(See What Ya Wanna Do) I See Ya Out Their Acting A Fool,(Thats Not Too Cool Wi U) Your All Upon Some Other Chick, Im Like He's On Some Other Shit I Aint"
  • Sexy Sexy Lover (Rap Version) - Modern Talking
    "Intro: Have you ever had somebody that you loved? That you really cared about? And she was so damn sexy? Made you go crazy Made you wanna do anything Come on! Rap1: Every man wants to have you as playin"
  • Just That Sexy - Omarion
    "Hey, yeah. (Verse 1) Baby everytime you walk I get turned on. The way you're switching that thang, do it for me. The way that your lips move when you say my name. Whisper anything to me (Bridge) (All"
  • Sweet Sexy Thing - Nu Flavor
    "Grooving with you baby Sexy Thing Ulalala... Sexy Thing Ulalala... Ooh oh ooh oh Sweet sexy thing Chorus: Sweet sexy thing Bring your body to me Baby I'm in the mood to make sweet love to you Waited"
  • Sexy Japanese Boy - Phantom Rose
    "I met this Asian guy, said he's Japanese with a swagger, Like no other that I ever met so I swept in like a dagger. Si I got his lil number and he is very fine, Other girls walk by us and they know that"
  • Hey Sexy Lady - Shaggy
    "(feat. Brian And Tony Gold) Sexy, hot, I love your style girl, put it on me Brian and Tony Gold let the ladies know, they got it goin on Uh! Shaggy!!! Hey sexy lady, I like your flow Your body's"
  • Fire (Sexy Dance) - Paulina Rubio
    "I wanna play with fire Even in the pouring rain Even in the stars above I'm here with you again Even if we're not in love We'll dance together in the dark I know how to light the spark I'm burning up"
  • Sexy - Chayanne
    "Hoy tengo que estar, sexy No puedo fallar, sexy Tu me gustas no lo dudes Y por eso yo me pongo Sexy, completamente sexy Sexy, para lograr tu amor Mis ojos estn, sexy Mis labios estn, sexy Tengo el corazón"
  • SEXY MAMA (feat DONK) - Mario Bischin
    "Heya hey sexy mama, heya hey move your body, siente la musica, shake it like lambada, /2x Listen up Let's get ready Feel like home! I saw the way your movin', So just please don't get me wrong, I don't"

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