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crow brings the daylight

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crow brings the daylight

  • Black Crow - Jamiroquai
    "He sees the stormy anger of the world And wants no part of it at all And as the weeping leaves of Autumn curl He feels the savage winter call See far below the dust of conflict settles on the hill Where"
  • Spineless Crow - Hands Like Houses
    "Streets, these visions, an origami city folding in. Construction, creation, we are architects and kings, Lifting street stones from their beds to build these homes from memory, As we’re tangled in our"
  • Crow - Deerhoof
    "You see crow of one, Bad Crow of two, Mirth You see crow of three, Wed Crow of four, Birth You see crow of five, Rich Crow of six, Theif You see crow of seven, Leave Crow of eight, Grief If you see crows"
  • Crow - Jim Carroll
    "It must be strange to just fall from the stage And snap a bone that is so close to the brain And be attended to by so many down below I saw a doctor tie you up from so far above And you start singing just"
  • Crow - Wishing Chair
    "A storm is coming Can't you smell the rain Won't you go and open the windows I tell you children things are gonna change Won't you listen how that wind blows Listen how that wind blows Big man talking"
  • Daylight - The Kinks
    "Daylight over the Village Green early in the morning. Daylight over the hills and valleys heralding the morning. Daylight over the mountains, daylight on the Village Green, Daylight over the field and"
  • Crow - Meliah Rage
    "Feeling lonely feeling used I think I'll fly awhile Escape the demons escape it all Take on a new style Give in to the darker side Let the rivers flow Rip it up raise some hell You're flying with the"
  • Daylight - Villains To The Masses Heroes To The Holy
    "Open your eyes, if you want to But if you don't I can't blame you It's in the air you breathe, slowly removing you from the fold Our world is slowly drowning and nothing I'm preaching is new Cry for our"
  • Daylight - Natalia Safran
    "Daylight Sometimes Daylight It’s much to hard Daylight Daylight Some times Daylight Shines the light too bright Undercover of the day I dream on the I feel It’s on me When the day shat .. Like a washes"
  • Daylight - Judybats
    "She slipped up on daylight Night was her best companion I've heard it told She slipped up on daylight Crack in the sidewalk she up and disappeared And sang, o' daylight, o' daylight, o' daylight, o' daylight All"
  • Daylight - Ocean Colour Scene
    "Daylight wake me and it awakes me with you All of the faces and all of the places are you Getting home and feeling glad Feeling love and love is mad So daylight wakes me Daylight wakes me Daylight"
  • Daylight - Alison Krauss
    "Daylight falls and I'm lost in the big parade. Hold my hand, darling, I'm afraid of the daylight. Shade is dark. Cool and languid for life or love. Safe in shadows; never stark as the daylight. As the"
  • Daylight - Alison Krauss & Union Station
    "Daylight falls and I'm lost in the big parade Hold my hand, darling, I'm afraid of the daylight Shade is dark, cool and languid for life or love Safe in shadows, that's never stark as the daylight As the"
  • Daylight - Sonata Arctica
    "Daylight over the Village Green early in the morning. Daylight over the hills and valleys heralding the morning. Daylight over the mountains, daylight on the Village Green, Daylight over the field and"
  • Daylight - Jump Little Children
    "Daylight burned a hole in all your fancy clothes Daylight turned the wind to blow the way it blows Daylight is taking you on in a game of cat and mouse Daylight is making it hard to leave the house Daylight"
  • Daylight - Jimmy Barnes
    "Lock the door Shut the window tight Close the curtains Just go block out the light I feel the sun Shining in my eyes I'm just trying to cover up a little bit of daylight Hide my face I don't want to be"
  • Daylight - Delerium
    "If you can believe you're turning on a world that broke your mindthen I can do something for you even though you're lost in timeYou won't have to be my heaven, I won't have to be your friendFor daylight,"
  • Daylight - Asia
    "(Wetton/Downes) All of the nights when the light was low and day seemed so far away Darkness was endless and I kept seeing ghosts turn in shades of grey I wanted to see things just the way they used to"
  • Daylight - Clickhaze
    "rivers grow out of the dew beautiful and true waters wash the tainted view daylight shines right through winds caress the humming bees home in the breeze birds are naked in the trees life is what they"
  • Daylight - Kenna

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