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cue - burnin

  • Cue - Scott Walker
    "What do Seoul/Sudan have in common? Both start with an S Deep as a virus Little Mary Little Mary From scratchless I ascend Stamps tongue-swabbed Now embark for the Ivory Coast Chiming like mouse bells BAM"
  • On Cue - Chris Whitley
    "I got no reflection I can make out now Immaculate projection reels go round and round Till all them images have faded to blue Always on cue, always I could get crippled, child, just lying in your bed "
  • Burnin' - Ini Kamoze
    "Tis like a fire... Like a fire, like a fire Like a... aah, aah, aah, aah Burnin', Burnin', Burnin' Burnin' Ya love is burnin' Could-burn-a-hole in a big man's chest I guess when ya hot ya just hot When-I'm-in-the-cold-and"
  • Burnin' - K-Otic
    "I don't think I know you, Don't think I ever will. Am I in love with you? Well I don't know still. It may sound strange, but I'm warning you, I may not be that nice. Maybe, baby, I'm a heartbreaker, heartbreaker, Heart"
  • Cue Zebrak - Noel
    "I'm sorry, Patty... It's nothing against you. But, Patty... There's something I should tell you. My door, My door, My door just does not, Swing that way. (Swing that way!) So perhaps it would be best, Yes,"
  • Burnin' - Calvin Harris & R3hab
    "This one’s for all the bounces Burnin'! This one’s for all the bounces"
  • Burnin' - Nordeman Nichole
    "Started rubbing sticks together Thought a spark would take forever Never dreamt this fire would appear When Moses saw the bush in flames And heard the branches speak his name I wonder if he felt this kind"
  • Burnin' - Ride
    "Behind this wall The sun never shines its rays down on me Don't blame the man who's hunted and trapped And longs to be free Every day the Good Lord sends I plan my sweet revenge This place won't get me"
  • Cue Fanfare - Prefab Sprout
    "Some expressions take me back, like "Hair of Gold" and "Sweet Mary" and "Running to Me". The sweet sweet songs that cloud your eyes - nostalgia supplies. Loredo hihgstreet buried me - beneath an oak tree. As"
  • Cue Club - Leila K
    "Love Love, romance, feeze the cue fest On the scene, wicked dance Get astray, don't be late Love and hate, get a date Party-chick, get a kick Lollypop, take a lick See that boy, he's my toy He's my toy"
  • Cue the Rain - Lea Michele
    "How many times have I driven this road All my way home It's always the same So many people just stand in the line They're chasing the lights But losing their way And I find myself looking for you Yeah,"
  • Cue me up - Irene Cara
    "When your eyes met mineI looked hard to findWhat was hidden so far behind that smileYou were just the kindYou were oh so fineYou could have heart foreverReal love takes timeSo let me into your mindI can't"
  • Cue The Strings - Low
    "Before you speak the words So plain to see Upon your skin They sing They dance and spin So what pray tell Will save you now Here comes that cold sunrise And at the peak we reach To cue the strings"
  • Cue The Sun - Forgive Durden
    "It starts with a canvas A starchy, blinding white Then comes the flash of illumination And the tools to record the plight So I begin drowning the surface With a swamp of acrylic swirls I'll get it right"
  • Burnin' Up - Faith Evans
    "(feat. Loon) Burning up! My heart is like burnin up! Burning up! My heart is like burnin up! Burning up! My heart is like burnin up! Burning up! My heart is like burnin up! Sometimes you can be in"
  • This Is Your Cue - Take The Crown
    "I can tell by her voice. I can tell she's shaking, at least keep me guessing. I can feel it's not right. I can feel her faking. On my own and, say it soflty, to me. Don't stop breathing I'm trying Don't"
  • Burnin' Alive - AC/DC
    "Burnin' alive, set my soul on fire Runnin' with a gun, this place is gonna burn No firewater, or novocaine No thunderstorm, no John Wayne NO kids to rock, nowhere to run So watch out, cause this placeis"
  • Burnin up - The Veronicas
    "I'm hot, you're cold You go around like you know Who I am, but you don't You've got me on my toes I'm sinkin' into the lava Cant keep myself from goin' under Returned the temperature hotter? 'Cause I'm"
  • Burnin' Up - Sonic Youth
    "Don't put me off cuz I'm on fire And I can't quench my desire Don't you know that I'm burning up for your love You ain't convinced that that is enough I put myself in this position And I deserve the imposition But"
  • Burnin' Up - Jonas Brothers
    "I'm hot, you're cold You go around like you know Who I am, but you don't You got me on my toes I'm slipping into the lava And I'm trying to keep from going under Baby who turned the temperature hotter Cause"

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