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d-loc smoke

  • Smoke - Tha Dogg Pound
    "Man, I gotta stop smoking this shit Cause that shit gon straight (Snoop) I cant stop, and I wont stop, ha ha ha ha Damn, yeah, staright blueberries (Kurupt) This microphones is mines, I seen you scopin I'm"
  • Smoke Buddha - Redman
    "Verse One: Aiyyo, I got a slight problem I smoke weed too much Knees buckle the -uck up when I'm splittin my dutch Back up back up! Ain't nobody hittin for free It's just E Doubl-E, Keith Murray, and"
  • Smoke Weed Everyday - Snoop Dogg
    "Intro: Da da da da daaaa It's tha motha fuckin' D oh double G (Snoop dogg) Da da da da daaaa You know im mobbin' with the D.R.E Yeah yeah yeah You know who's back up in this mothafucker *echoes* What"
  • They Smoke Alot - Maria Mena
    "You smoke a lot. D own that hill is where you're dropped. A nd your momma's sayin no no no no no. and your daddy's sayin no no no no no. You're in trouble. Y ou're in trouble this time. T his time. T hey"
  • I don't smoke - Mc Vapour
    "O gosh dangerits b o d with mc vapour flavabringin the vapour for the two raver x3(i dont smoke the reefa)its vapour lyrical professorpower lungs like air compreserwomaniser girl caressorgiving you more"
  • Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! - Tex Williams
    "Now I'm a feller with a heart of gold And the ways of a gentleman I've been told The kind of guy that wouldn't even harm a flea But if me and a certain character met The guy that invented the cigarette I'd"
  • Smoke - Hardcore Superstar
    "She is fine in November and I sowed her in September Looked at her tip, saw that she was ready then Well I wanted to believe she was Easy beby! Won't you tell me you wanted I never wanted cuz I never ever"
  • Smoke - Ben Folds
    "leaf by leaf and page by page throw this book away all the sadness all the rage throw this book away rip out the binding and tear the glue and all of the grief we never even knew we had it all along now"
  • Smoke - Yam
    "My lullaby hung out to dry what's up with that? it's over where are you dad? mum's looking sad what's up with that? it's dark in here chorus why, breathing is believing you're hiding underneath"
  • Smoke - Natalie Imbruglia
    "My lullaby,hung out to dry.What's up with thatIt's overWhere are you dadMum's lookin' sadwhat's up with thatit's dark in here.Chorus:Why, bleeding is breathingyou're hiding,underneath the smoke in the"
  • Smoke - Ben Folds Five
    "Leaf by Leaf page by page Throw this book away All the sadness all the rage Throw this book away Rip out the binding, tear the glue All of the grief we never ever knew We had it all along Now its smoke"
  • Smoke - Rustic Overtones
    "Smells like smoke. Smells like smoke. It smelled like smoke. Or smells like the stench of a Saturday night. The ceiling broke. The neighboors woke to the rain When I woke to the orange light. One minute"
  • Smoke - Mary J. Blige
    "Maybe it'll rain today And I won't have to leave my room Givin' me the time I need to get rid of your things Enough procrastinating For reasons that only I know But I'm afraid to ask the mirror The answers"
  • Smoke - Mary J. Blige
    "Maybe it'll rain today And I won't have to leave my room Givin' me the time I need to get rid of your things Enough procrastinating For reasons that only I know But I'm afraid to ask the mirror The answers"
  • Smoke - Dada
    "Things could take a while 'Cause I just turned to smoke So I can float through Float through the cracks And never come back Uh, huh, huh, yeah When I'm touched by the wind I love to spin through the"
  • Smoke - Boom Shaka
    "shes got mystery theres secrets in her eyes shes my soul satisfier she change my state of mind sometimes my spirit feels so strong for me there is no doubt sometimes i feel so insecure thats when she pulls"
  • Smoke - The Connells
    "Going to take you back, all the way to yesterday when everything supposedly began. Met some guy sight unseen, steady diet of everything and a plan, oh man. Why can't a guy just let it go, forget it."
  • Smoke - Seabound
    "We are addicted Addicted to your habits We are distressed when You're not around Keep the fire burning Keep the smoke coming (Smoke) Our days are wasted If we don't receive your comfort You cast a spell You"
  • Smoke - Lila Downs
    "How dark is the smoke that fall from the sky and soaked in our blood are the feathers of time More women and children were killed on that night more than they could count when they threw 'em in trucks some"
  • Smoke - August Premier
    "somebody tell me i'm much better on my own somebody pull me out and dig me a new hole until tomorrow until the best gets out of hand when i told my story no one volunteered to help smoke a cigarette"

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