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dark house

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dark house

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dark house
  • Cruciform Injection Dark House
    ""This house has changed, its rearranged these feelings have enraged, deranged darkness takes ahold of all that old diminishing hope, severed thoughts Dancing rain, the blood that drips from my veins In"
  • House Of Krazees A Big Dark House
    "Theres a big dark house on the hill, a very large diralect house. Its known locally as hangmans folly. This old masion, well thats what it really is, is built on a hill, a strange and baron hill. A place"
  • Elton John House
    "This is my house This is where I live That is the winter Those are the trees I can hear them breathe This is my bed This is where I sleep That was the dark Those are my dreams They belong to me This is"
  • House Of Krazees Haunted House
    "Devils and ghouls on halloween the wicked shit is in your mind Enter my house my haunted house its only covered with dirt and grime Oh yes i think i feel a presence More dead bodies for me to add to my"
  • Kingdom Come Make Light In Your Dark House
    "The alarm clock rings once again A new day begins No desire now to get up The anger comes surly Hectic stress and aggressions Comes on me to (I) Ask myself for everything Why I do it (I) Ask myself"
  • Metal Church The Dark
    "It's way past midnight There's a howling wind Oh God what can it be? Something out there evil And it's coming straight for me The house is dark and very cold I know there's no one here Why am I scared"
  • Guy Clark The Dark
    "In The Dark you can sometimes hear your own heart beat Or the heart of the one next to you The house settles down after holding itself up all day Shoulder slumps, gives a big sigh You hear no one's foot"
  • Annie Lennox Dark Road
    "It's a dark road And a dark way that leads to my house And the word says That you're never gonna find me there, oh no I've got an open door It didn't get there by itself It didn't get there by itself There's"
  • KMFDM Spiritual House
    "Really shake your body against the brain In a spiritual house tune in today Best after dark In a spiritual house That's my sweetheart In a spiritual house We only have a silent voice In a spiritual"
  • Beast Dark Eyes
    "I set out a trap, and you fell into it I laid out the bait and the animal bit I conquered the beast, she loved me for it I set out a trap and she fell into it I went to her house, she opened the door She"
  • Swollen Members Dark Riders
    "Buc Fifty: Born in fire built in this Empire Cant get no higher or stop my desire Dark Riders, we be pullin all nighters Never see us perspire building this Empire Mad Child : Order the launch, blow the"
  • Amy Grant Mimi's House
    "(Amy Grant) I remember many times when I was just a child, How I played in that old house upon the farm With rocking chairs and squeaky stairs, all pieces of her world, And a fire in her room to keep"
  • Danzig 7th House
    "Girl I'm gonna make you come Free your body with my gun Girl I'm gonna make you come Free your body with my gun May not make it out alive Rack your psyche, rack you blind Free your body with my gun Girl"
  • Winter's Bane Haunted House
    "In a creepy old house on a stormy dale lane There's a run down sing that says : Enter if you dares I opened the gates and took a deep breath and climbed down the decaying stairs The chilling gray fog"
  • Grave Digger The House
    "I'm riding through the night, a friend has called me I see the moonless sky, the stars shine bright The house before me, fog hangs over I'm standing there alone in the dark I ring the bell He opens the"
  • Joan Baez House Carpenter
    "The House Carpenter "Well met, well met, my own true love, well met, well met," cried he. "I've just returned from the salt, salt sea all for the love of thee." "I could have"
  • Bob Dylan House Carpenter
    "Well met, well met, my own true love Well met, well met, cried she I've just returned from the salt, salt sea And it's all for the love of thee I could have married a King's daughter there She would have"
  • Los Lobos Reva's House
    "(David Hidalgo/Louie Perez) Maybe it was the way he walked Or the way he combed his hair Could have been the fancy words Or the sweet wine in the air Wasn't the muddy shoes she'd hear Slow coming up"
  • The Chainsmokers Beach House
    "Woke up on the west side Listening to beach house taking my time She’s just my type Dark hair waving out the passenger side then I start to think as she pulls me on the bathroom floor thi is myt type"
  • Fifth Harmony Lego House
    "Normani: I'm gonna pick up the pieces and build a Lego house When things go wrong we can knock it down Dinah: My three words have two meanings, there's one thing on my mind It's all for you Camila: And"

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