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crepping death

  • Death - Death SS
    "Where am I? I must have slept for a long time I'm feeling very weak I've got a void in my head. I cannot bring to mind anything What do I feel? I can move so hardly. It's so tight here I can't see nothing! How"
  • Death - Ramoth Gilead
    "Death thoughts Ripple in my mind Why do I shudder When death breathes In this mane of mine? It's the pain of dying - Losing life But this isn't true Refrain: Death is birth, death is life Birth by dying"
  • Death - Judas Priest
    "I will take your final breath And I will be your last regret Cold blood - runs in my blackened heart Tearing - every soul apart Messenger of death - wields the scythe Of man's damnation Messenger of death"
  • Death - System Of A Down
    "You will live death, in your life,If all you do with your life, is avoid death.My goal is to stop reacting in life,While reacting more in sports.It is great work to strip man from his home,Clothes, education,"
  • Death - Klaus Nomi
    "Thy hand, Belinda; darkness shades me On thy bosom let me rest More I would, but death invades me Death is now a welcome guest. When I am laid in earth, may my wrongs create No trouble, no trouble In"
  • Infernal Death - Death
    "Piling the bodies Burn them in the night Skin grows black and withered Decayed smell will rise Existence fading Into ashes Burn those bodies To Infernal death Human coals are burning Repulsive yet so"
  • Death - Alexzya Passion
    "Alexzya Passion Revolution Death A polished rock is placed at The front of the school The kids look on As they lay it down to Rest in Peace Dancing to a band Never wanted to go Saying he wanted to stay Was"
  • Death - Steel Prophet
    "Death rides and the old man cries, where on earth can we hide? This transformation he fears, he knows not where he'll end Will he burn in hell and rot, damned for eternity Or will he re-incarnate once"
  • Death - Cam'ron
    "I swear to God it feel like death is fucking callin me. But naw you wouldn't understand.... Ayo hit wit at least ten, beat again Hey Cam'Ron need a friend? Aww man we meet again Heres your suit and tie"
  • Death - White Lies
    "I love the feeling when we lift up watching the world so small below i love the dreaming when i think of the saftey in the clouds out my window i wonder what keeps us so high up could there be a love beneth"
  • Death - Toni Childs
    "Oh mother, can you hear me Can you hear me now Did you die alone and afraid That no one knew the pain That still remained Inside your breast this night Inside this holy place A place into the void Can"
  • Death - Denis Leary
    "I'm sick and tired of my generation getting blamed for the state of the planet. I'm sick of my generation getting called the TV generation. "Well all you guys do is watch TV." What'd you expect!? We watched"
  • Death - Pretty Things
    "As your loved ones they place Heavy stones on your face Your sonnets of life They are filling the case High windows inside me Look down on your face. Changing white fingers For men in the sand Burning"
  • Death - Skinny Puppy
    "holding his hands dream the whole week radiance hissing rodent speak elective evil once started shot struck home so it goes inches towards flattened back on all fours drawn and racked doesn't mean a"
  • Death - Luxt
    "Ain't no god. Ain't no heaven. Ain't going anywhere. Only black to these dead eyes. Ain't no hope. Ain't no magic. Ain't no spirit in these bones, That chose me to call it home. Ain't no faith."
  • Death - Apartment 26
    "I love the sound of your tears I can't listen anymore Are you choking on your words? He never got on his knee If one little push is all it took Maybe one would help to realize You're the edge on which"
  • Private Death - Napalm Death
    "On your own again, trapped alive in your grave. You're gonna die wasted, no way to be saved. Private death, private death, private death, you're dead again. Private death, private death, Private death,"
  • Death Breath - Death Breath
    "With an infernal fragrance I stink up the night A stench so relentless Taking bad breath to new heights Your stomach starts churning Spasms caused by the smell I stink to high heaven Bringing you closer"
  • Final Death - Death Angel
    "Scream in pain as you gasp for breath Now it's time to face your final death Melted faces blood is on the ground Earth and darkness utters not a sound Flash of light fills the midnight air Scraps of metal"
  • Death Conspiracy - Death By Stereo
    "The sound of revolution The soul, my evolution I take the test and fail I take my lumps and wail It's a conspiracy Yeah it's inside of me Life, it's all distorted But sound, we can record it The sound"

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