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daemon hatfield

  • Hatfield - Widespread Panic
    "Wide awake in San Diego Smallest root shrinking dry The fish are swimming closer inside Lake Morena Still get no rain from the sky Men were firing cannons Hoping smoke might tear an angel's eyes Heard"
  • Hatfield 1980 - Everything But The Girl
    "Suburbia, 1 am You're walking home again Shopping bags and broken glass I hate going through the underpass I wish there was some other way around But you got beaten up by the playground And it's no use You'll"
  • Sumerian Daemon - Septic Flesh
    "On the land between the rivers where lions fly and serpents rule I cross the road to the ziggurat as darkness hides the moon I came to seek the advice of Inanna The goddess of love and war but the path"
  • Ubique Daemon - Abigor
    "On the path of immortality - I walk I am forever with the stars so plentiful and bright The gorgeous victory of sheer energy and matter This is my constellation - reflected in you fear Through dark tangles"
  • Ubique Media Daemon - Einsturzende Neubauten
    "UBIQUE MEDIA DAEMON wallowing in my organs, my kidneys wallowing in my liver and guts UBIQUE MEDIA DAEMON maybe it's horror maybe it's terror maybe it's horror, terror and anger UBIQUE MEDIA DAEMON rushing"
  • The caco-daemon - Deicide
    "Shunned from the lightBorn into darkness never knowingInfant enshrinedSpawn of the alter, crush mankindNever will they see you lurking in my shadowUnbenign the hands of godNummified existence, knower of"
  • The Juliana Hatfield song - Melissa Ferrick
    "(Girls With Guitars)Juliana Hatfield got 47 ads Before her record even came out Before her record even came out And I got five ads At stations no one even heard about Yeah but that's okay Because I am"
  • Satan Spawn, The Caco-Daemon - Deicide
    "[4:26] Shunned from the light Born into darkness never knowing Infant enshrined Spawn of the altar, crush mankind Never will they see you lurking in my shadow Unbenign the hands of God Nummified existence,"
  • Share Your Blood With Daemon - Hate
    "Devine sermons - the immortal tissues of lies Empty threats - no purgetory no demise the holy scripture is burning in his hand Turn of the century will be religions end Burning by the gate i can hear Reflection"
  • Big Jobs No. 2 (By Poo And The Wee Wees) - Hatfield & The North
    "Took a trip through the night just to get here, tried being myself recently; but I try my best to make it sound nice and hope that the music turns you on like it's turning on me should be a laugh certainly. Now"
  • Son Of "There's No Place Like Homerton" - Hatfield & The North
    "Snowing in a little while when the cold is growing With a little smile, turn into a soap-sud or... turn into a road I'm falling down and spinning in a cloud (With a little smile, bubble aloud...) And"
  • Licks For The Ladies - Hatfield & The North
    "Now it's time to finish your wine try to sing a sober song after all that din. And even though we may be having quite a laugh, bashing bass and drums is really rather daft compared to harmonies although"
  • Bossa Nochance - Hatfield & The North
    "A bed in the sky would make me higher up than sleeping under this bush If I had a magic broom, I'd rev it up and out in space I would whoosh I'd ask you to be with me there to do anything you would like"
  • Lobster In Cleavage Probe - Hatfield & The North
    "And in the end, all our troubles vanish, melt away (Play like a gold bell in the evening wind) And in the end, all the time we've spent we'll save... (And in the end, after all is said and done) Time"
  • Share It - Hatfield & The North
    "Tadpoles keep screaming in my ear: "Hey there! Rotter's Club! Explain the meaning of this song and share it!" There's no way of understanding what's been going on I lost track yesterday Now I found out"
  • Fitter Stoke Has A Bath - Hatfield & The North
    "You don't suspect my life's a mess You prob'ly think it's groovy Meeting people every day See some place abroad But I admit that when the time is right It can be quite a laugh But you know, that's not"
  • Didn't Matter Anyway - Hatfield & The North
    "It didn't matter anyway We'll meet again some other day Till then keep well You'll be in my dreams Goodnight, goodbye, bye for now... The time has come to leave you Please don't feel alone For now that"
  • Mumps - Hatfield & The North
    "'''The Alphabet Song''' I have minded my P's and Q's Tried not to damage any W's And if I tread upon a B I'll pick it up and tell it earnestly "I'm sorry!" Which of course I am You mustn't upset them Or"
  • Let's Eat (Real Soon) - Hatfield & The North
    "I'm vitamin-enriched What's more, I'm absolutely wholesome No artificial processing or anything so loathsome You'll fancy me at lunch, not to mention tea I'm easily digested naturally! You'll want to"
  • Halfway Between Heaven And Earth - Hatfield & The North
    "We're needing your love to guide us If you just could, then we just would Join in the mood of being Halfway 'tween Heaven and Earth If you feel like singing, sing it If you just could, then we just would Feel"

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