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cyber punk

  • Cyber - Leniuchowo
    "Ten mój cyber świat, To piękne miejsce, Bo jest porządek w nim. Tu na dyskietce. To może dziwna rzecz. Gadżety lubię mieć. Dajcie mi płytkę CD lub DVD. W nich technologia tkwi. Ja lubię gry na moim PCecie, A"
  • Cyber Love - Lobo
    "(Kent LaVoie) I've never been where I am now I've never felt the same Everything has changed And I'm spinning round and round and round She's taking me to a world That's beyond my mind Another pace and"
  • Cyber Hero - Iron Savior
    "You are the true defender Bristling with guns Chosen by the gods To save the land Become a mighty wizard With powers beyond belief The ultimate adventure At hand Pull out the shotgun Upraise the sword Pick"
  • Cyber-Christ - Crimson Glory
    "(Music: J. Drenning, J. Lords) (Lyrics: J. Drenning, J. Lords) I have the power to bend time and space I stare into you but you don't see my face Sacrifice the father Scold the one who sins Paralyze"
  • Cyber Future - Gaia Epicus
    "(words & music by Thomas C. Hansen) No more time to waste Let's fly into space Crossing the universe I can see the star light With the speed of light We will fly tonight Looking for unknown lands The"
  • Cyber Century - Ambuscade Undeclinable
    "You're still online way past bedtime, it's a bad sign Two mice, square eyes until sunrise, online all night long The webmasters rule in this age of digital crime Your roots won't determine if you will"
  • Cyber Love - Shinhwa
    "Noo goo wah doh hahn buhn sarang hahn buhn moht hahn nae gah Gahm hi nae chin goo ae yuh jah reul joh ah hae Goh rahn hae ji gaet jji hah ji mahn ee mi Mah eum ae juhp soh geul shi jahk hae buh ryuh ssuh *"
  • Cyber Queen - Kim Lukas
    "Three five four, six two one Is his access code Three five four, six two one Infatuation for this boy Infatuation is a toy Obsession, obsession For him it's a shame Obsession, obsession She lives in"
  • CYBER DEVILS - Ali Project
    "() () () ==Romaji== tamago gata no shindai ni moguri komou michitekunowa tsumetai natsukashii yousui de yatto horane nemurerunda suicchi hitotsude muma"
  • Cyber Space Love - Zeeza
    "Cyber Space Love--------by Zeeza Don't wanna blame you for what you've just been through and I don't wanna be there when you get it on don't want to fake it and I don't wann say it but baby.. its a little"
  • Cyber Teeth Tigers - Digital Underground
    "(feat. KRS-One) Yeah.. aiyyo Kris, tell em whassup though Yo.. yo, yo! One two! Coming atcha live and direct! (That's right) Digital Underground kid, you know whassup, hah Aiyyo Kris is chillin,"
  • Homeless (Cyber Edit) - Dreadful Shadows
    "Trying to forget all the words that wander 'round in my mind Seeing no more goodness at all, it's only hatred I find I don't want to be the bereaved of a forgotten world And I don't want to lay me down"
  • Punk - General Public
    "But here comes the musical thing keep You rockin' an swing so all you gotta do is keep On coming down adn don't be no clown as I would Tell you 'bout the musical thing that we love to call Punk 'Cause"
  • Punk - PerAm0
    "Historia pewnej kultury Długa i tajemnicza Nie zapomniana, wciąż trwająca Zawsze emo wyprzedzająca Punk, punk, punk, punk Możesz powiedzieć ze oni już odeszli Możesz kłamać że każdy się już powiesił Ale"
  • Punk - Adrian Trojanowski
    "Historia pewnej kultury Długa i tajemnicza Nie zapomniana, wciąż trwająca Zawsze emo wyprzedzająca Punk, punk, punk, punk Możesz powiedzieć ze oni już odeszli Możesz kłamać że każdy się już powiesił Ale"
  • Punk - Leo Masliah
    "Un tipo le dice a otro yo soy pank, pank El otro le contesta si, y yo suy punk, pank punk Otro llega y dice: compaeros, yo soy pink Punk, pink, pank, punk pink pank Y viene mas gente calle arriba diciendo"
  • Punk - Impellitteri
    "Ladies and gentlemen Please welcome from Los Angeles California... PUNK RIGHT Come on come on What's your name P.U.N.K... PUNK Heavy metal punk Right Uh oh uh oh Hey Curtis check this out La la la la la Listen"
  • Punk - Jessica Folker
    "If you're safe you're sorry You won't see the edge Roll the dice and watch it Hit the ground, one of six Slick and ordinary Is so predictable Rather be a little Up and down in and out There's a brand"
  • Punk - All bandits
    "Kiedy rano łeb mnie boli, bo znów kaca mam, wtedy chwytam za gitarę, no i punka gram. Słyszę tłucze w kaloryfer, starzy wrzeszczą "zamknij się". Bo jak punka gram i śpiewam, to wszystkich zalewa krew. Tak"
  • Punk - Blue Cheer
    "(Dickie Peterson) I'm young and fast Baby, I'm so slick Better get down Don't fake a trick. Gotta get my baby, yeah Gotta see her move This street dog daddy I done enough tonight. (right baby, alright) I"

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