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danny vera lorel coaster

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danny vera lorel coaster

  • Vera - Timbalada
    "Vera ser que voc no vira Quem dera se fosse a Vera Voc no vero chegar Era, eu j te esperava eras Outonos e primaveras Vero quem viver ver Folhas secas se calam no cho Lgrimas nos olhas da anunciao Ps"
  • Vera Lucia - Vera Lucia
    "H um menino andando na noite vaziaSozinho, com medo do escuro, na imensido to longo o caminho, mais um passo vai darEssa noite o menino tem lugar pra ficar.Hoje natal, hoje natalPodiam ser todos os dias"
  • Danny - Peter Koelewijn
    "Danny, waarom Danny, waarom Ik wil dit niet meer, zie dat nou Maar kan toch ook niet zonder jou Oh, Danny, waarom, Danny In de twintig, zonder baan Wel altijd geld, maar waar vandaan Dat wist geen mens,"
  • Vera from vera cruz - Sailor
    "I wanted to meet up with Vera (You mean Vera from Vera Cruz) Yeah, I don't mean her sister Sara (You mean Vera from Vera Cruz) They tell me she wants a young marinero (You mean Vera from Vera Cruz) Yeah,"
  • Vinegar Vera - Rialto
    "Vinegar Vera, packed his bags and left home to make his mark. Nobody missed him, because he was back before it got dark. Vinegar Vera, lying on his bed cursing the ceiling. Because the world turned, and"
  • Vera Cruz - Milton Nascimento
    "Hoje foi que a perdi Mas onde j nem sei Em Vera me larguei E deito nesta dor Meu corpo sem lugar Ah, quisera esquecer A moa que se foi De nossa Vera Cruz o pranto que ficou Do norte que sonhei Das"
  • Bella vera - 883
    "Forza della natura, Meravigliosa e scura Bella da far paura, In questa calda sera Nera l'abbronzatura, La pelle ti colora e sfiora, Il mio sguardo ancora Quel corpo da pantera. Chiss se tu vivi qui, Chiss"
  • Bella vera - 833
    "Forza della natura, Meravigliosa e scura Bella da far paura, In questa calda sera Nera l'abbronzatura, La pelle ti colora e sfiora, Il mio sguardo ancora Quel corpo da pantera. Chiss se tu vivi"
  • Vera Blue - Chemlab
    "After hours in the valley of downs, tripped-up all over town, after 3 she's down on avenue C, kicking down with the clowns, you can tell she's hydrolic, a silver scream in super sonic, you can see the"
  • Vera Cruz - Santana
    "Come on, baby, don't you wanna go Way down south, talkin' about Mexico Straight through the jungle, out to the sea We'll have some fun if you fly away with me Like some old movie in black and white We'll"
  • Roller Coaster - Justin Bieber
    "Come here I don't know what happened Where did they go? Nights like this don't happen anymore I need to know Is it me? or did I lose control? Only overseas Only memories Wish I had the key to your heart People"
  • Roller Coaster - Brooke Allison
    "I'm a roller coaster Wanna go for a ride? Pulses racing every time I walk by Your body's trembling, when I look in your eyes Butterflies inside your tummy making you weak Feels like you're falling head"
  • Roller Coaster - Carla
    "Je sais pas si je suis comme tout le monde Mais moi dans ma tête Ça grimpe et ça retombe aussi sec Tant pis je repars dans la seconde Je veux pas que ça s'arrête (hahaha) Tant que j'ai pas fait ma dose"
  • Roller Coaster - Cathy Dennis
    "Don't make me beg you As if the pleasure's mine Don't make me wait here You know it's so unkind Doctors have told me You're a danger to my health I can't control it Cos I want to help myself Let me ride Roller"
  • Roller Coaster - The Partridge Family
    "I recall when I was young My papa said don't cry Life is full of ups and downs Like a roller coaster ride There'll be times you'll get so scared, Rollin' down these hills But hang on tight with all your"
  • Roller Coaster - Tony Lucca
    "Ain't it such a trip this thing? Don't it make you wanna sing? And I ain't talkin' 'bout the blues Straight into the rising sun Temple to a loaded gun Heads you win, tails you lose All for the pure intoxication It's"
  • Roller Coaster - Babyface & Toni Braxton
    "Today I got so mad at you, It's like I couldn't control myself Girl, I was done, I was so through with you But I know I couldn't love nobody else Well, I feel like you do I'm so 'bout done with you I'm"
  • Roller Coaster - Lee Roy Parnell
    "Well I thought I was in for an easy ride You and me baby side by side But this thing's scarin' me to death My heart's poundin' can't catch my breath Well it's up and it's down yeah whipping my heart around There"
  • Roller Coaster - Blink-182
    "Breathing deeply Walking backwards Finding strength to call and ask her Roller Coaster, favorite ride Let me kiss you one last time Leave me standing here Act like I'm not around The coast will probably"
  • Roller Coaster - Ultimate Sacrifice
    "Rick was just an average guy Half - hearted faith Wanted to cross the finish line He didn't care which place Leading a double-life Pretending here and there He knew what he was doing But he really didn't"

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