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dark tranquillity

  • Void of tranquillity - Dark Tranquillity
    "In orbit they pass around you - the memories from abandoned past Images from within your mind bring unknown feelings into your veins Delve into thy twillight past, a voyage done before The borderland 'twixt"
  • Sound Of Tranquillity Peace? - Ram-Zet
    "This silence never touched by noise and we're reaching out I touch the dark spot of your heart I bring peace... Why do you bring me to this lake of sorrow is this some kind of joke you'd better speak in"
  • Thoughts Of Tranquillity - Funeral
    "This terrible writhe I rot away Oh, hear my prayer My soul is trying to slip away I...I die Pray for my soul All hope is gone Agony, please set me free Remove this pain from me Let me be Oh, my god Eternity"
  • A bold of blazing gold - Dark Tranquillity
    "A bolt of blazing gold, lifted from the horizon's edge Another radiant dawn sends new hope, avowed my hearty pledge My yearning to be part of nature's truthful solitude Of wisdom's inner light that shines"
  • A Bolt Of Blazing Gold - Dark Tranquillity
    "A bolt of blazing gold, lifted from the horizon's edge Another radiant dawn sends new hope, avowed my hearty pledge My yearning to be part of nature's truthful solitude Of wisdom's inner light that shines"
  • Dobermann - Dark Tranquillity
    "Where were the eyes that followed? How could they've found? These misery's merchants Struck the message deep: "We have come to stay" Dogs fled there in the Dark of his path Feared him as once they all"
  • Cathode ray sunshine - Dark Tranquillity
    "Carry our streams Lift up our less than elated lives Transmit our selves We breathe out Where no one whispers Take in all the dark light turn the nighttime into day Cathode ray Sunshine speak out and we"
  • The one brooding warning - Dark Tranquillity
    "Devoid of life far from the strengthening force from which it feeds The unbroken silence swear allegiance to thee Behold the answers that darkness sets free Freedom beyond the enslavement Never let loose"
  • Still moving sinews - Dark Tranquillity
    "No-one survives such an attack and we all stood like monuments baring the nails in her back still moving sinews in a graceful impression of life shyly the arms, shyly the breasts fold fear die Ten fingers"
  • At loss for words - Dark Tranquillity
    "Waiting for the signs to bring the first to sing felt inbetween these fears set to unknown tunes so tempt these fragile fiends a grace gone dark you'll never know never feel never taste the depths of your"
  • Shadow duet - Dark Tranquillity
    "Voice of the Shadow of Beauty - Friden Voice of the Shadow of Darkness - Sundin Shadows play - in my wilderness' mindscape they seek; One spiteful and wicked, one humble and meek A windswept pale landscape"
  • Nightfall by the shore of time - Dark Tranquillity
    "A shimmertrace of divinity lost in the beckoning midnight vault (We are) lulled within the wake of a cold November's nightfall Nightfall... A communion of life and eternity, of Races scattered in the depths"
  • Nether novas - Dark Tranquillity
    "What late forgotten night To emptiness has given And now November morning Will be taken asunder The shovel stained with dirt in the hours of belonging Dug into the undiscovered Of a life, a pest, a plague"
  • Beyond enlightenment - Dark Tranquillity
    "Now oppression stalks the remnants of compassion, brewing hatred to surface in wicked actions Cloaked in peace and mercy, force their false confessions Sentenced am I dying, cleansed from all salvation"
  • Freecard - Dark Tranquillity
    "Set against these hardest hours Anger paled, for in this fear The theft of privacy We all see it break sometimes See it tear us apart That which left behind Screams out loud this night So much is asked"
  • Hedon - Dark Tranquillity
    "How hungry we've become; like animals naked in shame fed with the hooves of apocalypse t hat galloped down, disordered worlds behind From word to a word I was led to a word that spanned over cultures in"
  • Vernal awakening - Dark Tranquillity
    "Enthroned through this age of confusion an urge, the weakness and folly since aeons emerged, Creates life in fetters from cradle to grave A future in darkness with mankind enslaved Trail of life decayed"
  • Of chaos and eternal night - Dark Tranquillity
    "This is a tale long to live but alas so short to tell by the wind and by time, by everything that flees A torment of my liking: exploring extremes All thoughts secluded as fear stalks its blooded soil"
  • Crimson winds - Dark Tranquillity
    "Force of anger, Mordant senseless wrath Manifold is the Terminus of oneself Invocate ye lord of the Left-behinds Preserve a seat for the weakened minds Reserving that limpid yet so used Veil of deceiving"
  • Insanity's crescendo - Dark Tranquillity
    "Gently hold our heads gently hold our heads on high Aimless time in fear now hide overthrow the plan confusion lies in all my words mad is the soul We barricade ourselves in holes of temperament this is"

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