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crooked i drum

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crooked i drum
  • Slapstick Crooked
    "On the corner there's a bunch of people livin cause they haven't got a place to stay The president can't see them no he doesn't give a fuck and their anger grows and grows each day Well I can see the"
  • Bow Wow Crooked
    "Hope this dont offend anybody But I gotta get something off my chest How the hell you think I'm posed to feel? I had a peace of mind before I had this record deal Too much stress when is shit gon ever"
  • Allred Crooked
    "Open the door And stare at the sky I've been here before Still I don't know why It feels like home Isn't home When you're gone Away from me "Breathe it all in The sweetest sea breeze And it never ends Cause"
  • Umbrellas Crooked
    "Last night I had this dream, that I took you out of power. All your plans had fallen through. You had ambition, and I took that too. I dethroned you. I'm now the king of this castle, and you will atone"
  • Slick Shoes Crooked
    "I hear those noises.All those familiar voices.Always desturbing in the night time.When can i rest my head in peace and silence?Knowing what i've done is right.False comfort is no more.Will i hang my head"
  • Jimmy Eat World Crooked
    "Why do you think I just want you for some more? If it the endings over why do you come back for more? Can be such a drag. Stir you round and round. You're a fake. Is it a crime? It's over, no more can"
  • Drum
    "[?] What we have is good I'll always remember Now we are changing direction, I'll never forget you I, I want it every day I was [?] You, always going left I was gone but we We gotta take a break And we"
  • Sabbat Behind The Crooked Cross
    "One man - one vision, racial purity, madman or magician?A mystery to me, he who scorns the teachings of Blavatsky count the cost, there's more than superstition hides behind the crooked cross. Our destiny"
  • Grant Lee Buffalo Crooked Dice
    "Hey I'm gentleman But I can take it 'bout as long as long can last and then I'll take it on the chin Mud is handy only when it comes to slingin' it Oh 'cause you ain't playing nice You've been rolling"
  • Dungeon Family Crooked Booty
    "Make ya,and shake yo shit (woo lord) I am puttin poetry into motion my addiction is overdosing from a natural high Supplyin the soul with that unmistakinable mystical magical feelin that your money can't"
  • Case Crooked Letter
    "[1] M I crooked letter, crooked letter I I think I wanna hump that I M I crooked letter, crooked letter I I think I wanna hump that I M I crooked letter, crooked letter I I think I wanna hump that"
  • Engerica Crooked Sex
    "We are the vaccinated Bow-legged and so frustrated Got you all tied up got you all tied up I picked a prissy little missy or a catholic to give it up She would do anything! Down! Down! Down! Down! Down!"
  • Neil Diamond Crooked street
    "Where I am, what I am You're the only reason Held me up, filled my cup, Had the faith in me and love....Owe it all to you, knowin' we're in love There's nothing I can't do And I'm not afraid to lose my"
  • Reverend Horton Heat Crooked Cigarette
    "Well it's wet, It's all broken and wet, But I take what I get, I got a crooked cigarette. Well she left, She left me with a hell of a debt, But no sweat, I got a crooked cigarette. When it's busted by"
  • The Black League Crooked Mile
    "Dive into nothingness Forget that we exist And feed our souls to stray dogs At the gates of bliss We all shall be dismissed To drown ourselves in pools of blood Learn to fool ourselves More than life"
  • Chris Knight Crooked Road
    "Got married at 16, had a 15 year old wife Guess I've been a grown man, just about all my life Like my daddy before me, I've done the best I could Somehow things turned out a little worse than they should Logan"
  • The Anniversary Crooked Crown
    "Oh, until tomorrow, I wear this crooked crown To balance the power Telling me to dance the night away, now Dance the night away oh oh oh yeah I wear this crooked crown Come close, you've never been so"
  • Too Close To Touch Crooked Smile
    "You've had your thumb on me too long. I'm so confused on right from wrong. You cripple every thought of mine. The damage leaves me in denial. Slowly finding the light that you've stolen. Finally looking"
  • Andre Nickatina Crooked Crow
    "I hit these niggas with the punishment Enemy schemes top secret like the government So check my rep from Don King my nigga A word from the wise don't trust that bitch I watch these muthaf**kas melt like"
  • Candlebox Crooked Halo
    "Eyes to you, every hand I see. Eyes to you, very heavy in my hands. Eyes raised up to your hand, my arms diseased. Eyes fall, eyes follow you, and I'll be, Something's not ready for... My love for you."

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