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dark blue

  • Dark blue - Jack's Mannequin
    "I have. I have you Breathing down my neck, breathing down my neck I don't, don't know What you could possibly expect under this condition So I'll wait, I'll wait For the ambulance to come, ambulance to"
  • Dark blue - Gwen Stefani
    "I'm tired from exploring youI'm sorry you've have some scary daysI'm lucky, they had me on a leashExposing, sometimes you frighten meAnd it's too bad you're so sadI wish you could have had what i haveI'm"
  • Dark Blue - No Doubt
    "I'm tired from exploring you I'm sorry you've had some scary days I'm lucky, they had me on a leash Exposing, sometimes you frighten me And it's too bad you're so sad I wish you could have had what I"
  • Dark-Eyed Blue Jean Angel - Donovan
    "From the album slow down world My love she's a flower Perfuming the air where'er she blooms, With her silk and her incense Harmonising hotel rooms. Dark-eyed blue jean angel, Red Egyptian hair, Dark-eyed"
  • Blue - Sophie B. Hawkins
    "Blue you're always dancing in my hand The way you toss your hips and things you've said (moving like an angel) Gazing out my window on the bus (on Washington Square) I saw New York crack a smile for us Blue I"
  • Blue - Emily Jane White
    "Blue, so blue, was your love, that I held and pursued, And true, so true, the black hand, Oh it takes you back. And you turn to a figure, In the light, no wait but you turn back, Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh,"
  • Dark horse - George Harrison
    "You thought that you knew where I was and when But it looks like they've been foolin' you again, You thought that you'd got me all steaked out But baby looks like I've been breaking out I'm a dark horse"
  • Dark Black - Kristina Train
    "I remember colors painted in my eyes Green was for the springtime, blue the summer skies And now the skies have darken, the white clouds turn to grey What a way to break a heart, you took all the colors"
  • Dark & True - Gourds
    "I know m'heart is heavy I know m'thoughts is blue I know the light will be shining all night Bells will be ringing dark and true M' bells will be ringing dark and true I feel like it's been raining I"
  • Dark Skies - Alison Krauss & Union Station
    "Alison Krauss & Union Station Miscellaneous Dark Skies I don't need a perfect lover to hold me in the rain Someone to ease my pain when I feel blue If I lost you to another, think I'd drown out here for"
  • Dark Skies - Alison Krauss
    "I don't need a perfect lover to hold me in the rain Someone to ease my pain when I feel blue If I lost you to another, think I'd drown out here for sure Won't you stay with me and be my only cure? Dark"
  • Dark Clouds - Bananafishbones
    "all that I've got, said the dwarf to the tree all of that gold I'd give give it to you gladly if I could just be a little taller, tree if I could roam the world all that you've got, finally answered the"
  • Dark Divine - Fold Zandura
    "form the wordless truth that burns so long (so long) it runs me through come in blur and light that turns so wide (so wide) im purified the blood, my love my soul mixed in with you the life, i now live"
  • Dark signs - In Flames
    "Held down, strangled and abused Cut down to half a member Left with his hand tied Everything points in the wrong direction All the joy disappeared The negative has penetrated Once he was in control What's"
  • Dark Song - Primordial
    "I am the wind that breathes on the sea I am the wave, wave on the ocean I am the ray, the eye of the sun I am a tomb, cold in darkness I am star, the tear of the sun I am a wonder, a wonder in flower I"
  • Dark Halls - Au Revoir Simone
    "When we got to Boston There was a TV in the room You were glowing purple, green, red, black and blue And the light in the night slammed the door When we went downtown All the babies laughed, clapped at"
  • Dark Star - Fish
    "A naked man, across the lawn, ghosts of morning walk a carpet of tears, Croquet balls, scattered moons, drowning sorrows on a sea of green. The fairy falls with broken wings; I hold it close to me and"
  • Dark ages - Jethro Tull
    "Darlings are you ready for the long winter's fall? said the lady in her parlor said the butler in the hall. Is there time for another? cried the drunkard in his sleep. Not likely said the little child."
  • After dark - Blue
    "Whats that in the corner? Its too dark to seeWhats that noise Im hearingWhos that calling me? Long ago and far away I heard your voiceBut once I heard you sing your song I had no choiceTerror took control"
  • Dark Angel - Blue Rodeo
    "I met this girl She was walking through one of my dreams She kissed my eyes And everything that she said Made so much sense to me That I still feel like I'm half asleep My dark angel She gave me diamonds"

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