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crazy talk

  • Crazy Talk - Chilliwack
    "She talks crazy talk She talks crazy talk She talks crazy talk She could make a man a ruin She talks crazy talk She'll tell ya anything She talks crazy talk She could give a man the ruin And if you fall"
  • Crazy Talk - Brenda Lee
    "Everytime I see you comin' a walkin' down the street Oh I get a funny feelin' and my heart skips a beat I hear a little bell ring (ring-a-ling ring-a-lig) I hear the lovebird sing The way you rock when"
  • Talk - Trademark
    "Break down - break down The wall for the very first time Break out - break out Your heart I'm feeling just fine I'm gonna need you tonight I'm gonna treat you allright Take me - take me Again I am waiting"
  • Talk - Marvelous 3
    "(butch walker & chrystina lloree) I met you where the walls were velvet. Slingin' chili in a corset. Makin' love to every face that walked into the room. It was never my intention to put your service"
  • Crazy - Leki
    "(INTRO) Yo, breakin' out of something you don't like it ain't always easy ok But nothing and i mean nothing in this world is impossible so you gotta do what you feel you gotta do ok i mean your life is"
  • Crazy - Mark Morrison
    "All of these girls trippin' on me (trippin') See here now I'm goin' crazy ever since I went Number One (like a bomb) My whole world pandemonium Everybody crazy turnin' on me Can't dis a brother for going"
  • Crazy - Dope
    "Are you looking Are you laughing at me? You're reminiscing And do you remember me? You wouldn't talk to me You shut the door on me You left me there standing Do you remember me? Try how I try to keep"
  • Crazy - Remy Ma
    "Crazy (Crazy) Some times I'm crazy baby Crazy (Crazy) Ooh ooh It's crazy I be thinkin people tryna play me Latly I know I be flippin on a daily basis I hate waitin, I'm impatient Bitch don't ask me"
  • Crazy - Ne-Yo
    "(Featuring [ ]) (Jay-Z) And Ne-yo is like young Michael, I'm Quincy hoe Now hear the flow that broke the Da Vinci code I'm psycho Everything i wrote go Together so nice Like a wedding make you wanna throw"
  • Crazy - Pat Green
    "Saw you early this morning Sleeping all dressed in white For a moment I thought you were an angel Come to take me home alive You woke up and you caught me staring You smiled and said "Hey,cut it out" You"
  • Talk Talk - Talk Talk
    "Well did I tell you before When I was up Anxiety was bringing me down I'm tired of listening to you Talking in rhymes Twisting round to make me think You're straight down the line All you do to me is talk"
  • Back Talk - Journey
    "(Perry/Cain/Smith) I work all day to make a livin' No one needs Your kind of attitude Your sharp tongue It cuts me like a razor Lip service gets you nowhere No, no, no Back talk I don't need it B-B-B-back"
  • Wild talk - The 69 Eyes
    "Wild talk - see what I mean She's the one, she's the mystery queen Wild talk - that's what she speaks She's the one, she's the mystery queen The temperature's rising, My emotion on scale It's gettin' higher"
  • Dirty Talk - Sex Appeal
    "Gimme some dirty talk Baby I wanna hear those words again and again - from you Listening to your sweet words is like makin love It gets me feeling really good so please Gimme some dirty talk Do it"
  • Talk Some - Billy Ray Cyrus
    "(Don Von Tress) Well, hold on baby, something's happenin' here. I read your body language perfectly clear. But, something's fishy baby, It's like the cat got your tongue. Well you done proved you ain't"
  • Small Talk - Niall Horan
    "She's been lookin' at me all night I'm terrified, I know why, baby She's got the wrong crazy Oh, I see the moon in her eyes I'm paralyzed, she's not my baby She's got the wrong crazy Like wolves, we"
  • Pillow Talk - Kid Cudi
    "Damn girl... Where did you learn to do all that? Ay, can I tell you somethin'? Listen. Girl the sex was crazy (crazy) Better yet amazing (amazing) Don't be sad (don't be sad) I ain't going nowhere (going"
  • Baby Talk - Richard Thompson
    "(Richard Thompson) Oh I care for you, honey, at my own expense But something's spoiling my sentiments You open your mouth and it makes no sense All you ever give me is baby talk You're a fine grown woman,"
  • Stay crazy - Miley Cyrus
    "Anything is easy for me Anything turns to me Not even back and talk Why am I here Chorus: Stay Crazy, is not new to me Stay Crazy, it is folly And I will leave here Stay Crazy, surprise me Stay Crazy,"
  • Crazy Babies - Ozzy Osbourne
    "(Castillo - Daisley - Osbourne - Wylde) Crazy...Babies Crazy babies never say die Born to live on a permanent high Flying high above the world below They'd better come down soon Or everyone will know Nobody's"

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