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dark horse katy peery

  • Dark Horse (Ft. Juicy J) - Katy Perry
    "I knew you were You were gonna come to me And here you are But you better choose carefully Cause I... I'm capable of anything Of anything And everything Make me your Aphrodite Make me your one and only But"
  • Dark horse - George Harrison
    "You thought that you knew where I was and when But it looks like they've been foolin' you again, You thought that you'd got me all steaked out But baby looks like I've been breaking out I'm a dark horse"
  • Dark Horse - Amanda Marshall
    "Indian summer Abilene You were new in town I was nineteen And sparks flew They called us crazy Behind our backs "Romantic fools" We just let them laugh Because we knew It may be a long shot We may be lonely"
  • Dark Horse - Kidneythieves
    "I was born the daughter of a bad, bad man.... at 17, turned the corner and i never looked back. now i believe in the wind's innocence ive got that shit left behind and a long road ahead don't let it"
  • Dark Horse - Leech
    "Dark Horse Seven shields Black strands wave in the wind Over the bleak horizon A new hope F or those who afford to defend Bitter end for the others Ocean shores Echoes that light up the dark The sands"
  • Dark Horse - Little Mix
    "Jade (I knew you were) Leigh-anne You were gonna come to me Jade (And here you are) Leigh-anne But you better choose carefully Jade (‘Cause I am) Leigh-anne capable of anything Of anything and everything Jade Make"
  • Katy - Agent 5/9
    "You're brilliant what more can I say Only known you for one day Now it seems like I've found the one To share my secrets with Hope I'm not getting ahead of myself Will you hold my hand And you stare deep"
  • Katy - Zayazd
    "Skreślam dziś do Ciebie kilka słów, Chociaż wiem, nie dojdą chyba znów... Piszę stąd do Ciebie ten ostatni raz: Żegnaj już, kochanie... Na mnie czas... Nocą wciąż te same miewam sny: Piękną panną młodą"
  • Katy - Forteca
    "Związano do tyłu ręce, By w obecności kata Nie mogły się wznieść błagalnie Do Boga i do świata. Zakneblowano usta! By w tej katyńskiej nocy Nie mogły wołać o litość Ni wezwać znikąd pomocy. W podartym"
  • Katy - The Boy Who Trapped The Sun
    "We were watching V.C.R on your couch before D.V.D when I was still quite young You backed me into a corner, when I was trying to escape my friends said you had no shoes on, when you chased me down the"
  • Horse & Cart - Snuff
    "He's dreaming of a distant star She's dreaming of a happy marriage Living a world apart But living on different planets He's praying for a moonlit night She's waiting for a sunlit morning Trying to get"
  • Goodbye For Now (feat. Katy Perry) - P.O.D.
    "I can still see the light at the end of the tunnel shine through the dark times even when I lose my mind But it feels like no one in the world is listening and I can't ever seem to make the right decisions I"
  • Buckin' M Horse - Sir Mixalot
    "(*Woman speaking Spanish*) - w/ ad libs (Chorus) Buckin my horse, giddy up, hey yo, hey Buckin my horse, giddy up (throwin up this dirty old for life, fool) Buckin my horse, giddy up, hey yo, hey"
  • The winged horse - Gamma Ray
    "In a land, far beyond the sunRules the darkness, faceless magicianBlack towers which raise into the skyCastle of tears, shadows passing byBlood is covering the mighty wallsOf those who lost their skin"
  • Horse And I - Bat For Lashes
    "Got woken in the night, by a mystic golden light. My head soaked in river water. I had been dressed in a coat of armor. They called a horse out of the woodland. "Take her there, through the desert shores." They"
  • Horse Drawn Cart - Mystery Jets
    "If you don't trust me i'll fall I've wind in my sails but the seas make me pale and the floorboards are creaking below Find me the oars to row me to shores where the natives will say hello Emotion"
  • Horse To Stable - A Northern Chorus
    "The coastline was on our minds, Rock meeting water, sand represent time. I saw a man by the ocean, He was weathered like a fire burned through him, Old hunger there. Past all the grasses and into dark, We"
  • Horse & Carriage Remix - Charli Baltimore
    "Charli Baltimore Miscellaneous Horse & Carriage Remix Intro: silkk (cam'ron) Remix (that's right) silkk the shocker Uh, cam'ron (you ain't know) no limit (that's right) untertainment (i'm here and there)"
  • Horse & Carriage Remix - Cam'ron
    "(feat. Big Punisher, Charli Baltimore, Silkk, Wyclef) Remix (That's right) Silkk the Shocker Uh, Cam'Ron (You ain't know) No Limit (That's right) Untertainment (I'm here and there) mo' money (I'm here"
  • Horse And Cart - Snuff
    "He's dreaming of a distant star She's dreaming of a happy marriage Living a world apart But living on different planets He's praying for a moonlit night She's waiting for a sunlit morning Trying to get"

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