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dancing shoes brodka';WAITFOR DELAY '0:0:5'--

  • Dancing Shoes - Brodka
    "Will you teach me how to dance? Show me all your greatest moves You put the music on And I will wear your dancing shoes The way you make me feel You got me into the groove If I could only know your tricks"
  • Dancing Shoes - Cliff Richard
    "You must've heard of a-little Bo Peep She was the gal with all the sheep A woa one day it's a-sad to say The sheep all ran away She was lonely and she was blue She was sad and a-crying too So I told her"
  • Dancing Shoes - Chris Rea
    "Could have been a long hot summer night When all the stars were shining bright Against the blue Could have been that famous decade scene Top hats and tails, spinning 'round the room And all I remember"
  • Dancing Shoes - Arctic Monkeys
    "Get on your dancing shoes There's one thing on your mind Hoping they're looking for you Sure you'll be rummaging through Oh and the shit, shock, horror You've seen your future bride Oh, but it's oh so"
  • Dancing Shoes - Gavin DeGraw
    "Verse 1: It's so nice to see you. Can we sit and talk for a while? I have searched forever, I can't imagine anything better. Kids upon the stairway, Couples on the sidewalk squares. If I get to your heart"
  • Christ 0 - Vanden Plas
    "Here I stand alone, I'm a sacrifice Lake a fallen angel, die here without your love Now I understand, let the sentenced dog I'm in Swallow all the hate I can eat Gave you my heart gave you my heart I just"
  • Blue dancing shoes - Scissor Sisters
    "Some people such awful thingsDon't understand that simple peopleShe don't need those diamond ringsEven though they look so tastefulSleazy parties, so important, single fortune, high class apartmentsWanted"
  • Dancing In Your Shoes - Thompson Twins
    "Your life is a circus And your mind is just a mess But you've come too far now To wind up being second best So you put on your high-heels And you strut to the edge And you say if you want me You'll have"
  • Dancing without my shoes - Guano Apes
    "I'm dancing without my shoes temperature's risin' high i turn around and i kiss your face suddenly you smile when i turn the radio on body's starting to sway i look around try to catch your eyes but you"
  • Delay - Chiasm
    "I thought there was a place Where stars shone bright with grace And rain fell slow to time While wind dispersed its seed And now I learn I can't revive the past I've lost And I shall pay the cost Disuaded"
  • Delay - Kate Miller-Heidke
    "I don't delay When it's your car My driveway You know I can't say no But this is not good love So what are you so afraid of That the big bad lonely wolf is coming to knock you down Why did you come"
  • Put On Your Dancing Shoes - Cliff Richard
    "You must have heard of a little Bo-beep She was the gal with all the sheep Well, one day, its too sad to say The sheep all ran away She was lonely she was blue She was sad and crying too So I told her"
  • Delay - Magic Dirt
    "Don't you trust me Be the first one to open your eyes Don't do this to me He's naive to all of your lies Hoarse is the one Who cries between her thighs Do you think I've come this far Because I haven't"
  • Put On Your Dancing Shoes - Steve Winwood
    "So much going on out there, leaves us hanging in the air And it's all that we can do to face each day and see it though Life's a dance, put on your dancing shoes, take a chance You can't shut your eyes"
  • That Big 5-0 - Stan Ridgway
    "Yeah! Bring me water, bring me coal We just missed hittin' that telephone pole Yeah, we're fallin' down in a cactus patch When it get dark, you light the match Yeah, and I'm happy for it Keep a-rollin'"
  • +-0 - Kotiteollisuus
    "Taon yksin sieluni mustaa varjoa muotokuvaa mustemmaksi muuttuvaa ei keskenerinen kuva lmmit ei se tuo varjon valtaan lohtua Hyvin osasin kyll alkaa kunpa osaisin joskus lopettaa miksi jatkaa matkaa,"
  • Dancing - Mai Kuraki
    "mujun darake no kono yo no naka ni wa itsumo minna wo unzari saseru dakedo daremo ga kokoro no HI-RO- motomete nemurenai yoru wo sugosu watashi mo ima kawarou to suru osorezu TORAI shitsudzuke kotae wo"
  • 2-6-5-8-0 - Kim Wilde
    "Written by Ricky & Marty Wilde I watch a man sitting down the park The flashy suit manufactured by the makers He's got a pen and he circles an add It makes him laugh 'cos he's reading dirty papers 2-6-5-8-0 She"
  • 0-0 - Fear Factory
    "LONG LIVE THE NEW FLESH! Where evil dwells Northport, L.I. Mutilation Murder Grisly sacrificial slaughter Knights of the black circle Stabbed him in the woods At the sound of crow-call (croak-all) He said,"
  • Rain delay - Rain Delay
    "I bless the rain delay, as I bequeath my yesterday.Rain ends, hope fades. We gather at the runway.I have nothing to declare, so empty-handed.I was declaring myself as a martyr, when she said:"Embrace me,"

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