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cris norman suzi olatro

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cris norman suzi olatro

  • Suzi - Extreme
    "Sexy suzi Losing all her sleep Feeling ver hungry She's got her tongue in cheek Sweet and sour A bitter tasting treat It's the only flavor I think she likes to She likes to eat Suzi wants her all day"
  • Suzi - Miszu
    "mam 1000 myśli w głowie nie wiem o czym pisać mam po co mam iść w to dalej skoro ty nie widzisz nas i w końcu nadszedł czas ty i ja przeciwko cały świat myślę o tym jak poszerzyć swoje horyzonty jak też"
  • Norman - The Bates
    ""Bates Motel?" What name for me? They won't catch me Noone Nowhere I'll be free 'cause I'm a good guy And I know who I am Yeah I know who I am Yeah I know who I am Noone understands me Noone really loves"
  • Norman - Boilermaker
    "Dug my head in a hole in the ground brought back the rain this time around Turn my face away from the sun it doesn't take long to burn Turn my back away from the sun it doesn't take long to burn Bags of"
  • Suzi Q - Suzi Quatro
    "Oh, Suzi QOh, Suzi QOh, Suzi QI love youMy Suzi QI love the way you walkI love the way you talkLove the way you walkI love the way you talkMy Suzi QSay that you'll be trueSay that you'll be trueSay that"
  • Suzi Q - Suziquatro
    "Oh, Suzi Q Oh, Suzi Q Oh, Suzi Q I love you My Suzi Q I love the way you walk I love the way you talk Love the way you walk I love the way you talk My Suzi Q Say that you'll be true Say that you'll be"
  • Little Suzi - Tesla
    "(Diamonds, Hymas) Little Suzi's on the up, looking for a get-away Ruby tries to bring her down, she's lookin' for another way Little Suzi's on the up, headin' for the spotlights Ruby finally gets up,"
  • Sladka Suzi - Jiri Korn
    "Z celou kapelouhrajte pro skvlouSuzi, Suzi.Rytmus ocensladk stvoenSuzi, Suzi.Jazz j ned spta kdy chce se smtmus hudbo zkrtka na fidltka hrt,a se nemra,sladk, nejsladSuzi, Suzi.U se usmvsladk, mmivSuzi,"
  • Norman Normal - Peter, Paul & Mary
    "There's someone, you've got to meet him An' you see him every day, His face will look familiar, But in a most unusual way. He's norman normal, I said he's norman normal, You know he's norman normal, he"
  • Norman Coffin - Juliets Wishing Well
    "norman coffin's got a tattoo for me he keeps it underneath his bed and he don't understand why he does what he do but he says he's sorry if you're sad and he grips the wheel... but she can't feel the way"
  • Jeannie Norman - Billy "Crash" Craddock
    "It's been ten long and lonely years since I've been to my hometown I saw fame and fortune which I finally found Everyone at home they know me and say I'm a big man The hometown boy that made good well"
  • Jeannie Norman - Charley Pride
    "It's been ten long and lonely years since I've been to my hometown I saw fame and fortune which I finally found Everyone at home may know me and they say that I'm a big man A hometown boy that made good"
  • Cousin Norman - Marmalade
    "Through the long grass, past the tall trees There's a cabin thats a nestlin in the pines Where my sweethearts catchin small fish With a cane and a bent pin on a line And if you happen to pass by,"
  • Norman 3 - Teenage Fanclub
    "Come on over Break some bread Close the window and we'll lay on the bed If you're the future then I'm with you Looking forward to everything that we do They are stupid they don't know Going nowhere but"
  • Cris De Bosnie - Kenza Farah
    "Entendez vous ces cris, ces cris de haine Venant d'un pays massacr et tortur, priv de ses droits Pour un simple mot : LA ILAH LA IL ALLAH Sans aucune piti, ils dmolissent les quartiers, torturent nos enfants, Brlent"
  • Cris Casillas Cruise - Ana Torroja
    "Duele el amor Sin ti Duele hasta matar Siento la hmeda En m De verte llorar Ni hablar Si es que t te vas De aqu Creo que a mi me da Sufrir Vos quisiera detener el tiempo La distancia entre los dos Pero"
  • There goes Norman - Undertones
    "Oh watch a man - there goes Norman He'll get you if he can - there goes Norman He's always hiding in the dark Be sure to wander past the park at night Oh what a surprise - there goes Norman He'll poke"
  • Norman Fucking Rockwell - Lana Del Rey
    "God damn, man-child you fought me so good that I almost said: I love you you’re fun and you’re wild you don’t know the half of the shit that you put me through your poetry is bad and you blame the news but"
  • Tous Les Cris Les Sos - Daniel Balavoine
    "Comme un fou va jeter la mer Des bouteilles vides et puis espre Qu'on pourra lire travers S.O.S. crit avec de l'air Pour te dire que je me sens seul Je dessine l'encre vide un dsert Et je cours je me"
  • Un Portrait De Norman Rockwell - Eddy Mitchell
    "Elle ressemble un portrait de : Norman Rockwell Derrire les traits uss on devine qu'elle tait belle Y a encore dans ses yeux comm' un' p'tit' tincelle Signe de vie et d'amour, un don tomb du ciel Just'"

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