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cross my heart i hope you die

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cross my heart i hope you die

  • Cross My Heart, Hope To Die - ForDireLifeSake
    "Remember when I gave you everything, and you finally came around? It's not going to work that way this time, is it? You forgot, I forgave, you moved on. What can I do when words can't count the tears"
  • Cross My Heart And Hope To Die - Sentenced
    "Since your death Everything has felt so meaningless and vain that I've lost the will to live Love, your death Ripped my heart right out and since you went away Life's had nothing more to give Cross my"
  • Cross My Heart And Hope To Die - Elvis Presley
    "I can explain about last night Though things didn't look just right Please believe me there was nothing wrong I thought about you baby all night long Cross my heart and hope to die Well I wouldn't tell"
  • Cross My Heart And Hope To Die - Me And That Man (Adam Nergal Darski, John Porter)
    "I ain't looking for compassion I came to raise the day I march for you … Just … tears and pain I ain’t coming for forgiveness IL not paying for my sins I’m betray you, my sweat Jesus I have chosen hell"
  • Cross My Heart - Dolly Parton
    "(Rachel Dennison/Randy Parton/ Frank Dycus) I know there's times when you must wonder If my love is true, and I'm satisfied I wish I knew a way to show you I'm forever yours for the rest of my life I"
  • Cross My Heart - SOiL
    "Gut knotted, you don't care Mind rotting, through my stare You walk away Lifeless feeling in my mind Bloody hands seem so divine You think it'll go away Cross my heart, hope to die I lost my dream today I"
  • Cross My Heart - Martika
    "Hypnotized With just one look at you I'm paralyzed I can't explain Why just one touch from you Drives me insane You've got me head over heels Better believe it baby And I love how it feels Cross my heart Hope"
  • Cross My Heart - Eight Wonder
    "Cross my heart Hypnotised, with just one look at you I'm paralyzed I can't explain why just one touch from you Drives me insane You've got me head over heels You better believe it Baby and I know"
  • Cross My Heart - Marianas Trench
    "So here's another day I'll spend away from you Another night I'm running Another broken avenue My bag is ripped and worn But then again that's all I.. Take what you wanna take What you wanna take What"
  • Cross My Heart - City And Colour
    "So I'll cross my heart And hope to die Before I have a chance to lie To you my dear Oh I wish no harm I know the end will turn out wrong See I've been known to fall in love But sometimes love just is not"
  • Cross My Heart - Home Grown
    "I cross my heart and hope to die Stick every needle in these eyes Inject this air into my veins If it would bring you back to me I haven't had a sober night Ever since you left me And my days don't"
  • Cross My Heart - Everything But The Girl
    "Now and then Do you wash your hands of me again? Wish me anywhere but home Drunk and on the end of your phone From time to time Do you guess what's really on my mind? Guess that "How you keeping now?" Means"
  • Cross My Heart - Esham
    "Son of a bitch, Jason wants to slit his wrists But I'll tell you like this, should'nt take the risk Knowin the consequences well The suicidal suckers end up in hell Some rather be dead then living"
  • Cross My Heart - Killah Priest
    "One two, one two No doubt The microphone's on... Cross my heart, hope to die, word is bond I've been waiting a long time for this Here it go, Killah Priest, COME ON, '97, '98.... HEAR"
  • Hope To Die - Lunachicks
    "Never wanted to live like this Never understood why All my lfe nothing ever worked out Think I lived a lie Told him not to touch me again Said I was a liar Said I never did anything wrong But I"
  • Cross my broken heart - Sinitta
    "It look like I was a fool about him My friend told me he would break my heart I just kept thinking that he really loved me And hed never wanna see us break apart But last night I was talking with my best"
  • Cross My Heart - Phil Ochs
    "A I don't know But it seems that every single dream's Bm Painted pretty pictures in the air D E And it tumbles in despair F#m And it starts to bend G A Until"
  • Cross My Heart - Nevertheless
    "I can't sleep I can't eat If I give them what they want Will they just let me be Who I am? I'm not like them I'm sick of nodding my head At the things that I can't stand This is it Oh, my friends I've"
  • Cross My Heart - A-Teens
    "A-Teens New Arrival Cross My Heart Hold me close Baby hold me tight Cause I've got something to say tonight Hear me oh Baby hear me through It's only words but the words are true You are my sun up in the"
  • Hope you Die - Jinks feat. Beautiful
    "Verse 1: I'm lookin' at the face of a stranger - Open your eyes! I've seen you cry a million times - I don't even recognize The person I'm looking at - The girl infront of me My baby is an angel - Who"

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