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dance i said

  • Satan Said Dance - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
    "How did I arrive in a place like this? Red right hand does the alligator kiss My hair turns white and my face turns green But my feet are still moving if you know what I mean Satan...said dance He says"
  • Dance - Roy Orbison
    "(Orbison/Melson) Well they're dancin' down the corner put your best dress on Get with it baby we're gonna go all night long Yeah yeah, uh-uh, yeah yeah Get ready right now we gonna dance on and on Well,"
  • Dance - The Lovemakers
    "Saw you at the party You were there on the phone Asked you to dance you said "sorry" I prefer to dance alone (CHORUS) I said dance If you want to Don't ignore the sound Dance If you want to If you want"
  • Dance - Michael Nesmith
    "Here comes another blow You take it on the chin But oh no mama You just don't understand I said all I wanna do Is dance & have a good time I said all I wanna do Is dance a dance or two And have a good"
  • Dance - Shaznay Lewis
    "Owww... Hey, won't you come and show me what you got? Hey, think you can keep up with me all night? I said hey this booty wants to get on down with you Hey, something tells me that you dig the way"
  • Dance - Caedmon's Call
    "My name is Mary and I'm from Greenville, Mississippi But this is where I live here in this old folks' dormitory Every Sunday night Sarah comes to see us And she plays that old upright But Sarah always"
  • Dance - Angry Salad
    "Angry Salad The Guinnea Pig Ep Dance I said there's something in the way you move that makes me think that I'm in love with you There's something in the way you move, that makes me think I hate myself"
  • Dance - Frankie J
    "ah ah alright here's how we gon do it u ready ah ah F.J. (CHORUS)you rock me like prince, girl u so nasty like vanity 6. im loving u outta control take me where you wanna go..i said u rock me like prince"
  • Who Said - Emily Lily
    "Each is say each other not! To be each want cool! Each has dreams! Each is wanted to grant ! 1.Who said that you can not be superman? I will say it that you can be! Who said that you can not be president? I"
  • Lap dance junkie - Right Said Fred
    "Would you like a little company Was the first thing she said to me A baby doll in kitten heels Gives a look knowing how it feels Chorus: So oh baby just one more time This lap dance junkie's spending his"
  • Somebody Said - Harry Chapin
    "Somebody said...Where's the music goin' Somebody said...It's gone Somebody said...With this bad wind a blowin' Will the music keep a rolling on I had to ask myself WHy it's makin' me A minstrel man from"
  • She Said - The Pharcyde
    "(Slim Kid3) I guess everybody needs somebody to love you can't leave love lonely cause being naive to it you can just lose it like that See kisses for bruises don't make it heal back it be'z the sex appeal"
  • She Said - Selwyn
    "Chorus She said she wants me Now she don't know She keeps tryin' to play me Now she knows she won't Verse 1 I'm checkin' you out at the club on the dance floor Breakin' it down ain't know doubt I've got"
  • Said - Puddle Of Mudd
    "Emotionless I slip in to the black and there's no turning back now everyone around me smoking crack this tunnel is blinding hallucinating I'm debating life but it's still moving forward if I could change"
    "they say oh my god i see the way you shine take your hands my dear and place them both in mine you know you stopped me dead while I was passing by and now I beg to see you dance just one more time see"
  • Dance Magic Dance - Labyrinth
    "You remind me of the baby What baby? the baby with the power What power? power of voodoo Who do? you do Do what? remind me of the baby I saw my baby, crying hard as babe could cry What could I do? My"
  • Push Back | Dance Dance Dance Poland 3 - Anna Matysiak i Stanisław Karpiel-Bułecka
    "say mi whine up the ting till it pile up big bumper girl, just a whine and it wile up dem a squad me never stop till il pie up mind enough so it might you dance like just like you mean it dance like you’re"
  • I Don't Dance - Jo Davidson
    "music and lyrics by jo davidson He said let's go out for drinks And we'll talk some business I was young I didn't think and the next thing I knew I was driving his Rolls Royce trying to keep him off"
  • I Can't Dance - Genesis
    "Hot sun beating down burning my feet just walking around. Hot sun making me sweat 'Gators getting close, hasn't got me yet I can't dance, I can't talk. Only thing about me is the way I walk. I can't"
  • Thought You Said - Diddy
    "(feat. Brandy) (baby ...baby .. baby) Take a good look at me I done cried from the lies It hurts so bad inside If u need a thing aint never had nothing to me break me down to the floor til I hide the"

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