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  • Baron Samedi - Death SS
    "It's the night of All Saints' Day the Graveyard Master is here to stay. Ritual drums and thunderlights scan the rhythm on Voo-doo night. Blood, black magic, drugs and sex: this is the night of every excess! When"
  • Kokainowy Baron - GANG ALBANII
    "("Kokainowy Baron" to pierwszy singel promujący album GANGU ALBANII "KRÓLOWIE ŻYCIA") "Koka, wóda, góra, siana Pop, Borixon, Alibaba Trzech kowboi z workiem siana Napier* do rana""
  • Baron Saturday - Pretty Things
    "Oh! baron saturday Sorrow, he'll show you games to play He bends his mouth up to your ear The words won't disappear He'll take your eyes out for a ride Through an eyeglass of tears it's not clear. Oh!"
  • Baron Samedi - Ghoul
    "I woke, I awoke in the night from a terrible dream A crystal skull caught in a frozen scream It was calling me, mon, calling me to a distant land There was hooded mutants and a mon with metal hand"
  • The Baron - Johnny Cash
    "The Baron by: Johnny Cash Wish I had a-known ya When you were a little younger Around me you might have learned a thing or two If I had known you longer You might be a little stronger And maybe you'd"
  • Baron Samedi - 10CC
    "I'll show you man who walk on fire And don't get burned Don't get burned, don't get burned He don't get burned I'll show you man who tread on glass And he don't get cut Don't get cut, don't get cut He"
  • Le Baron Noir - Arthur H
    "Le baron noir Dans son aroplane noir Survole La tour Eiffel Un bruit lectrique Un bruit qui meurt Tout en douceur Dans le ciel noir Le baron noir Dans son aroplane noir Frissonne et cligne Doucement"
  • The Red Baron - Sabaton
    "Man and machine and nothing there in between A flying circus and a man from Prussia The sky and a plane, this man commands his domain The western front and all the way to Russia Death from above, you’re"
  • Not The Red Baron - Amos Tori
    "Amos Tori Boys For Pele Not The Red Baron Not the Red Baron Not Charlie Brown think I got the message figured another pilot down and are their devils with halos in beautiful capes taking them into the"
  • Cross Of Baron Samedi - King Diamond
    "Tuesday evening One single hour, is like a working day Father Malone is getting tired Darkness...has come again The Demons seem to be resting Sarah is looking just like Hell There ain't much left of her"
  • Not The Red Baron - Tori Amos
    "Not the Red Baron Not Charlie Brown Think I got the message figured Another pilot down And are their devils with halos In beautiful capes Taking them into the flames Not Judy G Not Jean Jean with a hallowed Heart I"
  • Red Baron/Blue Max - Iced Earth
    "The son of a major, Prussian nobleman His name bestowed by a holy Roman The war broke out, and looked to the air 24 hours of training he was there 100 miles an hour Top speed his plane would fly And if"
  • The Baron Of Sentiment - Augie March
    "Duty, who's your master? Who gave you fingers? Who gave you to me? And why do we always dream of disaster When we pay our dues to disaster with some loyalty? And when its work is done, and we ought to"
  • Snoopy Versus The Red Baron - Hoosier Hotshots
    "After the turn of the century In the clear blue skys over Germany Came a roar and a thunder man has never heard like the screaming sound of a big war bird. Up in the sky, a man in a plane Baron Von Richthofen"
  • The siege & investiture of baron von Frankenstein's - Blue
    "On the terminal pointOf the cul-de-sacPatients are dyingThe horses are dazedFrom the glare of starsThe starry wisdomOwned by the baronAnd hes got the cureA drug by the name of world without endA drug by"
  • Proteinowy Baton (Gang Albanii - Kokainowy Baron PARODIA) - Gang Zadbani
    "Siedzę spocony w koszulce za dużej a obok ćwiczy spompowany koks zaczynam na sztangę ciężary zakładać koks zwolnił ławeczkę, chyba poszedł się złamać Przemek na bieżni prawie dostał zawału a potrzebuję"
  • Z archiwum osiedli - BARON
    "Z archiwum osiedli to pierwszy klip Barona zapowiadający jego płytę, która ukaże się na wiosnę 2017. Na płycie znajdzie się 15 premierowych kawałków."
  • Ghostbusters - Tomson i Baron
    "If there's something strange in your neighborhood Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS If there's something weird and it don't look good Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS I ain't afraid of no ghosts I ain't"
  • Palewave - Dan x Profeat x Dead Baron
    "wszystko obcykane podbijamy stawkę ty zaglądasz w karty i nie masz nic wchodzisz w to na amen choć wiesz ze przegrałeś pula do rąk naszych wracam do gry uczulenie na to co się kreci wokół ciebie jak żyć pytasz,"
  • Drive - Adam Kalinowski i Tomson & Baron
    "Sometimes I feel the fear of uncertainty stinging clear And I cant help but ask myself how much I'll let the fear take the wheel and steer It's driven me before, it seems to have a vague Haunting mass"

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