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daisy lane

  • Daisy Lane - Stereophonics
    "Outside it's summer, indoors it's cool It's just after 3pm, I see kids leaving school Policeman are walking, walking in lines Tight side by side A young boy's died 15 years old, slow walking alone They"
  • Daisy - Daniele Groff
    "Daisy mi porta a spasso per la citt dove la guardia non guarda neanche ognuno appeso a un filo di libert essere grandi non serve a niente da bambino io giocavo nel finto campo di grano daisy mille persone"
  • Daisy - Switchfoot
    "Daisy, give yourself away Look up at the rain A beautiful display Of power and surrender Giving us today When she gives herself away Rain, another rainy day Comes up from the ocean Give herself away She"
  • Daisy - Kevin Johansen
    "Daisy, a ella le gusta Te mira y se relame y eso a vos te asusta No s ni cómo ni s de dónde Ciertos poderes ella se esconde No me preguntes ni ni te asombres Se llama Daisy, la comehombres Desde una"
  • Daisy - The Maine
    "I picked you up and lifted your wilted frame into the sun. I was taken back, yeah i was taken back, and by the time i caught my breath, you had blossomed into something that i did not expect. and if it"
  • Daisy - Bonnie Pink
    "But if you love her, tell me You're not supposed to be sorry, baby You are the daisy beside me You've gotta be blooming all the time But if she don't love you, tell me I'll come to hug you like your"
  • Daisy - Karine Polwart
    "Hey Daisy darling Dont spread your arms so wide Why dont you keep a little something inside? I know you think that hands are made for pulling us through But there are people in this world who dont"
  • Daisy - Luvie
    "shita wo mukaite aruku boku wo waratteiru you ni mieta boku no suki na hana no namae wo tsuketa niatteru desho? kimi ni ikikau gunshuu no koe ga itakute mimi wo fusaideta boku uchisuerareta kizuato ni"
  • Daisy - Ben Lee
    "I didn't see it coming I just thought that you were friendly But here we are passionately embraced I suppose it's kind of funny But it's also kind of scary That your kiss brought back a feeling I'd"
  • Daisy - Tristan Prettyman
    "I went on a walk inside your head, the other day I couldn't believe some of the things, I heard you say cause I've seen the way, that you've been looking at me and its dangerous, and very intentionally"
  • Daisy - Ez Special
    "*Ez Special - Daisy* I want You to know, That I miss you. If stars start to shine, I still miss you. Ooh...And I still miss you! I see the storm, I see a cloud, I see you running, I'm still waiting"
  • Daisy - Jiri Korn
    "Im crazy over you DaisyWhile Im standin here stallinI keep fallin and fallinFallin in love with you DaisyDays go so slow and lazyMy future looks kinda hazyWhen youre not with me DaisyIm crazy about youDaisyWhen"
  • Daisy - Ashnikko
    "You don’t wanna see me bratty Pet the kitty, call me catty Make your man call me Daddy He talk too much He’s too chatty CEO i am savvy Respect a bitch I’m a maverick Flexible so elastic But don’t you dare"
  • Daisy Temple - Serge Gainsbourg
    "Oh Daisy Temple Tu aimes les boubous Tu aimes ta nounou Tu aimes les cachous Et les noix de cajou Oh Daisy temple Tu aimes les boubous Tu aimes les gourous Les rastas les papous Watuzis et zoulous Oh"
  • Daisy bell - Blur
    "There is aflower with in my heart Daisy,Daisy Planted one day by aglancing Dad Whether she loves me or loves me not Sometines it's hard to tell Yet I am longing to share the lot A beautiful daisy bell"
  • Daisy Mae - Ernest Tubb
    "Oh Daisy Mae my honey oh Daisy Mae When I'm with you my darling all my cares go away Oh don't you know sweetheart that I love you so Cause you're my darling precious Daisy Mae So nice and neat with kisses"
  • Humble Daisy - XTC
    "Humble Daisy Form a chain to hold all battleships in check Humble Daisy Knit a ladder down to nature's sunken wreck Ragged rug unbound Tangle trip the lovers Royal barge aground Brighter than all of the"
  • Oh Daisy - Zed
    "Oh Daisy won't you tell me a secret Tell me something everyone wants to know I've been sitting here inside thelittle box in my head Waiting for an answer, waiting to understand Oh Daisy won't you tell"
  • Daisy Railley - Nieznani
    "Słowa: Tomasz Winiarski Muzyka: trad. Ref.: Biedna Daisy Railley wie, kocham tylko ją. Biedna Daisy Railley wie, odpłynąć muszę stąd. Gdy przyśni się przytulny pub, Po nocy wśród sprzedajnych bab, To wtedy"
  • Daisy Duke - Rooney
    "I want to know All there's to know about you I want you to know Nothing about me, although... I'll give you a taste When you think that you know me I'll blow you away So baby, bow down Daisy Duke You"

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