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dark sight

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dark sight

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dark sight
  • Stratovarius Second Sight
    "No one really knows Where this man comes from Or if he has a name He moved from town to town And forging his own way Without shame he played his game No allies and no friends He leaves no traces bahind There"
  • Jeff Edwards Sight Or Sound
    "Am I blind, or can I see. 'Cause I'm bumping into things That are right in front of me. My compass is spinning. Drifting aimlessly. I can't read the stars tonight. I'm lost at sea. I've got no eyes to"
  • Gutter Demons Out Of Sight
    "We're getting closer, I still can feel your touch In the ashes of my memory A cold silence (yeah) too early to tell But I have lost already. In the middle of the room, I'm waiting, standing still There's"
  • Lunapop Sight
    ""Sight" Only i can kno what u do and when u cry i see all things i feel a shawdow touch me and a spirit which brings me wisdom and when my heart explodes its because i see you you are eeverything to"
  • God Module Sight
    "Your frequent lack of reason All responses are set Static solution broken Lost in a world of regret A world full of perversion Curses and accusations Refused my own instincts And all mutations of love Traveling"
  • Metal Church The Dark
    "It's way past midnight There's a howling wind Oh God what can it be? Something out there evil And it's coming straight for me The house is dark and very cold I know there's no one here Why am I scared"
  • Xentrix Dark Enemy
    "Blackness, fills the sight I see, Destruction, malignancy. Intense pain, ripping through my veins, Try so hard but this enemy remains. Demonic passion, you can't dismiss, Bleak depression, you reminisce. Enforce"
  • Subliritum Dark Prophecies
    "Morning rise awakening of the darkage The time has come, so beware and prepare You can see, you can fell that all evil are about to be real The words written the prophecy will reveal And you are the chosen"
  • Trembling Blue Stars Dark Eyes
    "I hide myself away Waiting to be found But nobody knows I'm here I won't put things right By keeping out of sight That much must be clear I dream and want but I don't try I just long and long for those"
  • Silentium Dark Whispers
    "I will be there when you mock thyself In the nighttime, when the shadows dance I will be there when you burn thyself She betrayed you, coldness tears your soul Out of the darkness Ye've locketh me in I"
  • Dorling Dark Age
    "Sitting up and rubbing tired, rested eyes, The conscience rises to intercept the lies The secrets of the competition pleasure are revealed Escaping from the mighty cage that once was locked and sealed Despite"
  • VINCE GILL The Sight Of Me Without You
    "I can't believe I am watching our love ending I wonder just how long you've been pretending Pretending that our love was what you wanted While you were out there finding someone new These days I don't"
  • Alphaville Into The Dark
    "Long view into the dark Moving your finger You gonna make it for sure into the dark Master of duel, rendezvoyeur This is a walk into the dark Playing the ball Roll it on but not too fast There she goes"
  • Random Ruins Of Reality The Dark Side
    "feed your dark side go and betray your bride shoot the ones who cry and then draw their life let'em know your might they will pray to die they will beg the sky feed your dark side Rit. do what it wants"
  • Bad Religion New Dark Ages
    "Now can you hear the call in our rambling land? Susurrations that can expand Beyond all hope of light And plunge us into unrelenting night A pall, a truth and reason It feels like hunting season So avoid"
  • Absurd Deep Dark Forest
    "Sky is clear and the moon shines bright The stars ?? through the trees The night is black and the snow is white All things seem ?? The glowing eyes of animals around staring at me The cold wind blows"
  • Outsiders The Dark Side
    "serve me be mine dark side feed your dark side go and betray your bride shoot the ones who cry let's sharpen your knife let'em know your might they will pray to die they will beg the sky feed your dark"
  • D:a:d It's After Dark
    "I'm looking at the sky, I'm trying Not to cry, coz' it's over The're turning down the light It's late now I guess it's time to say Goodbye... Coz it's after dark now And Disneyland is closed We've been"
  • Dissection Dark Mother Divine
    "From her throne of skulls rules our Queen of endless might She is the initiator of dark dreams - Bringer of Luciferian light She is Satan's mistress, a reflection of the Black Sun A Queen of the sinister"
  • Warhammer Defy The Dark
    "(Lyrics by V. Frerich) (Music by F. Krynojewski and V. Frerich) Convulsions of fatal emphasis shatter your pale existence You reach out for safety as the horizon becomes an illusion Twilight interventions"

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