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dance hall rack');

  • Dance Hall - Modest Mouse
    "I'm gonna dance all Dance Hall everyday I'm gonna dance all Dance Hall everyday I'm gonna dance all Dance Hall everyday Well I'm giving myself another one, I have too much to say Dance all Dance Hall"
  • Rack 'Em Up - Jonny Lang
    "I used to hang out down at Jack's Pool Hall You go down there and don't do nothin' at all If you wanted to play some cards there was a game in the back If you wanted to shot or somethin' you went and talked"
  • Psykick Dance Hall - The Fall
    "Is there anybody there? Yeah! Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rocky! Rocky! Is quester psykick dance-hall Step forward for ESP medium discord My garden is made of stone There's a computer center over the road I"
  • Dance Hall Drug - Boys Like Girls
    "Grown up- she just turned 16 Stuck in the moment Dead at the scene And it's on tonight This is the life that you wanted, right? So turn off all the lights Dressed up just like a movie star At all the parties,"
  • Dance Hall Girls - Tom Russell
    "These dance hall girls, they treat you kind They give you their bodies, but you'll never touch their minds They'll fill you up, with lipstick lies Then they put you down son Don't be surprised Is this"
  • Grange Hall Dance - Chris LeDoux
    "Have you ever been down to a country dance And listend to the music of a hillbilly band And danced with your darlin' all through the night And don't go home til the morning light Well if you ain't you"
  • Psykick dance hall - Fall
    "Is there anybody there?Yeah!Rock Rock Rock Rock RockRocky! Rocky!Is quester psykick dance-hallStep forward forESP medium discordMy garden is made of stoneThere's a computer center over the roadI saw a"
  • Dance Hall Days - Wang Chung
    "I'll drive a million miles To be with you tonight So if you're feeling low Turn up your radio The words we use are strong They make reality But now the music's on Oh baby dance with me yeah. Rip it up Move"
  • Texas Dance Hall Girl - Ernest Tubb
    "She's the first one on the dance floor when the music starts to play She's the first to buy the band around the drink She's just out to have a good time dances every set they play And she don't care what"
  • Dance Hall Queen (Chevelle) - Beenie Man
    "It's a dancehall thing She's a dancehall queen for life Gonna explode like dynamite And she's moving outta sight Now she a guh mash up di place like dynamite She's a dancehall queen for life Gonna explode"
  • Dance Hall Girls/Bozeemon Boogie - Duhks
    "These dance hall girls, they don't treat you kind They give you their bodies, but you never reach their minds Well, they fill you up with lipstick lies When they put you down some, don't ya be surprised Is"
  • Dance Hall Days - Part 2 - Wang Chung
    "Your dance hall days are over now It's over now It's over now You're doing what you've chosen now You've chosen now You've chosen now You work all day and save at night You save at night You save at"
  • Kingdom Hall - Van Morrison
    "(Van Morrison) So glad to see you So glad you're here Come here beside me now We can clear inhibition away All inhibitions Throw them away And when we dance like this Like we've never been dancin' before "
  • Castle Hall - Star One
    "(Robert:) Cries from the grave resound in my ears They hail from beyond my darkest fears Faces of the past are etched in my brain The women I raped, the men I've slain (Robert and Floor:) Shades of the"
  • Monte Hall - 3rd Bass
    ""3rd place is everything.. C'mon, I'll show you" Tight fit, dim lit spot, is where I'm movin to Sweaty but these slow tracks start soothin you Light-skinned, steps into the picture Program is fixed,"
  • White hall - Aqua Timez
    "I wanna dance in the groovy night. I feel so free. You feel so free. We feel so free. Jump around sou yoru kara yoru e to chirabatta hoshi wo atsumeyou Bakuon da place to be matsuri suki-tachi de nigiwau"
  • The Castle Hall - Ayreon
    "'''Forever of the Stars:''' At last! You enter the Electric Castle! Here, in this vast hall, where even shadows fear the light. Here, you must confront your past. If you have killed, beware the Gathering"
  • Hall Of Records - Klaxons
    "A maples move A murder on the moon shine Modus operandi A beak on blue A bounty on Bermuda Horse in the night breaks serpent's sea Come on and dance with me Come on and dance with me Every time we leave Come"
  • Rack City - Tyga
    "Rack rack city bitch Mugga on the beat Rack city bitch Rack Rack city bitch Ten ten ten twenties on ya titties bitch 100 deep V.I.P. no guest list T-Raw you don't know who you fucking wit? Got my other"
  • The Rack - Asphyx
    "In the dungeon Deep under ground A morbid fear Palpitations, unbearable pound Footstep outside the stairway Executioners's arrival A sinister procession Grim macabre tribunal Heretical pervert Inexorable"

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