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crying in the club camila

  • Crying In The Club - Camila Cabello
    "You think that you’ll die without him You know that’s a lie that you tell yourself Your fear that you lay alone forever now Ain’t true /3x No! So put your arms around me tonight Let the music lift you"
  • Camila Cabello - Evan Blum
    "Girl, you're in my heart and you're on my mind Think 'bout you all the time Like Camila Cabello Just like Camila Cabello You're a superstar no matter what you wear I love those bows wrapped in your hair Like"
  • Crying - The Other Ones
    "Hey, I know where we can go for awhile Don't stand there all alone I've come to bring you home Take my hand, let's go Why, you left without a sound, thought you'd found You're dream in just a day I had"
  • Crying - TV On The Radio
    "Laugh in the face of death under masthead Hold your breath through late breaking disasters Next to news of the trite The codes and the feelings that meant to be noble Like coke in the nose of the nobles Keeps"
  • Crying - Bjork
    "i travel all around the city go in and out of locomotives all alone there's no-one here and people everywhere crying 'cause i need you crying i can feel you crying 'cause i need you crying 'cause i care it's"
  • Crying - Sugarcult
    "Picking up the pieces of a life you've broken Stiching it together with the seems wide open (Chorus) You keep crying, crying, crying till you cannot see at all You keep crying, crying, crying til'"
  • Crying - John Mayall's Bluesbreakers
    "I'm crying Yes, I'm crying And I just don t know How it s all going to end I m thinking back a long time When I hit my woman down It was a bad bad evil night When I realized what I d done It was"
  • Crying - Ken Hensley
    "I'm crying From deep in my soul to the core of my heart I'm crying And I'm crying For the door to close so I can make a new start I'm crying I'm trying To understand it all, how I missed the call I'm trying"
  • Crying - Ian Van Dahl
    "Lying in my bed but you are not hereTrying to be strong, I can't stop my tearsI keep crying for youI keep longing for youNow that you've left me, all my hope is gone(There's) no turning back 'cause the"
  • Crying - Ariel Pink
    "cryin' to save a world that's dyin' i'm cryin' so lay the plans if you've got 'em never let 'em touch you, no don't go i'm lyin' touch me and i'll touch you first no, now you', now you're cryin' to make"
  • Crying - M2M
    "Ohh ohh Well i wonder could it be? when i was dreamin bout you baby you were dreaming of me call me crazy call me blind to still be suffering is stupid after all of this time did i loose my love to someone"
  • Crying - Aerosmith
    "There was a time When I was so brokenhearted Love wasn't much of a friend of mine The tables have turned, yeah 'Cause me and them ways have parted That kind of love was the killin' kind Listen All I want"
  • Club - Trina
    "(Mannie Fresh) Ladies and gentlemen! I was 18, and she was 25 And I was kinda fast for my age It was the, first time, drinkin cheap wine And then she took her place on the stage The club, went, crazy (girl"
  • Club - Tank
    "No Limit black sheep, played the back seat for months Stayed away from the Tanqueray, bitches and blunts Still Mac nigga, ain't nothin changed Got the rings and the gold chains Now bitches wanna know"
  • Beautiful (feat. Camila Cabello) - Bazzi
    "hey beautiful /4x angel love your imperfections every angel tomorrow comes and goes before you know so I just had to let you know the way that Gucci look on you, Amazing But nothing can compare to when"
  • Club S - S Club
    "To the s! Where do you wanna go, when your life's in a mess? Where do you wanna be, when your brain's under stress? Be what you can be, cause you can impress, Down at club s! (club s, yeah!) Take a"
  • In The Club - Danny Saucedo
    "It's Friday night, I barely made it through this week I text my friends; put on my favourite song on repeat Time is tickin', let's get wicked Gotta hit the street, hit the street There's no need to worry"
  • Club S - S Club 7
    "To the s! Where do you wanna go, when your life's in a mess? Where do you wanna be, when your brain's under stress? Be what you can be, cause you can impress, Down at club s! (club s, yeah!) Take a"
  • South of the Border (feat. Camila Cabello) - Ed Sheeran
    "she got the mm brown eyes caramel thighs long hair no wedding ring, hey I saw you looking form across the way and now I really wanna know your name she got the mmm white dress but when she’s wearin’ less man,"
  • In The Club - Beanie Sigel
    "(Verse 1) I'm back at the club with a snub, twistin up dubs Sippin on Crist', bout to snatch your bitch You see the wrists, see the neck, see the arm, see the charm See my click, what the fuck man we rich When"

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