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dancing devil

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dancing devil

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dancing devil
  • Vanishing Point Dancing With The Devil
    "What makes you wake up in the morning? Who gives you strength to carry on? Why do you play blind to the warning? Why do you let your head hang low Why do you feel you're all alone? Why should you be the"
    "I burn my soul tonight I'm gonna hang on the bite (What you gonna do with this?) I burn my guitars, I burn my songs still got the lyrics, still going on I burn my house, I burn my farm call firefighters turn"
  • Avalon Dancing With The Devil
    "morbidangelcrematory pestilenceblacksabbathfight retrovirusangelripper doomsdaycrisiskillersslime I will never walk alone And I will always find a way judassepulturatorso sacrificethesacredreich sinnerpropainlucifer'sfriend rottingchristamorphisblind I"
  • Tanya Donelly Every devil
    "What it comes down toWhat could ever take your placeWhat it comes down toHoney what could take your placeNot a songNot a thousand strongYou will not be turned awayWill it come soonThe voice in the corner"
  • Motley Crue Dancing on glass
    "Can't find my doctor My bones can't take the ache If ya dance with the devil Your day will come to pay Downtown Fuel-injected dreams Are bursting at the seams Am I in Persia Or am I just insane? Downtown,"
  • Kate Bush Heads We're Dancing
    "You talked me into the game of chance. It was '39, before the music started, When you walked up to me and you said, "Hey, heads we dance." Well, I didn't know who you were Until I saw the morning paper: There"
  • Drop Dead, Gorgeous Drawing The Devil
    "...And the devil's own hand was knotted by the pastor, And we dared to admit, her weakness was laughter. And the scraed victim begged for her life. We watched it end. "Did you miss me? You're shaking... And"
  • Dirty Dancing Dirty dancing
    "Muevele, mueveleBailar, yo quiero baila lalalalalalala bailar, Mueve las nalgas, shake your ass girl. A la musica, we'll be dancing, dancing, dancing a bit Havana. And we gon shake it, shake it, shake"
  • Zounds Dancing
    "It's nineteen thirty-three ??? ??? But she just wanna go Dancing, dancing Dancing, dancing Dancing, dancing Dancing, dancing She walk the street by day There's people all around But she don't"
  • Bauhaus Dancing
    "Dancing on hot tiles dancing on tender-hooks dancing down church aisles dancing on holy books dancing on hallowed ground dancing nyjinsky style dancing with the lost and found dancing on rock'n'roll graves"
  • Bloo Crane Dancing
    "I like talking to myslef And dance like no one is watching Overthinking every move i make And do things that i am lovin’ I ilike driving my car with friends And having no destination One thing that keeps"
  • Sailor Dancing
    "You look a little tired, my dear And quite unlike yourself, I see a tear Falling down across your slender face May I give your hand a little kiss And will you let me stay and reminisce About your world"
  • Kylie Minogue Dancing
    "Piosenka "Dancing" to pierwszy singel promujący najnowszą płytę Kylie Minogue "Golden". Jego premiera odbędzie się w piątek 19 stycznia 2018 roku."
  • Mariusz Lubomski Dancing
    "Była chwila, kiedy ty Przestałaś dla mnie istnieć Gdy z twej książki się wyrwałem I wirowałem Jak na wietrze liście Ale powróciłaś tu Ciągle gra orkiestra Tańczyć nikt nie przestał... Zbliż się... I"
  • Initial D Dancing
    "Deep inside The beating goes louder when I'm not alone on the dance floor Feel alive I'm feeling the power getting hot the phones by the back door Get up tonight Make up your life and bring it on since"
  • Barbra Streisand Dancing
    "Dolly : Put your hand on her waist and stand With her right in your left hand And one and one two three, ah! one two three, Oh, no, this one...and one two three one two three Cornelius : Look I'm dancing!"
  • Hello, Dolly! Dancing
    "Dolly Put your hand on her waist and stand With her right in your left hand And one two three, one two three, one two three Cornelius Look I'm dancing! Well, I was. Dolly Of course you were, Mr. Hackl! Take"
  • Astrud Gilberto Dancing
    "When you called me, late in the night I thought I heard the sounds of dancing And there we were out on the floor And as we looked into our eyes We then would see the days ahead So full of love, we never"
  • Scissor Sisters Don't feel like dancing
    "Wake up in the morning with a head like what ya done? This used to be the life but I dont need another one. Good luck cuttin nothin, carrying on, you wear them gowns. So how come I feel so lonely when"
  • Martha & The Vandellas Dancing In The Street
    "Heat Wave Linda Ronstadt Whenever I'm with him Something inside Starts to burnin' And I'm filled with desire Could it be the devil in me Or is this the way love's supposed to be Just like a heatwave Burning"

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