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dancing with my butterfly

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dancing with my butterfly

  • Butterfly - Jason Mraz
    "Taking a moment just imagining that i'm dancing with you I'm your pole and all you're wearing is your shoes You've got soul, you know what to do to turn me on until I write a song about you And you have"
  • Butterfly - Demi Lovato
    "Used to dreas te month od June Cause it reminded me of you And always came around too soon Not anymore A part of me i hed to find Cause it was killin’ me inside You were always like a bye I wasn’t read"
  • Butterfly - EMMI
    "When you go to sleep at night Do you wonder whos inside Inside your head making all those sick dreams And when you close your door at night Push it against the wall real tight Just making sure theres no"
  • Butterfly - Queensberry
    "Sometimes you gotta let a good thing go so long to the girl I know I feel it somethings coming over me ike a wave taking mw were I wanna be Always changing, moving faster than the speed of light Ive"
  • Butterfly - Andy Williams
    "You tell me you love me, you say you'll be true Then you fly around with somebody new But I'm crazy about you, you butterfly You treat me mean, you're makin' me cry I've made up my mind to tell you goodbye But"
  • Butterfly - Shareefa
    "It replays in my mind, so many times When I try to move on, it just rewinds I'm scarred for life, a casualty of love Captivated me, like a prisoner What was I thinkin of, I gotta free my mind Now its my"
  • Butterfly - India.Arie
    "Constantly creepin' caterpillar, Still a swoon in a cocoon. Soon you might emerge, And you're made to emerge. A little longing to love, lush, Starving for affection. Hidden by the size of my perfection, With"
  • Butterfly - India Arie
    "Constantly creepin' caterpillar, Still a swoon in a cocoon. Soon you might emerge, And you're made to emerge. A little longing to love, lush, Starving for affection. Hidden by the size of my perfection, With"
  • Butterfly - Perry Como
    "Oh it's a sin to catch a butterfly, So I won't ever try to keep you in a jar! I'll just let you flip and flow and round, I'll never tie you down cause that's the way you are! Butterfly, I'll set you free, But"
  • Butterfly - James Blunt
    "You're a butterfly and you want to be in flowers and you want to meet Dalai lama reach nirvana because I love you love me I just want you to be in flowers with me I'm A little child and I want to be held"
  • Butterfly - Kylie Minogue
    "Mm mmm In the morning I'll wake up with you There's not anything I would rather do You are more than you'll ever know And your love teaches me to grow You are more than my everything And your love gives"
  • Butterfly - Jamiroquai
    "Little butterfly come back to me Everything that I want written on your face I want it, I want it So take me where you want to It's your love that I chase I want it, I want it Now you got something I"
  • Butterfly - Corinne Bailey Rae
    "In my mother's house there's a photograph, of a day gone past, always makes me laugh. There's a little girl, wary of the world. She's got much to learn, get her fingers burned. An affinity between you"
  • Butterfly - The Hollies
    "We met on the shore of a lemonade lake Weeping willows looked down where we lay Orange blossoms I smell in your hair Butterfly, flutter by, butterfly by Waterfalls send your ripples to us Here on the"
  • Butterfly - Jump5
    "ie ie iei ie ie iei ie ie iei with the samurai ive serchin for a man all across japan just to find to find my little samurai someone who is strong but still a little shy yes i need i need my samurai ie"
  • Butterfly - Tapping The Vein
    "What am I? I wish I was a butterfly I'd fly and fly Until it was my time to die It's creeping in again, I know what I really am Oh, no more pretty, purple, peaceful butterfly Simple life If I were a butterfly I'd"
  • Butterfly - Noctes
    "The sunlight sky is fading, in different shades of dark A spellbound day has ceased, and drowned within the past The mighty sun is dying, the fairness torns apart. Those silent days are over and disappears"
  • Butterfly - Psychotic Waltz
    "i the watchful eye i am the butterfly you know you never heard me screaming i am the question why i am the butterfly mister mojo can you hear me screaming hey jude you look just like your daddy i"
  • Butterfly - George
    "Goodbye is what she said When she said im sorry And I, Im dying on the inside Cuz i tried but I cant hide the tears That fall from my eyes Hold me close one more night Hold me close one more time"
  • Butterfly - Inspirial Carpets
    "I've met a new girl she's a one in four She's had a bust up she's moving in next door Goin' to love her Goin' to make her mine Goin' to keep her Goin' one more time You should want a go with me Falling"

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