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dagames game over

  • Game over - Calogero
    "Je suis une automobile Lance 200 l'heure J'ai pas peur, pas le droit l'erreur. Je vis des bas dans la vie Des peines et des pannes de coeur Le bonheur est parti, Game Over ! Game over ! Game over !"
  • Game Over - Booba
    "On va les mettre game over, game game over, game game over, game game over... Ok ok, ceci est une exclusivit One shot Tallac Records Le crime et la z.i.k c'est a qui me plait Chaque jour que dieu fait,"
  • Game Over - Alexa Vega
    "Game Over. There are no rules in this game. Except win at any costs The time has come once and for all u've met your match u will fall. This little game we play is gonna break us down. Only one of us"
  • Game Over - Ozma
    "you're hot, stop and drop and roll i'll jump in the swimming hole so i can hear your cheers i've seen all the episodes i know all the secret codes so where i go i don't need roads i'm flying over, over,"
  • Game Over - Avenged Sevenfold
    "Utwór 'Game Over' z albumu 'LIFE IS BUT A DREAM...' od Avenged Sevenfold (premiera 2 czerwca 2023r.)"
  • Game Over - Insolence
    "Why Does This Take All Of My Energy I Feel Like I'm Killing You But You're Killing Me My Last Emotion At Zero Why This The Happpening I Don't Know You Think That This Is A Game You Think That"
  • Game Over - Pornophonique
    "She has taken all my money She has taken all my live She gave me good times She gave me bad times And then she gave me her good-bye There's no heart inside of her She is just a slot-machine The most cold-heart"
  • Game Over - Mr. T Experience
    "I don't understand what you're asking me we put so much into this machine we never get on the board so what do you want it for? You think I should be with you when you make it to level two and you've got"
  • Game Over - Blackstar
    "Christ knows it is easy So goddamn easy So come on and give me your best shot Please criticise me Come analyse me Because i can take it all Let me tell you now I know that the game is over for me But"
  • Game Over - One Fine Day
    "do you really wanna quit? come on! I'm sick of all those crazy heads deciding 'bout the warfare but don't dare to imagine what it takes to fight against another scared father I carry on believing peace"
  • Game Over - Snitch
    "i know that you hate me 'cause you didn't wanna tolerate that you were responsible but i don't give a single shit this time i dedicate this song to you 'cause i think the time has come to say f**k off"
  • Game Over - The Poets
    "Seems to me like things are changing, and you know Theres times when I just blame myself I always hoped that things would go our way, but no, Here we are in this same old olace We have to open up our eyes All"
  • Game Over - Poets
    "Seems to me like things are changing, and you know There's times when I just blame myself I always hoped that things would go our way, but no, Here we are in this same old place We have to open up our"
  • Game Over - Heltah Skeltah
    "(feat. Das EFX , Glaze New York , P Dap , Agallah) (No more games. 'Ey yo. No more games, cuz game over!) On the count of three transform, bezet mack DJ's, wherethrough any hood, even Eddie Murphy"
  • Game Over - Hadouken!
    "Woaaaaaaaa... etc Where's your head, where's your head, where's your head, where's your head is it off, is it on, have you lost it. Where's your head, where's your head, where's your head, is buried in"
  • Game Over - Sasha Strunin
    "You here all alone Memories of the past still haunt my bones And after all is shown My heart froze up than turned to stone Now that I am free My strength has grown They never put their trust in me I let"
  • Game Over - Destiny's Child
    "6 foot Dark skin Damn baby you got me open Your heart Is so big You buy anything Kelly be wantin Youre just God sent Ooh that way that you be talkin Has gotten my attention And I aint doing nothin but"
  • Game Over - Taraxacum
    "(Music: T. Exxel - Words: R. Mythisian) The gig is up so I'm of here Ain't gonna waste up another year I know you're mad because I've walked away I'm sick and tired of this game we played I'm on to you,"
  • Game Over - Lorie
    "J'ai engag la procdure Reformat le disque dur Et supprim de ma mmoire Le moindre fichier de notre histoire Tu m'as plante, un peu moins soft T'as prfr une Lara Croft Je t'excute, je te condamne T'es plus"
  • Game over - Steve Rushton
    "1.I'm kind of ordinary To me you were sort of scary But you seemed to like me And that don't happen that much So I threw caution to the wind Gave you one half-hearted grin That's all that that took For"

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