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  • La Di Da Da Da - Petey Pablo
    "Ladies and Gentlemen (ladies and gentlemen) The party will continue (the party will continue) in 5,4,3,2,1. Party ain't over til 6 o'clock But my man got the hook up at the Marriott We can scoop somethin"
  • Done Da Da - Massari
    "Miss Fatty Fatty Cal me murdah Best believe What you heard Damn, a know we coming back To put the word out Your body criminal like a killer Keep her undercover while she’s laying on a pillow Says she"
  • Da Connection - Da Beatminerz
    "(feat. Cappadonna, Ghostface Killah, Kool G. Rap) Yea, yea It's like rap pa', huh? What? Y'all bitch-ass niggas, what? What? Leave a mark on your face, duke Word, uh-huh, you fake fucks Eh-yo, eh-yo,"
  • Sexy Body - Colonia
    "Sve oko mene je grijeh vrijeme je. Now something completely different. Here we go again. Sexy body Sexy body zivot mu fali ne ide sve na misice ponekad je potrebno i malo vise da osvojis me. Sexy body, nije"
  • Body ah - Montell Jordan
    "Body, ah Body, ah Body ahdy ahdy ahdy ahdy ya Ba da bop bop bop Body, ah Body, ah Body ahdy ahdy ahdy ahdy ya Ba da bop bop bop Ooh, there's something sexy About the way that dress is wearing you tonight"
  • Body Guard - Vinicio Capossela
    "C' chi la vuole per selezione naturale spinto dal timore del terrore universale la guardia che protegge da ladri e fuorilegge attenta alle sortite di guardoni e paparazzi io la voglio per proteggermi dai"
  • Body Rott - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
    "I say the war shouldn't stop Until these playa-hatin niggas body rott (body rott) Nigga the war shouldn't stop Until these motherfuckin cops body rott (body rott) We paper chasers, smokin blunts You'll"
  • Body rott - Bone Thugs n Harmony
    "Chorus (Krayzie): I say the war shouldn't stop until these playa-hatin niggaz body rott (body rott) nigga the war shouldn't stop until these mothafuckin cops body rott (body rott) (x2) Krayzie: we presist"
  • Body Parts - Three 6 Mafia
    "Crunchy Blac, Boogie Mane, Frayser Boy, Lil Wyte, Chrome, Granddaddy Souf, Juicy J, Project Pat, DJ Paul the King of Memphis Cock 'em up Kill 'em and rob 'em and beat 'em and dump all these body parts"
  • Da bang - Prince
    "Say I don't mind What U do 2 me If U waste my time Then it's meant 2 be I called your number (Yes I did) Like U told me 2 CHORUS: Like a puppet on a string I'm go'n dance and I'm go'n sing I will"
  • Dip Da - Suga Free
    "Hey momma, what's happening? (Dip da through the 9-7) This one's for you baby girl That's right (As we tip toe to the 9-8) Lee, my baby, what's happening? We gon dip da through the 9-7 As we tip toe to"
  • Da Fundamentalz - Nine
    "(Nine) I waste MC's like time who wanna know the incredible original Nine Burnin MC's at degrees of five-hundred farenheit Drop em back to celsius, lord help me it's insane Pop like tops on 40 o-z's Make"
  • Da Wiggy? - Heltah Skeltah
    "(Ruck) A nigga run shit like trackmeets, when black meets In the back streets, my gat greets Niggaz that don't recognize my rap sheet The facts be, the Ruck rains like the weather Cuz Rock makes cops"
  • Da Man - Big Tymers
    "(feat. TQ, Trick Daddy) All I ever wanted to do was be da man Get out the ghetto and feed my whole fam But the dirty streets in the city won't let me go (let me go, let me go) All I ever wanted to"
  • Da Storm - Originoo Gunn Clappaz
    "Chorus: (strang): I Be starang, man i gets wicked on the flows (louieville):its Louieville, you know i pack the bat like so (top dawg): They call me top Dawg, but better known as D.O. motherfuckers better"
  • Da Goodness - Redman
    "(feat. Busta Rhymes) Yo, bless the steel, step out dressed to kill Spark the L, "Whattup Doc?" What the deal? Clock the squeal, the MC overkill Certified cylinders 35 mil' Jumpin out planes, Doc's"
  • Da Whip - Andre Nickatina
    "Da Whip -Andre Nickatina sittin on leather thats all better than the cow that it came from i like to go fast i like to blow hash you like a women 'cause you way bad the only thing i really give you is"
  • Da Introduction - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
    "Welcome to the dark side...... It's the Thuggish Ruggish Bone.. Gotta give it on up to the glock glock Pop pop, better drop when them buckshot blow The bone in me never no ho, so no creepin up outta"
  • Da introduction - Bone Thugs n Harmony
    "Welcome to the dark side...... {*playing in reverse throughout Bizzy's intro*} It's the Thuggish Ruggish Bone.. Gotta give it on up to the glock glock Pop pop, better drop when them buckshot blow The"
  • Da Graveyard - Big L
    "It's the number one crew in the area. Big L be lightin' niggas like incense Gettin' men lynched to win tits I'm killin' infants for ten cents Cause I'm a street genius with a unique penis Got fly chicks"

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