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  • Oracle - Kat
    "The heritage of evil flows like a dark riverTerror comesTerror, the call of hellWeird power blows, the demon's day, the death's encounterSinister clang, tolling of the devilish bellLocustLocustLocustI"
  • Oracle - Kittie
    "A glance over your own shoulder A vow that Today will stand out Caged in a routine Intent unknown The element Of surprise Impact undetermined but vast Mark me ? Brandishing a cold loaded smile Simplicity,"
  • The oracle - Ring Of Fire
    "Stars in alignment Revealing mysterious signs From desert mountains to pyramids of light Riddles unfold The future foretold Wandering travelers follow the signs Hearing the Oracle's words Giving new secrets"
  • The Oracle - Forgive Durden
    "''Gargul the Oracle'' What a tragic mess you fools have made of this The soil's filled with vacancy You've spoiled all the crops and seed This was a birth, a gift You daftly wasted it The dust and dirt"
  • Oracle Moon - Garden Of Shadows
    "An eye glances skyward The gaze one with the heavens Entrapped by the cold celestial eye And their distance is transcended "What events have you witnessed? What epic movements have been Conducted before"
  • L?oracle - Fickle
    "Un nouvel oracle a pris le dessus sur nos esprits complexs S'est infiltr notre insu dans nos vies surprotges Submergs d'atrocits, de drames isols, la terreur est seme Les images marquent, les mots"
  • Oracle Of Obmission - Sadus
    "Mindless fools listen To a brainwashing, false doctrine Live to obey As they tune into the oracle each day Embedded in the brain of the potentially insane Susceptible to be deceived easily The prophet"
  • 2112. Oracle: The Dream - Rush
    "... "I guess it was a dream, but even now it all seems so vivid to me. Clearly yet I see the beckoning hand of the oracle as he stood at the summit of the staircase" ... ... "I see still the incredible"
  • The Oracle Of Apollo - Virgin Steele
  • Communion And The Oracle - Symphony X
    "All we know, now has come undone Balance lost 'tween the moon and sun Hear our prayer, keeper of the sky divine Upon us all, let your wisdom shine Losing faith as the madness prevails In us all we are"
  • The Ring Of Freedom - Beholder
    "I'm gonna reach the island, I'm gonna break the spell I am the only real hope for my land To find the ring of freedom, I will be facing hell I feel inside me the power of faith Tonight the bright stars"
  • Arcana Antediluvia - Bal-Sagoth
    "''Act 1: The Argosy on the Eldritch Sea'' '''The Antediluvian Oracle:''' And so it was written, that rage would carry him like a howling wind, leaving only frozen corpses, their bones rattling in hollow"
  • Thanh'song - Joakim Yama
    "Traverser les royaumes et les mers lointaines, Horisons tnbreux o s'ternise ma peine. Aboutir finalement prs de Toi pour toujours ; N'tre plus qu'un lutin Habit par l'amour... Ton regard sombre et pur"
  • Pure of Heart - Drakkar
    "The oath between the kings is done They know what is to do The quest begins to find a man A man whose heart is pure Though many warriors are able with the sword Only the purest soul can reach the Oracle "
  • Tragedy's Birth - Primordial
    "The crippled oracle breathes his lungs like grit His blackened hands, like maps of ungodly lands Skin as leather, burnt by the sun This world is not for him, this world is not for You nor I When the Gods"
  • Cleanup Time - John Lennon
    "Moonlight on the water, Sun light on my face, You and me together, We are in our place, The gods are in the heavens, The angels treat us well, The oracle has spoken, We cast the (perfect) spell, Now it"
  • Cleanup time - John Lenon
    "Moonlight on the water, Sunlight on my face. You and me together, We are in our place. The Gods are in the heavens, Angels treat us well Oracle has spoken We cast the perfect spell Now it begins-let it"
  • Prudences Fall - Dimmu Borgir
    "He became the swarm, indeed a pitiful imitation To the verge of a quiet glance, an oracle without eyes Darkness... My precious companion, even thou canst see His face Salvation, turned to bleed despair,"
  • Hard To Be A Girl - Adam Green
    "Hard to be a girl So nice to be a boy In my room at night Not a pretty sight Here's an empty kiss Marching to the rhythm of the payroll I can be a good boy too Just let me out of the stable Sausages"
  • Dust (Kill Me) - Trauma
    "When the light disappears And all the brightness ends A daybreak won't be the oracle ...and the last Of the lasts The time'll raze to dust... The filthy word Shouted out by the sick mind It'll"

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