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dEUS The Magic Hour

  • The Magic Hour - dEUS
    "I had a plan, was all made up an angel was sent, for keeping all troubles away. 'Cause lady and I, we could not stop as cool as a sigh, as volatile as something you say. I had a dream, a simple plot I"
  • Magic Hour - Cast
    "Take a good look In your own time See the world laugh Through a child's eyes (Chorus) Sunshine, shine until you're mine It's just a magic hour Just a magic hour Such a magic hour Now I know we can drift"
  • The Magic Hour - Pretty Girls Make Graves
    "Tigers, vipers Deadly is the strike Hidden out of sight Open up your eyes! Animals awake and rise It is the striking time There is no taming lions For there is will amongst our prides But oh no We're coming"
  • Deus - dEUS
    "dEUS - One advice, space Wasted and wounded, erased with the night one man's convicition is another man's lie I said you could find me where the nightawks fly And I'll be there a while, yes I'll be there"
  • Hour For Magic - The Doors
    "Do you know the warm progress under the stars? Do you know we exist? Have you forgotten the keys to the kingdom Have you been borne yet & are you alive? Let's reinvent the gods, all the myths"
  • Deus - The Sugarcubes
    "Bjrk Deus does not exit. But if he does, he lives in the sky above me, In the fattest largest cloud up there. He's whiter than white and cleaner then clean. He wants to reach me. Deus does not exist. But"
  • Magic - Axel Rudi Pell
    "Somewhere In The Distance, Was A Place You Can't Describe, All People Lived In Anger, They Thought It Wasn't Right, They Called It Tragedy All Fools, They Disappeared, They Were Lost And Never Seen, Sometimes"
  • Magic hour - Fokusmok
    "Już nie pamiętam kto mój mózg muzyką opętałKiedy do moich ust wrósł spust i puentaOdkąd pamiętam ja i moje crew w stu okrętachWiatr nas niósł po odmętachCały czas voyage, plus bagaż pełen słówPiękna jak"
  • Witching Hour - Seven Witches
    "Born on the darkest night of evil scenery Torn from the womb of a bitch of blackened witchery Bottled souls will smash to bits in this magic celebration Cauldrons boil with the stench of flesh in this"
  • Witching Hour - Borknagar
    "In the hour before dawn The Nordic mirror lies black yet calm Reflects my shadow and heaven above The frost force the ocean up Past the shores towards the mountain tops Spirals flash green glittering"
  • Starlit Hour - Glenn Miller
    "THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC The Glenn Miller Orchestra Written by: Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer #1 week of May 29, 1943 That old black magic has me in its spell, That old black magic that you weave so well. Those"
  • Hour - Kjartan Salvesen
    "Verse 1: Every day I wake up. Every day I know. That if we ever should brake up I couldn't live, I would miss you so. And more than anything to me Your my little girl, you light up my world. And everything"
  • The Witching Hour - Borknagar
    "In the hour before dawn The Nordic mirror lies black yet calm Reflects my shadow and heaven above The frost force the ocean up Past the shores towards the mountain tops Spirals flash green glittering"
  • Black Magic - Swollen Members
    "Self Abuse Help Produce Black Magic Deeply Depressed Im The Best Thats Tragic You dont really wanna get me all fired up... Madchild: It goes: Red Bull and vodka Im a psycho like chopper Glorify the gangster"
  • Deus nova - Pain Of Salvation
    "10,000 BC -1 Million people9,500 BC -2 Million people9,000 BC -3 Million people8,500 BC -4 Million people8,000 through 5,000 BC -5 Million people4,500 BC -6 Million people4,000 BC -7 Million people3,500"
  • Magic - The Pussycat Dolls
    "Pick a card any card that's what he told me I took it to rodeo and it worked like magic for me Spa massage a lap of the lux His' and her's flying spurs automatical rush I'm charming, don't charm I'm"
  • Magic - The Cars
    "summer turns me upside down summer summer summer it's like a merry go round i see you under the midnight all shackles and bows how far will you take it well no one knows don't let me go i got a hold on"
  • Magic - The Moody Blues
    "When I look in your eyes I can't see why There's no reflection of me When I look in your heart Let it be the start Work your magic on me When I look in your eye I can't see why It's all a mystery to me When"
  • Magic - The Black Eyed Peas
    "(Intro - Will I Am) We're comin right away You know what to do Black Eyed Peas is the crew (is the crew) You know what to do (what to do) We're gonna make a move (make a move, move) Oh yeah what you do"
  • Magic - Mick Smiley
    "Empty woods, endless tunes You see me, I see you In the crowd, see my face I love you. Take my hand and walk with me Love you do will always be And deceit can come true If you believe believe it will"

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