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crystal castles - untrust us

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crystal castles - untrust us

  • Untrust Us - Crystal Castles
    "La cocaina No es buena Para su salud, (La cocaina is not good for you.)"
  • Crystal - Elton John
    "We're caught up in a web, you and I Since Crystal came between us The knots of friendship seem to be untied And it hurts me most to cheat and that's no lie She can swing us both forever In the long run"
  • Crystal eyes - L.A. Guns
    "With crystal eyes she gazes Like a desert flower In the morning rain She's well aware of every promise made She's a child of light in a world of pain Oh let her be free, Holy Zion Give us eyes to see Something"
  • Crystal ball - Kane
    "Who is the man I seewhere I'm supposed to be?I lost my heart, I buried it too deepunder the iron sea.Oh, crystal ball, crystal ball,Save us all, tell me life is beautiful,Mirror, mirror on the wall.Lines"
  • Crystal Ball - Keane
    "Who is the man I see Where I'm supposed to be? I lost my heart, I buried it too deep Under the iron sea Oh, crystal ball, crystal ball Save us all, tell me life is beautiful Mirror, mirror on the wall Lines"
  • Crystal Ball - Prince
    "Expert lover, my baby U ever had a Crystal Ball? Expert lover, my baby U ever had a Crystal Ball? Ooh, expert lover, my baby Ever had a Crystal Ball? Expert lover, my baby U ever had a Crystal Ball? As"
  • Crystal Ball - Peter Tosh
    "Lookin' at your crystal ball, culture man I say: Lookin' in your crystal ball, culture man What do you see, culture man Tell me what do you see, culture man I see people victim Prices rising Gas shortage And"
  • Crystal logic - Manilla Road
    "For all the sorcery that we have told to thee They call us demons from Hell But they refuse to see being of Satan's league They'll never drink from The Well I'm not burning, look inside Crystal Logic's"
  • Crystal Night - Masterplan
    "Why - why do we turn away When they shout that hymn Marching so brave Their hearts beat on holdly right Their souls belong to those of the weak Walking so blinded Surrounded by brown coated lies Hear propaganda"
  • Crystal Ball - Split Second
    "we both were together for the weak and we both knew that soon this would end we were right and now its over we both grew with our patch of clovers but we have grown apart at last your body's art chorus: please"
  • Crystal Skulls - Wolftron
    "Sink to me, my love to be We're growing old alone Stand against the starry fence That keeps us from your home You and I, we're lost in time tonight Maybe in another life We will find our way back Visions"
  • Crystal nights - Masterplan
    "Why - why do we turn awayWhen they shout that hymnMarching so braveTheir hearts beat on boldly rightTheir souls belong to those of the weakWalking so blindedSurrounded by brown coated liesHear propaganda"
  • Crystal Lake - Juliets Wishing Well
    "walkin all the way with 'ol saint nick to a place where they say is thriving alive with people past their day you can see the new ones ariving even alex is a bit intrigued just a child when it comes to"
  • Love And Caring - Crystal Castles
    "Here's my genius plan to make a superior man You're anatomically built, this half corpse can't guilt Try to fight your innocent heart blue blood, seminal fluid shattered glass, shattered ribs never heard"
  • Love & Caring - Crystal Castles
    "Here's my genius plan to make superior man Anatomically built This half corpse can't guilt Try to fight your innocent heart You drove me to tear apart Shater glass, shater ribs Never heard when it's time"
  • Baptism - Crystal Castles
    "Too much light in my eyes And if I pay my price No reason, I know I shouldn't But you're between my thighs I can see it, I love us, believe it We're touching, we're seeing Hold my head underwater Do my"
  • Alice Practice - Crystal Castles
    "Hi Scars will heal soon The dregs in us spent the Earth down Better than drowning in a burlap sack I live as Alice I die Children shouldn't play with dead things Only coal Tear at their wings Sad eyes"
  • Castles - Sandi Thom
    "I'm just skimming stones against the lake While my dreams pass me by I've never known what to make of life But I guess I'm willing to try Sometimes it's better sometimes it's worse Sometimes it heals"
  • Castles - Freya Ridings
    "you left my love you hit the target you got that rush and then you walk out the door you kept me small, is what you wanted I never notice you held my hand into darkness I didn’t care it made me just want"
  • Castles - Colosseum II
    "I'm free to go. There's no more need to stay. Throw away the works of years And return to Adam's way. Retreat from shadow To dabble baths and sun bleached joys. Live it out on an island in the mind Untouched"

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